Barrel & Stave

33 Federal Ave, Logan
(435) 932-2029

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FURB Furbish

Went out here with friends. I chose this place because other reviewers said it had a "weird vibe." I think the weird vibe described is basically due to the inexperience of the servers. The servers are attentive but have a hard time articulating what is on offer from the bar (especially) and the kitchen.Initially, I sat at the bar, joining a colleague there while waiting for the rest of our party to arrive. I asked if I could get a Southern Comfort Manhattan. The bartender didn't know what that was, so I told her. She said it was her second day on the job. But they didn't have Southern Comfort.My second choice was a regular menu item, the Purple Reign, which was a very well presented gin drink with a nice herbal garnish. Very tasty.The rest of my party arrived and we moved to a table. I finished my beverage after my friends ordered their drinks and the charcuterie. It had a wonderful sauce, olives, figs, dried apricots, and two different types of hard salami and some hard cheese.I ordered a single malt scotch and beer, along with the cheese plate. Parker, our server, had helpful suggestion to get an order of foccacia bread in addition to the cheese. The cheese plate came with fresh mozzarella and a hard goat cheese and something else, but had dried apricots and figs. It was really nice.

Marc Sacco

Amazing experience at the Barrel and Stave tonight! Tried the Chef's Special Dinner four-course mealfor dinner and he nailed it! The first course was a unique Caprese salad with basil aioli (very good). The second course was gnocchi with tomato sauce and parmesan (the heat from ground peppercorn was excellent). The third course was teriyaki ribs with a kimchi salad (fall-off-the-bone meat and mild heat but great flavored kimchi). The desert was an interestingly subtle PB&J-flavored custard that rounded out the meal perfectly. For drinks, I had the tasty Old Fashioned and a spicy Jalapeno Margarita. My wife had the Purple Reign and enjoyed that. Service was outstanding and the Chef even stopped by the table to ensure we had enjoyed the meal. I was very pleased with the whole experience. My wife said she's had two four-star restaurant meals in her life - and the meal she had tonight was better than both of those. Definitely returning soon and very highly recommend!Parking: Some street parking near the entrance and parking lot down the road a bit.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance and seating options.

Julia Moreland

Cocktail bar of Logan. Not sure what it is exactly, but vibes are always weird in here. It seems like it’s trying to be fancier than Logan is ready for? It’s almost always kinda empty. Prices are high for what you get. I do appreciate they do community events. Bartenders are awesome!

Alexa Bosen

We've been here twice and enjoyed both our experiences. More recently, we talked to the chef and sommelier and got wine pairings with each of our courses. It was such a fun experience, and you can tell he is very passionate about what he does. Our other encounters with staff have been fantastic and they are always very friendly. We'll be coming back for sure.

caleb grant (cgrant13)

The bartender was super nice and awesome. Even had a bad customer and she handled it very well. I'd go back because of the service.

Erica N

Lovely place! Had a nice gluten free salad option that was so tasty and the chef was so careful about cross contamination. The wait staff was so kind, really impressedDietary restrictions: Gluten free options, very mindful of cross contamination

Vanessa W.

This place is a step up from what Logan usually has to offer. The whole place has nicely been remodeled including ADA bathrooms (win) We didn't order any food so I can't speak to that. The drinks were fancier cocktails and I enjoyed them all minus the old fashioned. Our server was attentive and had no concerns there at all. When it town we would definitely go back.

Thadeus Ferney

Really good cocktails at fair prices. Food is great but the proportion to cost is pretty bad, definitely don't expect to get full here. -Whiskey list prices are wrong, pours are more expensive then listed and there is a up charge to have it neat which makes no sense at all, doesn't even come in a tasting glass, just a splash at the bottom of a double rocks glass.They also seem to have stopped their seasonal cocktails which was the best reason to go repeatedly, their standard menu is fine but nothing special after a trip or two.

Kenny Stepp

I loved the live music and atmosphere. Some pretty tasty drinks too. I'd highly recommend the Rye Smash and Purple Reign. Kind service staff as well.

Heidi Christensen

I moved to the area a year ago. For a longtime I felt out of place, I was looking for a place with great atmosphere, fantastic food, amazing cocktails, and an eclectic mix of people! It was worth the wait, it's my favorite place in Logan now! Chef Barney is very talented, taking time to source fresh ingredients locally. Barrel & Stave never disappoints.

Andy F.

Nice bar with excellent music and cocktails in the heart of Logan. It had a nice atmosphere with a young and vibrant crowd on a Friday evening. The staff were friendly and had good recommendations regarding drinks. We didn't eat there but the food menu looked pretty good too. Next time I'm in Logan I'll be sure to come again.

Joseph white

The food is consistently amazing. Each part of the chef's tasting menu from vegetables to main course has the chef's focus and his touch. Barney has an amazing talent. Last night the bar tenders were spot on, i have previously only experienced the boys who tend to make things sour but the girls last night were on par with skills found in SLC. Our waitress Elivia is in tune with her tables and elevated the night's experience.


Finally, a classy bar in Logan! The food items are high quality as well. But if you don’t want their food it’s still a good date to get a drink here before going to lucky slice across the street


Cheers to the fella in the pilot costume who can do all the fancy tosses and twirls with the bottles and the person in the box wine costume who rattles the drink mixers like a champ. Everyone here is so friendly and nice, and they keep the place running like a well-oiled machine. They've got a great selection of drinks, including seasonal ones. They're great hosts for the drag bingo nights, and I can't give them enough credit!

Dallas Aksoy

The service and staff are great and it's a very comfortable and clean bar. Cocktail selection is okay and their quality is decent (I haven't had anything amazing yet however) and reasonably priced. The food is very overpriced, however, and I've taken to eating elsewhere in advance. The bathrooms are also very cold!

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