Restaurants in Salina

Sevier Valley Coffee & Gifts 70 N State St, Salina Coffee Shops • $
70 N State St, Salina

Customers` Favorites

House Brew
Chai Spice Tea Shaker
Coffee and a Muffin
House Made Chai Tea
Halloween Spirit
Vanilla Cream
Banana Muffin
Gift Basket
Hot Tea Bag

“We were in desperate need of a road-trip caffeine stop when we stumbled upon this fantastic hidden gem! The vibe is cozy and fun, the coffee is absolute heaven, and the owners are super friendly and proud of their business! Highly recommend all the way around! Their shop was packed full of super fun Halloween decorations which was such a welcoming vibe - the inside is cozy and comfy. There's lots of relaxing porch seating outside and tables inside. It truly is like walking into a friend's house haha! The owners are a brother and sister and they are so kind and helpful. They have an extensive variety of pumpkin spice flavor combinations that was very impressive. And they even have quite a large boba tea menu!! Very unexpected and made it hard to decide what I wanted - until I saw that they had my FAVE - a peanut butter mocha!! So of course that's what I had to have and it was delicious!! Creamy and full of flavor - a very nice balance between the PB and the chocolate. My son got a regular house brew and his gf got a vanilla latte. Prices are great and everyone totally loved their drinks! We had such a nice visit - browsing around their funny Halloween decor and also the little shop part which offered lots of local goodies and art - very nice!Parking is on the street out front but it also looks like they have a lot out back too. GPS had no issues finding it - it does look like a private house when you pull up so fyi - and that just makes it all the more cozy!”

4.9 Superb88 Reviews
Lotsa Motsa Pizza 1417 S State St, Salina Pizza • $$
1417 S State St, Salina

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza
Cheese Stix
Pepperoni Stix and Jalapeno Pizza
Specialty Combo Calzone
BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza
Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Chicken Wings
Buffalo Pizza
3 Meat Pizza

“Who knew? This little mom and pop pizza joint across from the Freightliner truck shop has the best pizza. I was surprised to see it was a buffet when I walked in. They also have great variety on their salad bar. I will definitely be back when I travel this way.”

4.5 Superb167 Reviews
Playa Azul Taco Shop 255 S State St, Salina Mexican
255 S State St, Salina

Customers` Favorites

Street Tacos
Playa Azul Burrito

“OMG, the Chile Verde Burrito!!! Huge Flaky tortilla filled with big juicy chunks of pork and rich chili verde sauce. The shredded beef rolled tacos are delicious and seasoned perfectly. This is not fast food. It's made slowly with love. It's hard to find because there's the old pizza sign out front, and the building is set back a bit, but it sooo worth stopping if you're jumping off I70.”

4.7 Superb77 Reviews
Denny's 1602 S State St, Salina Diner • $$
1602 S State St, Salina

Customers` Favorites

Hash Browns and Sausage Links Sides
Philly Cheesesteak Omelette
Bourbon Chicken Skillet
Buttermilk Pancakes
Cali Club Sandwich
French Toast Slam
Chicken Tenders
Zesty Nachos
Grand Slam

“I’m giving it a five star our waitress Omari R was splendid. She was fast and efficient to get our drinks and our food to us. She brings a good atmosphere to our table. We will be back and hopefully, we will get a waitress as sweet ?. Thanks for the great friendliness.”

4.5 Superb136 Reviews
The Soda Barn 94 E Main St, Salina Fast Food • $
94 E Main St, Salina

Customers` Favorites

Peanut Butter Bar
Cherry Bomb

“I love the slushies?. The worker bees were friendly food was okay but damn people have you not heard of shade! Only choose said place if you match a turtle pace!Parking: What parking?”

4.4 Superb81 Reviews
Champs Chicken 110 S State St, Salina Chicken • $
110 S State St, Salina

“After backpacking for three days through the Southern UT desert, I feared that driving home on a Sunday would lead to starvation.Then I found Champs Chicken.Open on Sundays, you need not worry that this poultry oasis is being served up from a gas station, the food is legit.Chicken sandwiches, strips, and more. It’s the style of delicious that will clog your arteries while it delights your tastebuds.I was able to add fried shrimp to the top of my Dipping Bowl. Image that, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, corn, gravy, and cheese topped with fried shrimp. Let freedom ring!!The service was also great. The young girl who served us was polite and had a sense of humor. Best of all, not-judgement approach to serving me up a billion calorie lunch. So good.As a tourist, I may never get the chance to return to Champs, but I can only assume there be a Champs in heaven.”

