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JINYA Ramen Bar - Fairfax 2911 District Ave Unit 170, Fairfax Ramen • $$
2911 District Ave Unit 170, Fairfax

“I am very excited, happy to share. Today was just going to be a day to be bar hopping. But jinya was my first stop. My sister in law and I thought it was going to be a place where one drink one app and off to the next bar. Noooottt, loved our bartenders. Antonio. Amazing performance, personality. His suggestions into getting a mezcal margarita, really!!! But was well balanced. Jackie kudos, awesome personality as well. We shad such an amazing time we stayed longer then anticipated.”

4.8 Superb491 Reviews
The Capital Grille 12169 Fair Lakes Promenade Dr, Fairfax Fine Dining • $$$$
12169 Fair Lakes Promenade Dr, Fairfax

“Food is never disappointing at Cap Grill. It's a good place for a business lunch. Not sure I would take my wife there for a "fine dining " experience. It's priced that way, but it feels very chain restaurant, which it is.”

4.6 Superb346 Reviews
California Shabu Shabu 3081 Nutley St, Fairfax Japanese • $$
3081 Nutley St, Fairfax

“Hot pot was supper good with good portions per each person. Workers were super nice and are always walking around if you need anything. The prime rib was so tender and melts in your mouth. Not to mention the sauce that they give you the instructions to make is amazing and you can choose how much of an ingredient to add in.”

4.8 Superb129 Reviews
Mama Chang 3251 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax Asian • $$
3251 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax

“A great place for a weekend brunch or groups. Prices are reasonable for the quality and quantity. I really like the mapu tofu, the custard buns, the bubble teas and the double cooked pork belly.”

4.3 Superb152 Reviews
Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar 11963 Fair Oaks Mall Shop Center, Fairfax American • $$
11963 Fair Oaks Mall Shop Center, Fairfax

“This restaurant has a comfortable seating area with a relaxed atmosphere and serves fusion-style dishes, some with an Asian flair that is truly comforting. Last time, we tried the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, which had a hint of sesame soy sauce and crunchiness from the lettuce, making it the perfect appetizer. The Fettuccine Alfredo with parmesan cream sauce was good, and the Sweet and Spicy Ribs were sweet and tasty, with a kick from the Korean Gochugaru sauce. We enjoyed all aspects of the restaurant, including the decent service.”

4.5 Superb492 Reviews
Artie's 3260 Blenheim Blvd, Fairfax American • $$
3260 Blenheim Blvd, Fairfax

“My wife and I went for Easter brunch. Food as always along with service was top notch. I like Arti's. The restaurant gives me that when I was a child (many moons ago LOL) and my Mom would take me to a cool restaurant for dinner after church type of feeling. Again food selections were great only thing was, they discontinued Chicken and Waffles on the menu. This was sort of a let down because that was the dish we had many times for Easter Brunch. When I asked the manager he explained that upper management revamped the menus throughout the Great American restaurants after the fire. I look forward to the next time my wife and I have dinner here. I hope that maybe upper management can find it in their heart to bring back the Chicken and waffles. Thanks for the good times.”

4.6 Superb191 Reviews

Restaurants by Cuisine

Ozzie's Good Eats 11880 Grand Commons Ave, Fairfax Italian • $$
11880 Grand Commons Ave, Fairfax

“Get the bread for $1Maggie salad great (ask for warm goat cheese vs cold), both of us could have just had that and been happy.Short smoke salmon was greatBread pudding was goodTex Mex egg rolls were goodI'd skip the beef tip pasta.”

4.5 Superb122 Reviews
Gyu Shige (牛繁) Japanese BBQ 2980 District Ave #100, Fairfax Japanese • $$$
2980 District Ave #100, Fairfax

“Been to Guy Shige in the Mosaic District a bunch of times, and it's always a hit. This time, I grabbed some sushi, and man, it was the right move! The sushi was mega fresh, and the flavor was next level, especially with the real wasabi they grate on the spot – totally beats the regular stuff. Also had the oolong peach cream cake for dessert, and it was just perfect – the tea and peach combo wasn't too sweet or anything.On a previous visit, we tried the Wagyu. The waiter showed us how to enjoy it with a bit of pink salt and wasabi, and it was mind-blowingly good, way better than any ribeye I've had.Guy Shige is definitely my favorite spot for those special nights out. They always nail it with the food!”

