Virginia ABC

1103 S Military Hwy, Chesapeake
(757) 424-6711

Recent Reviews

Barry Robinson

Just walked in made a purchase and left. Nothing special and no problems.

Liv White

The bomb diggity lol

Brenda Massey

Got everything you want and the service is great

Fred Saunders

The staff is absolutely awesome, but I'm almost their neighbor, so all the staff are friendly and very personable to me. Good people. All I can say they get busy at times but are excellent at getting customers through

Thomas Rodriguez-Schucker

Gross, it smells like a college night club. Floor are sticky and smells like vomit and liquor.

john morrissey

People are always helpful and friendly

erlene lamb

Went Christmas shopping for my niece at ABC store I bought her a huge bottle grey goose with the two glasses it came with the goose??

Juvonne Johnson

The workers was very polite present atmosphere

Gloria Hunter

This place is in a good area easy to get in and out and disability parking is very good

Byron mcpherson

Great people and very helpful.

Stewart Combs

Good selection.

elwood gordon


Ellen Leeds

Sales people very helpful and kind. They had everything that I needed except Blantons! But no one has Blantons!!

Yvette evans

Everything is so cheap. Great customer service.

Renee Perry

South Military Highway good customer services.

Victoria Harper

Nice business

Jim Riddle

Nice employees...and it's the only place you can purchase adult beverages in VA!

Donald Williams

It's convenient and fast service

Insurance Information

FAST and friendly staff.

brenda smith

Excellent service

Bruce Allen

Booze is best and they love to sell me as much as I can buy

Jon B

We only come here about once every three months for rum or some wine. They are helpful if we have any questions.

Duane Wingrove

The people working there are great

Jonathan Shelton

Where else you going to go?

Stephanie J

help me find what i needed and checkout was very quick and they were sure to ask for my ID !

cheneil Goodman

HAP****PY P*****LAC*****E**** my fav grocery store

Valentine Wendy

Staff are friendly and helpful

Douglas Stalnaker

This place is great! Great selection! Great staff!

Mike Johnson

Great abc store, almost any liquor u want!

Mikey Thom

Overall this place is a dump. That it is, in fact, a "regional office" of some sort, is even more disturbing. The several decades of cigarette smoke hang palpably in the air and the service is definitely a turn and burn mentality. One star for being close to the car dealerships, otherwise pass.


Great selection and fast service

Dwayne Byrum

Great mix of products...its like a candy store for adults :-)

Oz Alrazi

Great abc store, almost any liquor u want!

Ms. Davis

The associates were very helpful and answered all the questions I asked. They even looked up certain brands that were sold out and were willing to order it if need be. Prices were reasonable.