Chipotle Mexican Grill

11062 Lee Hwy, Fairfax
(703) 934-7099

Recent Reviews

Christopher Olson

Nice size place, good parking, good food, clean, friendly staff. Chipotle in general is one of my favorite fast casual food places.

Chris C.

Same complaint as everyone else. They can't get an online or an in person order to save their lives! No matter how many times I go in here (this location is closest to my home), they screw it up every time unless I check it or watch over them. I know you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work here, but must take 3 of them and a headache to change a light bulb!

Dick R.

Asked for a burrito, they gave me a bowl, I told them it was for here, they made it to go, half the bowl was basically empty, got charged for steak when I got chicken, this is the second time this has happened

Tiana Pinkney

Chipotle can be awesome when at the right location. However today I can't say that this is the case. I ordered a salad and wasn't informed that there was no salad dressing until I'm at the register. The employee was completely un-bothered and unconcerned when I asked " Well what am I supposed to put on my salad." She actually gave no response at all. Will not return to this location this has happened at this location before but I gave them another chance. Same nonsense

Megan H.

I find this Chiptole to be a great location. I'm only in here M-F, anywhere from 1-2pm, and it's never slammed. They have a steady flow, but I'm I'm and out quickly. Meats are always stocked, I feel I'm getting the right portion amounts, not too little or too much, and I'm always greeted with a smile. I was honestly surprised to see the rating so slow, so maybe the evening rush isnt on their a-game.

Abdullah Aba

Delicious food and great service.

Mandy Hayes

Horribly messed up my online order. Only put beans and rice in it. Barely any of that. Horrible service will never return. Unacceptable

John K.

Do not order online. They will screw it up and be late everytime. Today, i ordered extra cheese, extra rice. Received no cheese, got tiny rice, whole burito was the size of a taco. Seriously, whats with chipotle hiring these skinny teen girls who make portions according to their own bodie size? Employees dont know how to wrap a burito, so they make them extra small, doesnt just happen here, but everywhere, especially on sunday, which is training day. The last time I ordered from this location, they chose not to give me any beans because they were out of the black ones. It's not rocket science, if your out of black, put in the fucking brown ones. I had to go back to have them remake it, so they asked if i wanted anything else on the house. Then when i asked for a side of guac for their screw up, they said no, thats extra. Bitch, you got me.

Jacob Charriere Forman

Come here for lunch all the time. The team is amazing here, fast, great job on the cooking, and super friendly. This is the best chipotle Iâ??ve eaten at. Great customer service and clean. (Specifically the ladies working the from during lunch) !

Chas Rayome

One of the fastest Chipotle lines I have gone through. Staff give good portions. Plenty of parking and you get to the lot by Rt. 29 or Rt.50.

jedi71 Tibbs

Excellent fast service from open to close. Very Busy! Nice outdoor dining patio. be careful in the parking lot... Enjoy!

James J.

I ordered chicken, but this sneaky ass wrote B(eef) on the bowl to charge more money. Didn't realize it until we left. Dishonest people. Be careful when you order.

Laila B.

After 4 or more times of coming here and getting overcharged for food I'm not coming back. My order had two items, my toddler's food was charged as of it were a bowl. Total for it should have been $4 and some change and was charged almost double that. When I decided to check the receipt this time I noticed it again and decided to go back and ask them why they keep doing it. The excuse what that I didn't understand the menu yet it's written in plain English and says a kids cheese quesadilla with beans, rice, chips or fruit and a drink is $3.95 + tax. If you want to add meat to it it's .50 They overcharge you for food hoping you won't notice and it's shady af. Unacceptable. Check your receipt.


Ighe food was ok as in all locations I've patronized. This location could focus a bit more cleaning the dining area. Tables and the floor were dirty and unkept. Should havs one staff member dedicated to keeping the dining area clean especially when its busy. You can rotate staff from behind the counter and kitchen prep area to continually have it under control without much effort.

Jd Tibbs

Excellent fast service from open to close. Very Busy! Nice outdoor dining patio. be careful in the parking lot... Enjoy!

Belal Mahmoud

Good food, clean place, nice service

Roberto Chang

Great place, employee Veronica is always friendly and attentive. Food is great!