4.7 Superb123 Reviews
Genki Izakaya 9508 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax Japanese • $$$
9508 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“Beautiful interior!Price is on the expensive side, but I definitely think the food is worth the money.Their speciality menu is the Yakitori Platter, which is think is pretty good but I didn’t really like the roasted peppers, i honestly would rather just order everything else on the combo and add on something else other than the pepper. ?️Their spicy miso ramen had so much chili Oil that all I could taste was the chili oil and no miso. I’ll give it another try but my reviews stay at 4 due to this.”

4.4 Superb606 Reviews

Restaurants with Delivery

Ned's New England Deck 10655 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax Seafood • $$
10655 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“This is a family owned restaurant. Ofc the owner couldnt be any friendlier. Keep in mind that it's a small place. The lobster roll I had was wayyyyy better than "Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls" in DC and Shirlington. Their roasted beef burger was divine to me since I'm a meatlover. I enjoyed the clam chowder more than I thought. You can find it easily in this DMV area but this place might have the best clam chowder. Lobster bisque was also good (but I liked the clam chowder more). Whoopie pie was alright, not my thing, but you have to try their Boston cream pie. Will definitely come back to try the fried dishes because I saw the next table order a lot of those. I don't have to think of Boston anymore when I crave lobster rolls.”

4.7 Superb108 Reviews
Our Mom Eugenia - Mosaic 2985 District Ave Suite 185, Fairfax Greek • $$
2985 District Ave Suite 185, Fairfax

“family owned Greek restaurant with big portions and decent pricing. Food comes out very quick, great for a lunch spot. slower lunch crowd during the week, was able to get a table immediately. Olivia was our server and she took great care of us. will be coming back with friends.”

4.4 Superb332 Reviews
The Wine House 3950 University Dr, Fairfax Wine Bar • $$
3950 University Dr, Fairfax

“We’ve been wanting to check out some more of the restaurants in Old Town Fairfax. The Wine House did not disappoint! I had the pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and green beans. The tenderloin was wrapped in an olive tapenade and prosciutto. It was cooked perfectly and absolutely delicious! For dessert we had the Dark Chocolate Terrine with espresso cream and toasted hazelnuts. It was decadent and wonderful. Of course the wine selection was great. Looking forward to going back again.”

4.5 Superb168 Reviews

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Kirby Club 2911 District Ave, Fairfax Mediterranean • $$
2911 District Ave, Fairfax

“I mean the food is good, but I feel like for the price you pay, you get very little rice and kabobs. I will say that the pickle plate is pretty good though, and definitely recommend their kofta and aleppo spiced steak.”

4.2 Good97 Reviews
Coastal Flats 11901 Grand Commons Ave, Fairfax Seafood • $$
11901 Grand Commons Ave, Fairfax

“The lobster bisque and the Shrimp and Grit cakes make me dream about them til this day! Amazing ambiance and nice vibe. Not too classy but not a Applebees(no offense to the Bees) lol”

4.3 Superb136 Reviews
Ocean Paradise Restaurant & Bar 3903-I, Fair Ridge Dr, Fairfax Seafood • $$
3903-I, Fair Ridge Dr, Fairfax

“@oceanparadise_restaurantI officially have a new[to me], must try restaurant in NoVA! The quality of the food was spectacular.✨️ Sautéed Calamari: The PERFECT app to share and to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Calamari but this changed my mind. The sauce is amasing with the garlic bread too.✨️ Chicken & cranberry salad: Deliciously crisp and refreshing, I was told this is a new addition to the menu and I think it was perfect for spring!? Spicy Lobster pasta: This wasn't as spicy as I anticipated, but man was the flavours are so tasty! I would 100% order this again and probably my favourite item overall.✨️ Lobster roll: Most Lobster rolls I've had in the area are too mayo-y and this was the opposite. It was refreshing and perfectly prepared, easily would recommend the lobster roll here to anyone who is craving.? Red sangria & Beach water: Drinks were so pretty, I absolutely loveeeee the sangria.? Key lime pie & Bread pudding: Both absolutely delicious desserts, personally one of the best key lime pies I've had as it wasn't too tangy or too sweet. The bread pudding was phenomenal, it's one of those desserts I'd come back for alone.Overall, I can't believe I had not been here before. It's made it on my top restaurants for NoVA area and will be back soon!- insta @ SpicyAivy”

4.4 Superb236 Reviews

24 Hour Restaurants

Southeast Impression 9530 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax Thai • $$
9530 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“I made the mistake of not making a reservation here for dinner on a Saturday night. Even so, the hostesses were kind enough to fit us in at the bar. There was still full service and we got to watch the bartenders make beautiful cocktails. We wanted to try everything on the menu. Started with the pie tee, I ordered the Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang while my fiancé ordered the Curry Laksa noodles, and we finished with some pandan crème brûlée and coconut ice cream. Overall very filling, amazing quality of food and service, and definitely lived up to their name of making a good (Southeast) Impression.”

