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Juniper Pizza Cafe Pizza • $
150 Hospital Dr, Price

Customers` Favorites

Spinach Artichoke Dip with Breadsticks or Tortilla Chips
Bada Bing Pizza
Garlic Bread
Italian Hero
Tomato Soup
Side Salad

“Adorable place. I wish I would have dined in because it's so cute. I got an order to go as we were passing thru town and I'm loving the small businesses and how much better they do for customers than chain restaurants. Highly recommend.“

4.1 Good65 Reviews
Big Don's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant Price Pizza • $
170 W 100 N, Price

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Chicken Alfredo Pasta
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Supreme Pizza

“recently held a celebration at Big Don's, everything was amazing. The whole restaurant is decorated with an old world charm, they've spent a lot of time working on the atmosphere which is incredible and the food and service is even better than the decor, it's definitely a great place that I would highly recommend. We have plans to hold our next celebration there also. Our guests and us highly enjoyed the food. We were able to reserve the back room, it has 3 large tables and 1 smaller table. The room has been decorated to look like it has a large tree growing inside the room which we used as a backdrop for the smaller table that held the 2 tier cake we had on display for desert. We were also allowed to bring in balloons and I put up a small amount of decorations that matched the theme of our celebration, it looked amazing! (The restaurant is so incredibly decorated that we didn't even really need to add additional decorations). If you're looking for great place to hold an event or even if you're just looking for good food Big Don's is definitely the perfect place!“

3.9 Good57 Reviews
Little Caesars Pizza Pizza • $
1169 E Main St, Price

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni Pizza
Stuffed Crust
Bread Sticks

“As a self-proclaimed and notable cheapskate, I value a value. As such, I have eaten many a pizza from Little Caesars in my lifetime covering 5 different states, at approximately 15 different locations. While traveling cross country, our family stopped by this location on two different occasions. Both times the pizzas were cooked to perfection. (one of those was when the pizzas were $5; before the dreaded price hike). The cheese to sauce ratio was perfect. The crust was cooked through, but not overdone. The slices were cut evenly, with all slices being the same size, and when removing the slices they separated cleanly, indicating the cuts were made to the proper depth by a true pizza genius. The icing on the cake: I didn't have to wait. This was exceptional in the world of fast food, a rare gem. It was as if the stars aligned to provide a simple, perfect pizza moment, and by some mystery it happened twice!! I didn't think it was possible from a humble Little Caesars pizza shop. I almost don't dare to return out of fear of ruining the currently perfect streak. But I will dare indeed. That pep and cheese perfection was too tasty not to. It would be a travesty to not publicly recognize the work of those adolescent employees. They have truly outdone themselves, and risen far above the stereotype that plagues their generation. Well done my teenage friends. Well done.“

2.2 Poor33 Reviews
Domino's Pizza Pizza Delivery • $
640 E Main St, Price

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni Pizza
Chicken Wings

“Their pizza tastes amazing and they get it done so fast. For Valentine’s Day I put in the delivery instructions to make it a heart and they did it for me! They cut it in the shape of a heart and delivered it on time in a snowstorm. I was very impress.“

2.4 Poor52 Reviews
Helper Beer Brewery • $
159 N Main St, Helper

Customers` Favorites

Roasted Vegetable
Pepperoni Pizza
Turkey Sandwich
Burrata Cheese
Side Salad

“The beer was amazing and the pizza was FANTASTIC! They sat us even though they were closing and Amy gave us incredible service. I will definitely be back if not just for the imperial tart which was so unique and perfect, especially as someone who loved imperial and doubles. 100% will be back again and will recommend to everyone I know.“

4.8 Superb98 Reviews
Groggs Pinnacle Brewing Brewpubs • $
1653 N Carbonville Rd, Helper

Customers` Favorites

Burger with Fried Egg Cheese and Tomato with Cheese Fries
Blackberry Crisp with Ice Cream
Soup and Salad Combination
Home Made Chicken Pot Pie
Baked Fontina Cheese Dip
Smoked Brisket Sandwich
Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
Artichoke Spinach Dip
Homemade Apple Crisp
Eggs Benedict Burger

“Great place, not a brewery. Food was fast and good, service was good! Everything I could have needed. Big salad and a good veggie burger, don't order both or you will explode.Vegetarian options: Veggie burger was good, a little too saucy. Salad was great!“

4.2 Good94 Reviews
Mama DeLuca’s Pizza •
2195 E Main St, Wellington

“Came here after a day on the road, thought we’d stop for the night. Nice store atmosphere, 60’s music, Good for me!! I’m the age for it!! LolOrdered a simple pizza done quickly and we enjoyed the guy making it.Sat down and we liked it! Could have been cooked 1 minute more, we really liked the sauce too.We’ll be back!!Thx!!“

1.3 Poor16 Reviews

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