4.4 Superb40 Reviews
Mom's Cafe 10 E Main St, Salina Salad • $
10 E Main St, Salina

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Fried Steak
And Fries
French Fries
French Dip
Honey Butter
Biscuits and Gravy

“This Cafe is 150 miles from my home. I have made the trip a few times just to eat at Mom's. It's worth the drive. This is a wonderful hometown style eatery. The walls are decorated with yesteryear photos of Salina. It is sweet that they honor their heritage. They have wonderful food. I had the country fried steak slathered in white sausage and pepper gravy. It comes with veggies and a scone. This is the reality of comfort food. I topped the meal off with a piece of pecan pie under a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Oh my heaven!Restrooms are experienced and clean.Service was fast. Staff are beautiful and very kind and friendly. They earned a generous tip.Street parking is readily available at no chargeWheelchair accessibility: Easy-peasy”

4.1 Good312 Reviews
El Mexicano Restaurant 1535 S State St, Salina Mexican • $$
1535 S State St, Salina

Customers` Favorites

Chips and Salsa
Rice and Beans
Chile Relleno
Enchiladas Poblanas
Cheese Enchilada
Fried Ice Cream

“Food was okay :) not bad but not like wowingI got steak fajitas- pretty goodWe mainly tried to guess where this painting is hahahaNachos were goodAnd fried green beans”

4 Good96 Reviews
The Hot Spot 115 W Main St, Salina Fast Food • $
115 W Main St, Salina

Customers` Favorites

Onion Rings
Bacon Cheeseburger
English Chips
Smiley Fries
Curly Fries
Corn Dog
Homemade Sherbet

“I like spending my money locally. We would go in for shakes once a week even though they charge a "surcharge" over the menu prices. We want the business to succeed. Look, the shakes are good when they are good, but the consistency is poor. Sometimes the flavoring is at the bottom or on the sides, sometimes not mixed in at all. Sometimes the ice cream is an inch over the top so that we had to eat it before driving away, and more often lately, not filling the cup. When you get over-full cups which feel like you got a bonus... and then the next couple of times the cup isn't even close to full, it feels like you didn't get what you paid for.”

4 Good230 Reviews


Subway 1475 S State St, Salina Sandwich Shop • $
1475 S State St, Salina

Customers` Favorites

The Hotshot Italiano
The Outlaw

“I have not been there for about 3 years and went the other day and I'm so happy with the changes and will definitely keep going back.Vegetarian options: Did not have a lot of vege. just your usual Tomatoe cucumber red onion avocado jalapeños olive and fresh spinach.”

3.9 Good105 Reviews


Arby's 1895 S State St, Salina Fast Food • $
1895 S State St, Salina

Customers` Favorites

Arby's Signature Sandwiches
Roast Beef Sandwich

“Only problem with this restaurant is they will not do the fresh lemonade with no ice. I want to pay for the lemonade, not for the watered down lemonade that it becomes after they fill the cup, completely full with ice. I thought the customer is always right!”

3.7 Good167 Reviews
Little Caesars Pizza 2055 S State St, Salina Pizza • $
2055 S State St, Salina

“Not hot n ready... but they'll make you an extremely limited menu on the spot. Unlike every other truck stop restaurant, they didn't jack up the prices sky high either! I paid $5 for a $5 pizza, yay!”

2.7 Average39 Reviews
Carl’s Jr. 1659 S State St, Salina Fast Food • $
1659 S State St, Salina

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Club
Chicken Tenders
Big Char Chile Angus
Bacon Swiss
Fried Zucchini
Jalapeno 1 2 Burger
California Classic Double Cheeseburger Combo

“Very friendly lobby is quiet, overall great experience! Hot food, hot fries!Dietary restrictions: Lettuce wrap any sandwich!Kid-friendliness: Very accommodating, letting parents know we can add or take anything off the burgers kids didn’t like. Also love there is milk and chocolate milk options”

3.2 Average175 Reviews
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