4.4 Superb194 Reviews
Bollywood Bistro 3955 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax Indian • $$
3955 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax

“We picked up food here and boy did it delight! Flavorful, large portions and well packed to bring home and eat hot. The vegetarian options (samosas and vegetables in Indian gravy) did not disappoint. Butter chicken was melt in your mouth tender and juicy.”

4.4 Superb85 Reviews
Ariake Japanese Restaurant 8708 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax Japanese • $$
8708 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax

“From the minute our party of two entered, the staff greeted us warmly and were very polite. To start, the chicken karaage was perfectly seasoned, crisp, and temperature hot - no sauce needed. For my meal, I ordered the nigiri only Omakase (Chef Inspired Platter) which came with a miso soup and salad. The taste brought me back to Japan. Our meal also came with dessert in which we chose the green tea ice cream which did not disappoint! Everyone working was attentive, informative, and wonderful. Will be back and would definitely recommend!”

4.5 Superb117 Reviews

Takeout Restaurants

Aroma Restaurant Bar & Banquet 12821 Fair Lakes Pkwy, Fairfax Indian • $$
12821 Fair Lakes Pkwy, Fairfax

“We had the pleasure of dining with our server, Kelly, and she was amazing. She provided amazing hospitality and was so kind to us! I would definitely come here again! The food was also amazing on top of the service!”

4.4 Superb158 Reviews
The Qui Korean BBQ & BAR | Korean BBQ Fairfax, VA 10160 Fairfax Blvd Suite 118, Fairfax Korean • $$$
10160 Fairfax Blvd Suite 118, Fairfax

“We visited this restaurant some time ago and really enjoyed it, particularly the high-quality pork meat. We are fans of Korean BBQ and have tried out many restaurants in Northern Virginia, particularly those that offer all-you-can-eat BBQ. This one stands out as one of the best; their meat is of good quality and delicious.”

4.5 Superb105 Reviews
Bunnyman Brewing 5583 Guinea Rd, Fairfax Brewery • $$
5583 Guinea Rd, Fairfax

“Great atmosphere, great location, family friendly, great beer selection that is diverse enough for anyone who likes beer, home grown and owned, community based...what else?”

4.7 Superb63 Reviews

Drive-Thru Restaurants

9292 Shabu 7131 Little River Tpk Service Rd, Fairfax Hot Pot • $$$
7131 Little River Tpk Service Rd, Fairfax

“Absolutely loved dinner here tonight. Our server Brandon was fantastic and prompt with everything :)The whole place is beautifully clean. I love that you can get your own hot pot and don't have to share with your party if you don't want to! The buffet options were sweet and everything was super fresh and tasty.Will absolutely be back - I've found my go to!”

4.6 Superb69 Reviews
P.F. Chang's 4250 Fairfax Corner Ave, Fairfax Chinese • $$
4250 Fairfax Corner Ave, Fairfax

“Erick was our server for my sister's 55th birthday dinner for a party of 15. He was doing his thing!!! This guy just don't stop!!! He must have had a twin cause he was always just like right here at the table!!! BUT I saw him with multiple tables. So point is the dude is DOPE!!! And special shout out to the bartender....he was, let's just say, a GREAT'll get the point if you come and see my buddy's here at PF Chang!!! Take my word for it.”

4.3 Superb212 Reviews
The Auld Shebeen 3971 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax Irish • $$
3971 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax

“What no Lamb, You have Sheep all over the Bar. You have lamb stew you get your "5" back.good food very nice and friends.You have lamb stew you get your "5" back.”

4.5 Superb87 Reviews

Cheap Eats

YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea 一芳 11270 James Swart Cir, Fairfax Bubble Tea • $$
11270 James Swart Cir, Fairfax

“This establishment is highly regarded; however, its remote location limits my frequent patronage. The reasonably priced beverages are exceptionally palatable, particularly the tea, which is arguably the finest in the area. The ambiance is conducive to relaxation, and the service is commendable.”

