Los Arcos

414 Cummings St, Abingdon
(276) 623-9299

Recent Reviews

Steven Chapman

Always good. Low key, comfortable, and casual. Always friendly.

Steven Gibson

Great place great food they fixed my request that wasnt even on the menu highly suggested place

dennis Blalock

Good food and service. Was clean with no wait.

Esmeralda Sanchez

Something about the establishment treating the customer like a disease vector is unappetizing. Might be just me, but I didn't end up eating there.

Michael Blanchard

Excellent service, excellent food, excellent ambiance. The owner took the time to make our party feel like we were family. He remembered our orders from when we were there last time. Pure class. We will be back.

Van Kiser

Great waiter

Terry Holmes

Been going here for many year. Always great service good food. My families favorite place. ❤

Kitty Duty

Fast and friendly service. Delicious food and drinks. The staff is superb.

sam kiser

Wonderful! Very safe. Consistent.Love fajita nachos. Pollo tolin.


Great food, friendly efficient service and very clean. We’ve been to every Mexican restaurant in Abingdon multiple times and always come back here.

Barry S.

Food is ok, not great, but ok. It's kind of muddy and all runs together in terms of flavor. My biggest objection is that they don't have a website, but they have copies of their menus on various restaurants search engines. That's all well and good... except when you go to pick it up and find the prices have nearly doubled!!! I purchased an enchiladas supremes, a chicken taco salad, and a large cheese dip. On the menu I was using on the internet that came up to a little over $18 plus tax. When I got to the restaurant to pick it up, it was over $31 plus tax. I asked them to explain and they said the correct menu is on their FB page, and that they have "no control" over what other people put up. The thing that really bothered me though, they didn't even act sorry that it happened. Evidently it is all my fault because I used the internet and not FB. Their food wasn't great to begin with, but I'll be going cross town to Puerto Nuevo from now on.

Maddy Blevins

It’s a definite no for me. Me and my family ate here one time and we all disliked our entrees and they were cold. Me and a friend got on the topic of this restaurant and they also had a similar experience.

Sonya Dye

The food and service was amazing! It is always great every time we go!

Corey Groseclose

My wife and I eat here routinely. The food is always great and the owners are great people.

Tiffany Yates

I have never been disappointed eating here they always have good food and amazingly sweet staff my Opinion the best Mexican in town!

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