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Funeral Potato Croquettes

“Went out here with friends. I chose this place because other reviewers said it had a "weird vibe." I think the weird vibe described is basically due to the inexperience of the servers. The servers are attentive but have a hard time articulating what is on offer from the bar (especially) and the kitchen.Initially, I sat at the bar, joining a colleague there while waiting for the rest of our party to arrive. I asked if I could get a Southern Comfort Manhattan. The bartender didn't know what that was, so I told her. She said it was her second day on the job. But they didn't have Southern Comfort.My second choice was a regular menu item, the Purple Reign, which was a very well presented gin drink with a nice herbal garnish. Very tasty.The rest of my party arrived and we moved to a table. I finished my beverage after my friends ordered their drinks and the charcuterie. It had a wonderful sauce, olives, figs, dried apricots, and two different types of hard salami and some hard cheese.I ordered a single malt scotch and beer, along with the cheese plate. Parker, our server, had helpful suggestion to get an order of foccacia bread in addition to the cheese. The cheese plate came with fresh mozzarella and a hard goat cheese and something else, but had dried apricots and figs. It was really nice.”

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