4.5 Superb85 Reviews
Hangry Joe’s Hot Chicken 13005-R Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy Service Road, Fairfax Chicken • $$
13005-R Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy Service Road, Fairfax

“The good:Chicken was a really big portion (twice the size of a Chick-fil-A patty)Chicken was hot! (temperature) even after a 5 minute drive homeThe spice is mixed into the batter, rather than being a sauce, and the Medium is pretty spicy, which is a refreshing change.Waffle fries were really tasty!The not so good:The "Hangry Sauce" is basically Chipotle mayo. I asked if it was mayo based, and was told no. I really dislike mayo, and it was slathered all over the patty. Even after wiping it off, it was too much.The fries are somewhere between a small and a medium, a couple more would've been appreciated.The pickles are really thick, but you only get two on your sandwich. A 50% thinner cut with an extra pickle or two would've gone a long way on getting the taste on every biteI'll definitely go back, but will probably try the Chicken Waffles instead of the sandwich. I don't like coleslaw or mayo, which seemed to be the big draw for the sandwich.”

4.4 Superb107 Reviews
True Food Kitchen Mosaic District, 2910 District Ave Suite 170, Fairfax Health Food • $$
Mosaic District, 2910 District Ave Suite 170, Fairfax

“I always rely on True Food for its delicious yet healthy food options. We just had lunch there and loved the ambiance - the combination of wood tones and greenery created a relaxing and comfortable feel. The staff member who greeted us was welcoming and friendly, and our server provided attentive and speedy service. Our food arrived within minutes of placing our order.The food was exceptional, especially the edamame dumplings appetizer. They were perfectly seasoned with soy sauce, dashi, white truffle oil, and herbs. The True Blue Grass-Fed Burger was also a great choice. The Peruvian pepper sauce added a pleasant kick to the burger, while the caramelized onions provided a sweet contrast to the blue cheese. The Korean Noodle Bowl was similar to Japchae, made with sweet potato noodles and veggies. However, it had a subtle citrusy flavor with garlic. Our drinks, Kale Aid with Greek yogurt and Bright Eyes, were both healthy and delicious. Their vibrant colors made them a feast for the eyes.I'm looking forward to revisiting True Food soon to try some of their other tasty and healthy options.”

4.2 Good424 Reviews
Hamrock's Restaurant 3950 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax American • $$
3950 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax

“The restaurant atmosphere is very charming. The food was very good and came out quickly. The service was very good as well, my only suggestion is that the servers who have long hair should tie their hair back. When the food and drinks were being served, the waitress leaned over the table and her hair brushed the table.”

4.2 Good361 Reviews
Mazadar Restaurant 11725 Lee Hwy #15, Fairfax Mediterranean • $$
11725 Lee Hwy #15, Fairfax

“I like this place because it's halal, which is great for Muslims. The staff were really nice. They surprised and congratulated our friend on her birthday. We all loved the woman from Azerbaijan. Thanks a bunch!”

4.5 Superb72 Reviews
Green Basil Dimsum & Pho 11216 Main St, Fairfax Dim Sum • $$
11216 Main St, Fairfax

“This establishment is located in a former Pho restaurant, and I am pleased to dine here because it offers both Vietnamese pho and dim sum. I believe that these dishes cannot go wrong. Additionally, I am very satisfied with the service, and the cleanliness of the place is impeccable.”

4.4 Superb98 Reviews
Sushi Prince 10256 Main St, Fairfax Japanese • $$
10256 Main St, Fairfax

“Chirashi bowl here is my favorite. It's assembly is so pretty and it's very filling. The variety and quality of fish is really good! Service is fast and accommodating even when busy. My dad's allergic to egg, so they make sure to avoid adding imitation crab in his dish. Ambiance is casual and comfortable for any occasion dining. Seatings a bit cozy because it's a bit smaller size restaurant, but it doesn't feel too claustrophobic.”

4.5 Superb71 Reviews
Murasaki 12158 Fairfax Towne Center, Fairfax Japanese • $$
12158 Fairfax Towne Center, Fairfax

“One of my favorite local sushi spots great price quality is top notch atmosphere is delightful!Picture of the manhattan roll one of my most favorites lots of fish just lovely!”

