Sticky Bird Red Barn Farms

504 Station Pkwy, Farmington
(801) 784-5885

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Kevin Kopsa

One of the best fast-food restaurants I've been too. Ordered various combinations of chicken fries, drinks and treats and enjoyed them all. Service is excellent and restaurant is clean and comfortable. The mission is very cool too and I'm glad to support a business like this.

Debra Hadlock

Absolutely delicious! Love the food!Clean, friendly environment!

Annelise Rasmussen

There are not a lot of highchairs for a family with many small children. The food is fantastic. Great gluten free options as well. A little spicy if you don't like spice.Dietary restrictions: Gluten free options are also dairy free.

Aaron Sparks

Okay, this place is good! I got the sticky finger (5 pieces) combo and was extremely satisfied. The sauce was their signature sweet and just the regular fries. The combo also comes with coleslaw and 2 hush puppies. Everything was hot and fresh the fries crispy and the chicken was juicy and slathered in just enough sauce. I will definitely be coming back to try other things.Here’s a tip. Mix your leftover sauce with your coleslaw and a little ranch and oooo boy. That’ll do it.


Food was great, service and staff was great too. I got the fingers meal with the sweet original I believe, it was a lot like wingers sauce ( wonderful) the French flies were delicious and the Mac and cheese bits were really good. The place was very busy at lunch time.

Erin Delgado

The place has a fun look to it. It’s kept and maintained very clean. Friendly staff and the most important part is the food is delicious! We will definitely be coming back when visiting Farmington.Kid-friendliness: My son loved the kid taco but if they don’t like spicy I’d suggest getting the plain chicken.

Elizabeth Hovley

The manager reached out to me and helped set me up with a really awesome sandwich that did not disappoint. I think it was the Santa Fe? Delicious sauce, well cooked and seasoned chicken, covered in onion ring fries. Everything was well proportioned and delicious. He even showed me the sandwich beforehand to make sure it was something I would like. Of their dipping sauces, the ranch one is my favorite! Thanks, Sticky Bird!

Daniel Bridenstine

Best chicken fingers I've ever had! The chicken taco was awesome!! The mac and cheese wedges are also really yummy. Also, get a hat, you know you want one!!

Morgan Ryan-Angel

We recently stumbled upon Sticky Bird. 1) the chicken is fantastic. 2) The service is very very good. The staff are all very friendly, helpful and definitely going the extra mile to ensure clients are satisfied with their experience. We made the 40 min drive from south salt lake valley just to come get some sticky bird today…worth the drive.Dietary restrictions: There menu is very gluten free friendly which is a win for our family.

Bryn Beach

What a great place! We visited because we found out they have tons of GF chicken options. My husband and I both had sticky chicken with different sauces, plus we had the fried cauliflower. It was delicious! No gluten symptoms at all. Wish the chicken strips had been a bit bigger, but having options at all is a huge deal.Their mission is also incredible, with all their employees men in recovery. Top notch service--friendly and knowledgeable about their options.

Derek Cornia

Food is excellent. Better way to get Wingers. Love the sticky fingers with OG wingers sauce. Love the casual dining format. Been here a few times, each time the service has been so-so and it’s hard to find seating. Had to wait 5-10 min each time. And they got rid of creamy amazing sauce, super bummer.Parking: Parking is not great. Found it difficult to find a spot on this visit.Kid-friendliness: Casual dining experience makes it a great place for kids.

George Mena

The best garlic fries I have ever had I don't normally give a place a perfect review but this place deserves it.

Maegan Hendrix

The place is pretty clean, and the staff was great! But I thought the taco I got was a little boring. We also tried the garlic fries which were really good, their signature chicken fingers which were pretty standard, the garlic fingers which were good, and their regular fries. The fries remind me of 5 guys meets Arby’s fries spice; which I like! I did not like the cake pops. It’s just a donut hole. Kind of crispy, not super flavorful. The Mac and cheese wedges were interesting. I feel like those are a perfect late night snack.


DEFINITELY get the sticky bird finger combo with the signature sweet sauce? TO DIE FOR. My husband got the po-boy sandwich and it was good but he wished he got mine after trying the sticky fingers in sauce? They give you TONS of seasoned fries with each order and the cinnamon sugar cake pops tasted like little baby churros (a tad dry but not bad).

Alex Dogg

Paid an extra $4 for the 5 piece. Yes they counted that extra tiny piece as part of the 5 piece.Management doesn't care if you have an issue and ignores emails to multiple inboxes after a week.Food is okay, expensive and doused in okayish sauce.I approve of their mission for helping out people with convictions on their record, but you could at least have great customer service when you're paying the workers almost nothing since they're almost forced labor.Edit: Shane did not call me back and left me on read in both email and text. Do not bother trying to contact them.Vegetarian options: Not really anything but fries and soda.Kid-friendliness: It's chicken and fries, most kids will like thisParking: Free parking lot, very tight and busy at night.Wheelchair accessibility: Ramped entryway.Dietary restrictions: Lots of cross contamination potential here.

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