Ramen 930

45 E Broadway, Salt Lake City
(385) 522-2742

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Moises Soto

This place was going two stars, but after seeing the pictures of their food they get one. The reason is, because I did not get a normal plate, I got a to-go plate that hardly had any broth, and a to go plate with my Takoyaki. They don't have chili oil or Sriracha, I mean really?Not a great start if the presentation on their advertising is completely different from what you get.But let's talk about the food. I was very disappointed with the broth, it was laking flavor and it tasted as if it came out of a package. The noodles were very bland and no flavor at all either, the mouth feel was weird as well. Over all not worth the zodium spike that you get, and I have had way better ramen from a package store bought one anyway. Their pictures also show a nice piece of charsiu pork. However, I got some.sheded pork from their cupbop place that had no business being there, because it had a different flavor that did not paired well with the broth.The takoyaki was a little better. The flavor was ok, but there was no octopus (tako). Correct me if I am wrong but, tako is half the name.of the dish, so I am sure it needs to be present.Over all, no flavor on the food, ok ambiance, but I won't be going back. I am not trying to be rude at all, I am just providing my honest review. So if you are looking for a good ramen place, keep looking, because this one is not it

Katherine Sherk

3.5! It's okay. Overly salty broth and wasn't what I had in mind of what pork ramen should be like. The pork was more smoked and shredded versus minced or slices of pork belly like usual ramen is. A little too greasy for me. The restaurant itself was very clean, welcoming, fun, and fast.It wasn't bad, just not what I thought it was going to be. I didn’t much care for it, but you might!

Tim Ivory

UPDATE: moved to Magna and still worth the drive. Friendly staff and food is delicious! Stay awesome Ramen930 and CupBop together ?Well worth the drive from Davis county! Best ramen in the state. Customer service, dining room cleanliness is spectacular and the food is outstanding! Awesome!

Shivani Rao

The vibe of the restaurant was good. The service and the food, however, was awful. We ordered the veggie ramen. The cashier didn’t know what the ramen recipe was, nor did any of the other workers. I had to point to the menu to remind her what was included in my order. The food came 30 minutes late, all for precooked noodles in a plastic bowl. We asked for spicy ramen, but the broth tasted like dishwater. Food lacked flavor and was just hard to finish. Overall, extremely disappointing experience.

Brandon Martin

Decent noodles and soft boiled egg. My wife and I ordered the Shoyu and Miso. The broths seemed to be exactly the same. Looked like they use shredded pork shoulder instead of pork belly. Fatal design flaw in the delivery of the food, the lip of the bowl is too awkward to sip from and they give you a tiny spoon, making the soup almost impossible to eat. How can a ramen place botch something so simple?? Additionally, we tried sitting at 3 different tables and they were all sticky.

A Bullock

I went here for dinner and got the Shoyu Ramen. The broth tasted ok, but the noodles were gummy, the pork tasted old and dry, and the egg (although the best part) was falling apart. This was probably the least appetizing ramen i've had. I didn't even finish it and threw it away. The staff was polite though. I was also put off by having the dine in experience be given plastic take-away bowls, which is very contrary to what is advertised on their website. The small plastic spoon was not usable to get a decent amount of broth either. Lastly the bathroom floor was sticky and no hooks in the stalls to hang your stuff (as in the hooks weren't there anymore and you could see the holes where they used to be).

Jonathan Rodriguez

The tonkotsu ramen is absolutely amazing. Only in Japan have I tasted better ramen.

Bobbie Loy

This restaurant shares a space with Cupabob. The staff need to work on their customer service skills. This was my first time at Ramen930 and the cashier seemed irritated when I asked what protein came with the Ramen bowls. Sorry, I didn't know and the menu hanging up has a small font that is a little hard to read even with corrected vision. Then I sat for over 10 minutes waiting on the ramen, others who came in after me got food before me so I went up to the counter in case they overlooked my order somehow. The girl tells me in a snide way that ramen takes longer than the cupabob orders. That is something you should tell a customer so they don't feel like they got overlooked.When I finally got my order the ramen had a good flavor and was filling. Not sure if I will go back though, just because of the customer service.

Ramblin Tam (Ramblin Tam)

The folks who work there were nice, but the Ramen was the most disappointing I've had. Not worth the money. Even if the food were better, I wouldn't go there again because everything comes out in single use plastic. No recycle bin even.

Brian B.

I'm no ramen connoisseur but I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be better than this. It was bland and pretty boring. Not much in it but pork and an egg. It wasn't necessarily that it was bad. It just wasn't very good and so I have no desire to eat here again.

Ross Thompson

Unfortunately my least favorite ramen experience yet. The staff was very nice, but the overall experience and food was certainly sub-par. The ramen was served in a cheap plastic to-go container, and no option for actual ramen spoons. The only spoon option was for a tiny plastic spoon with no curve and virtually impossible to get any broth in when making a scoop. The ramen itself was not great and the tofu wasn't very enjoyable. It's 2022 - serving dine-in meals in a to-go container is absolutely poor taste.

M Croft

This place shares the space with Cupbop. I ordered the tonkatau ramen. It comes in a deep plastic bowl. They give you good chopsticks but a lackluster spoon. I abandoned it halfway through my meal and just picked up my bowl to slurp my broth. The ramen looked pretty close to the picture they have for tonkatsu ramen. There was a good amount of vegetables and pork. The shredding could have been better as I got a fairly large piece I had to gnaw through. But once I soaked in the broth for a while, it seemed to break apart. I waited about 10 min to get my dish. I would do so again as I felt like they were freshly preparing the vegetables. I would check out their other offerings based on this initial dish.

S S.

Even though I was dining in, my meal was served in a disposable dish and I found that odd and wasteful. I got my ramen and tofu was still cold. I can't say I recommend them.

shaun b.

We went there for dinner on a Friday night. A long haired kid was working the counter. He was soo rude. Ruined the experience for us. Paid a big tip and he didn't even say thank you. Good customer service goes a long way!

Tommy Franquelin

Great environment and a very clean restaurant! I entered with my wife and 2 kids and the attention that Sage and Shan provided to the kids was above and beyond for my expectations for employees.Will definitely be coming back.

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