Mayra Lopez

Worst customer service i have received from a chipotle chain restaurant. I came in late in the night employees looked angry because i was coming in to order food. Mind you its 9:20pm they still have 40 more mins till closing. If you dont like your job then quit and find something you like. I am paying for a $10 meal yet they give me $5 worth of food. The service was like if they were serving an animal. Management needs to make a change.

Steven Munoz

I love this place a lot they do showcase the Mexican culture from the food to the design of the place quite impressive and also enjoy their service very light and casual in a polite way...


Love the chicken burrito bowl. The service is always great at this location. I go here for lunch and the service is fast.

Richie Flavin

This Chipotle always does a phenomenal job, I come regularly and the portions arw almost always spot on. The staff is friendly as well. Honestly the only complaint I can make is that sometimes the music is far too loud.

Gerardo Muro

Not a bad place, I always go for the burritos. My only gripe is that whenever I get the tortilla chips they always vary so much, they are either too soft and not crunchy or sometimes way too salty.

Paubla Lopez

Good place ,clean and good atention.

Gary Bryant

Clean dining room and good, fresh food.

Dave Park

My body started aching for the past several days after eating here... My skepticism tells me that I should be avoiding Chipotle from now on, especially knowing about their history of outbreaks.

Kluge Iam

Good steak burrito, but skimpy on the meat. Friend with me asked for steak and chicken and wound up with a burrito more than twice the size of everyone else's for the same price, heh.

Luke O.

This is literally the best store in the area. I love their food, fresh and everyone is happy. I always come here with my girlfriend, but this time she wasn't even hungry. She still got a bowl and she said " I wasn't hungry but this food was so good I end up eating it all". We love this location.

Emma W.

Ate a stick in the bowl Makes my mouth bleed several days Worst experience ever Never come baxk

Aaron W.

Average food quality and meal wasn't properly prepared. Food was not propionate as well.

Deborah Repasy

Hit the spot today! Today's visit was fine and great and this location needs to keep it up since the new pokebowl place just opened next door.


Delicious. I really like Chipotle!

Farzad Farzayee

My wife and I went to this Chipotle for lunch, and we couldn't believe it. The food actually tasted better to us than any other chipotle we had before. Not sure if that was really the case or not, however; we love this location and their staff. You have to try it for yourself.

Mohammad Aris

I usually go to this place pretty often. But some of the employees are so freakin disrespectful And so rude while your speak to them they ignored you. This is gonna be my last visit in this Place.

Susan K.

Always have had great experience from customer service to food quality. However, this is probably the only Chipotle I go to since my office is nearby. The intersection gets a little crazy especially lunch time on the weekdays. However this Chipotle location does a great job of providing fast service with a very generous amount of food

M.C. F.

This is my favorite chipotle to visit in the Fairfax area. Ingredients always appear and taste fresh, and the seating areas, both indoors and out, are always clean. For me this aspect is important since other locations tend to disregard the importance cleanliness plays in maintaining an enjoyable eating experience for customers.

Rather LiveInKeyWest

Very busy Chipotle location during typical eating rush hours. It is a typical location with friendly staff and a fairly quick build-your-own _____ (burrito, burrito bowl, taco, etc...) process with a very tasty result.

Kate P

Great food! The service is a bit slow. Still I find myself eating here frequently. The place is kept nice and clean.

Sabra D.

Good quick for takeout, and it looked like they were gearing up for the dinner rush. The line could have used more corn so the person preparing the bol didn't have to carry so much of the liquid at the bottom into the bol. Overall it was good tasting, just seeing the liquid slurped instead of refilling the ingredients was a little off putting.

Nicole D.

I feel bad that they have so many bad reviews. Luckily all my experiences have been good. Super friendly and courteous employees.

Jill L.

Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure a restaurant that more or less specializes in take out orders should have plastic to go forks. Not one to be found in the whole restaurant. The food looks like it's been left out for hours & tastes worse. The only reason it got two stars is because the people behind the counter were on point in taking my order, really fast & then genuinely tried to find me a fork so I could eat my burrito bowl. The manager, however, smiled, laughed & said 'Oh yeah, we're out of forks' though that was acceptable. No, it's not. I've worked in restaurants. If you run out of a very needed item, someone goes to a store & restocks with something until close. I won't be back.