4.5 Superb71 Reviews
Alta Strada - Fairfax, VA 2911 District Ave Unit 150, Fairfax Italian • $$
2911 District Ave Unit 150, Fairfax

“My partner and I loved our experience here. The staff were very welcoming and the food was wonderful! The pasta isn’t from scratch but was still great with options for mainstream and traditional Italian dishes. Our waitress Sarah was so kind and because it was our first time there she offered a champagne toast on the house.Pros: I loved the variety of protein options that could be added to dishes. The dinner overall was a little more expensive than we usually have for a casual night out but honestly the atmosphere and food was so worth it. We’re easy going people and just like to have a good return on investment wherever we dine. We definitely felt like we got that here. We’ll be back!Cons: I love an Alfredo dish or cacio e Pepe but there weren’t any offered.Recommendation: reservation for weekends or Friday nights.”

4.2 Good280 Reviews
Meokja Meokja - Korean BBQ 9619 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax Korean • $$
9619 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“The service is soooooo nice!! Even though they don't have dessert on the menu, when someone at my table mentioned it was my birthday all the workers came out with a candle in a cookie and sang happy birthday. The food is good and really reasonably priced! Definitely worth a visit!! Don't be afraid to ask for more wraps/sauce/anything because they will give you larger portions of the sides!”

4.4 Superb88 Reviews
YamaChen's Sushi House 9650 Main St Unit 41, Fairfax Sushi • $$
9650 Main St Unit 41, Fairfax

“I loved everything except for the fact my egg in my ramen was hard boiled and was told that they don’t serve it any other way and somehow my noodles were cold but my soup was hot.. not sure how they managed that… EEL Roll was amazing as always but please change the egg ??????”

4.5 Superb64 Reviews


bartaco 2920 District Ave Unit 120, Fairfax Tacos • $$
2920 District Ave Unit 120, Fairfax

“This is a go-to!! The drinks are a bit spendy for what you get, but that's the only downside. The staff is friendly and attentive. The food is delicious! Great place to go with family, friends, or by yourself!”

4.3 Superb114 Reviews
Guapo's Restaurant 13050 Fair Lakes Shopping Center, Fairfax Mexican • $$
13050 Fair Lakes Shopping Center, Fairfax

“It was good, still miss Don Pablo's but this place is pretty decent. Chips and Salas were good, got some 2nd bowl of something, kind of looked like it had already been ate.Chicken and cheese enchiladas were good”

4.2 Good193 Reviews
Eerkins Uyghur Cuisine 4008 University Dr, Fairfax Asian • $$
4008 University Dr, Fairfax

“I've been eager to try Eerkin's Uyghur Cuisine for a few months now! My pal and I ventured to the Fairfax location and were excited to try out a variety of Uyghur specialties. The ambiance of the restaurant was quaint and cozy. From the checkered table cloth to yellow walls, I loved how simple and classic all of the decor was alongside Uyghur artifacts. You can really tell Eerkin's is a lively establishment that embodies pieces of Uyghur culture everywhere you turn. I'd also like to applaud the ability for this restaurant to bring together families and friends from all cultures - absolutely beautiful to witness! The service was incredible! Our servers made sure to give us accurate wait times for our food to be ready. They ensured that if a table was available they would let us know and they did just that! We decided to eat the food out of the to-go boxes to save on cleanup, but they were so kind and offered to provide us with additional plates if needed. We started off with two Lamb Kebabs and Samsa, a bun with minced beef, onion, and seasoned with black pepper. The kebabs were tasty bites sprinkled with cumin/house spices that were a great start to the meal. The Samsa was a bit on the heavier side with a strong meaty and onion flavor. Think a meat pie with great spice! We then got the Homemade Laghman - hand-pulled noodles with stir fried lamb and an assortment of onions and peppers. I really enjoyed how the juices from the lamb was essentially the sauce that bound the peppers and onions. Phenomenal! To finish off, we got the Khhazan Lamb Kabab with naan. I really loved the cut on this lamb and thought it paired perfectly with buttery, soft Uyghur naan. The lamb was slightly spicy and packed a great flavor that submerge throughout the naan. Very unique taste that was delectable. The meats were divine! Eerkin's spice mix of a spicy red chili and cumin that was savory in the best way possible. Each were bursting with flavor, incredibly juicy, and were cooked just right. Amazing, quality food and I cannot wait to come back to try more. A fantastic introduction to Uyghur Cuisine - a new favorite of mine!”

4.3 Superb95 Reviews
Caboose Commons 2918 Eskridge Rd, Fairfax Brewery • $$
2918 Eskridge Rd, Fairfax

“Porter was excellent. Wait time on food was reasonable. The Mac and cheese was amazing especially with bacon and or shrimp on top. But even alone it's outstanding.”

