Jiang's Chinese Restaurant

1213 Carmia Way, Bon Air
(804) 379-0600

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Keerah Alexander

Today I ordered $40 worth of food from Jiangs. Their delivery person left my food in the rain. I have a huge porch why would you disrespect my money I chose go spend with you. I didn't know the food was outside because the deliverytime I was given exceeded way longer but judging from how wet and mushy food is , it may have been in rain for 20 minutes or more. I am beyond disappointed ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ then when I called the lady says she will discuss it with delivery driver ? what is there to discuss I WANT MY MONEY BACK‼️ RUDE TRIFLING AND DISGUSTING

Chris Plummer

I'm very sorry, but I have to say if this is what passes as good Chinese in the area, you all don't know what good Chinese is. Chicken & broccoli, the chicken was very tough and chewy, which means it was cooked much earlier and then reheated for service. General Tso chicken was soft and mushy, which also means it was not fried fresh for service, simply reheated. Crab Rangoon's were tough and chewy, which also means they were not fried fresh they were reheated for service. When I called to place my order she said it would be ready in 10 minutes I should have taken that as a warning and canceled my order.

Ange v

I have been getting food from this place for a few years as I work nearby. I am going to say that in the past maybe 6 or 7 months their food quality has gone way down. I used to get sesame chicken all the time and a few times in the past few months the chicken has tasted old and sour. I have not gotten food from here in at least 2 months and figured I'd give it another try and order something else. I got chicken and broccoli and fried rice. The chicken is super salty but at the same time the sauce is really bland. I got an egg roll that tasted like old fish. The rice was decent. My egg drop soup was the only thing tasteful out of tis whole $19 meal that I paid for. Going to Have to go back to my old Chinese spot that I used to get food from.

J. Veliz

I’ve been eating at this place for over 2 years and my sister was here from Canada and asked me for a Chinese restaurant so I recommend them Jians. They ordered to go and completely messed up their order. He didn’t get anything he ordered and got charged almost $90 for the orders. I called them to ask for an explanation and they started making up stuff. Saying that their menu had changed and blah blah blah. Probably my last time visiting the place.


Wonderful dining experience overall! The staff were polite and professional. The food was served quick and cooked to perfection!

Craig M.

My favorite Chinese restaurant. I go there for takeout and usually get the moo goo gai pan with wonton soup for lunch.

Mrs. McLendon

Wanted to give them a try since we stop in the area weekly. We just ordered crab Rangoon. These things are barely filled and they charged $.60 for the sauce that comes with it…really????? I’m good on them.

Mike B.

Always great food and service. Orders are always prepared correctly and hot!! Special requests are met and prepared to order. Never fail family choice for dinner.


Had great service for a late lunch on a Sunday. Hot and Sour soup was very tasty. Crispy Duck was a great portion, and delicious. Triple Delight was fantastic with great flavor, veggies were cooked perfect. Very nice, glad to have seen in recommended, will be going back. We have passed it by so many times not even realizing it was there.

Mandy M.

The food was good but the prices were outrageous. When I was ordering online I assumed the entree was 15 bucks bc it would reflect the portion alas when I got home and unpacked the standard brown paper bag the entree was lunch sized. I ordered a 70 Chinese order that should more than feed a family, but unfortunately we were left with portions that didn't reflect the cost.

Pam W.

Got delivery from them last week and it was good! Price on the entree was a bit steep, but my order was accurate, delivered on time, and the food was tasty. Had to call as the order online feature didn't work on their website. Would order again

JoAnn Bertana

Jiang's Restaurant is excellent in every way. The staff is always friendly and the meals are always delicious. And I love that most dishes are free of MSG. It is a positive dining experience that I highly recommend.

Nicole Pergola

Usually no complaints (other than their egg foo young always tasting burnt) but this past experience was very upsetting. No wonton crisps with our soup. I requested they add mushrooms to a dish (for additional $2.5) and all I got were 6 quarters of a mushroom. The “scallion pancakes” that came with the mu shu pork were LITERAL tortillas. Guess we will find a different Chinese restaurant.

L Malone

Stopped in today, and I wished I wouldn’t have. If you value your taste buds go somewhere else. This food is flavorless, and from what I see this restaurant caters to a certain demographic who only sprinkles salt and pepper on their food. Pay attention to the reviews, they are 3-4 years old! Waste of money! Nasty!

Erica Maxwell

Delicious food and quick delivery! We probably order out from Jiang's at least once a week. It's addictive.

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