4.3 Superb91 Reviews
URBAN HOT POT Mosaic 2980 District Ave Unit 110, Fairfax Hot Pot • $$
2980 District Ave Unit 110, Fairfax

“Love #feasting here. ??Parking: Even if this place gets crowded you will always find a spot to parkKid-friendliness: Children will enjoy feasting here as wellWheelchair accessibility: Server assist you to an accessible wheelchair table”

4.2 Good117 Reviews
Bangkok St. Thai Restaurant 3073 Nutley St, Fairfax Thai • $$
3073 Nutley St, Fairfax

“I’ve been going here for a decade. I always call and order and it’s always ready before I get there. The food is excellent and consistent. I love their Kraprow chicken, green curry and everything else! For every micro center visit this should always be a stop!”

4.4 Superb50 Reviews
Jaipur Royal Indian Cuisine 9401 Lee Hwy #105, Fairfax Indian • $$
9401 Lee Hwy #105, Fairfax

“One of the best Indian cuisine restaurants is this one. Weekends are buffet only (no biryanis when we visited) and weekdays are ala carte only. Their food is an authentic representation of what you had eaten in India.We found their sweet were overly sweet, but main course, appetizers were 10/10.”

4.2 Good104 Reviews
U-SA Thai Restaurant 11270A James Swart Cir, Fairfax Thai • $$
11270A James Swart Cir, Fairfax

“This place is amazing. All the food is authentic and tastes homemade. We had fried tofu, wonton soup and their version of orange chicken (paradise chicken). Everything was delicious and premium.”

4.4 Superb49 Reviews
Saba Restaurant 3900 Pickett Road A, Fairfax Middle Eastern • $$
3900 Pickett Road A, Fairfax

“I am a restaurant owner and I know the difficulty of keeping food ready and at the same time preserving its taste.I came today, 04/01/2024, in the afternoon of Ramadan. We were traveling, so I expected that there would be no ready-made food or bacon bits, but I was surprised by the very delicious taste and the upscale treatment ?❤️ Your brother, Mutab, is from Saudi Arabia.”

4.2 Good99 Reviews
Señor Tequila's 9959 Main St, Fairfax Mexican • $$
9959 Main St, Fairfax

“The food is authentic Mexican. We had the tableside guacamole as an appetizer. I had the steak fajitas with a mangolada! Everything was delicious! The staff is great, everyone is so friendly and accommodating.”

4.2 Good94 Reviews
Bellissimo Restaurant 10403 Main St, Fairfax Italian • $$$
10403 Main St, Fairfax

“We came in to the restaurant for our friends birthday. Mario and his team were amazing! They were so professional and polite! They gave us a wonderful experience. The food was delicious. We were treated like royalty!”

4.1 Good186 Reviews
Tsunami Sushi 13039 Fair Lakes Shopping Center, Fairfax Sushi • $$
13039 Fair Lakes Shopping Center, Fairfax

“I forgot to take a photo but literally the best sushi of my life! The portions are so big and it is SOOOO GOOD!!!! I will keep coming back here with my mom!!! It’s our new favorite place!!”

4.3 Superb61 Reviews
High Side 4009 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax Asian • $$
4009 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax

“Such a cute little modern spot. All the food was great and fresh. Fries, bao, popcorn chicken, and pork belly were all great. Good beer selection. Loved all the different beer glasses. Went in on a Sunday evening so it wasn’t very busy at all. Waiter checked on us consistently (sometimes that’s actually an issue when it’s slow, but not here!) will def be back to try the rest of the menu.Dietary restrictions: Popcorn chicken is gluten free. There are other options noted as gluten free too. Nice to have some options that aren’t boring or bad substitutes. Hard to find any sort of breaded chicken that’s gluten free. Bravo!”

4.3 Superb57 Reviews
Urbano Tex-Mex Restaurant 2985 District Ave, Fairfax Mexican • $$
2985 District Ave, Fairfax

“Stopped by for a mini brunch. The mimosas were amazing and great to get during brunch only $5 each. I decided to be sat on the patio since it was a 67 degrees out. My server was amazing, she provided a great amount of recommendations. I wasn’t super hungry, so I went with the shredded chicken taquitos with chips. It tasted so good, the flavor was super satisfying. The salsa for the chips also was tasty, perfect texture to it aswell haven’t good salsa like this in awhile. I highly recommend Urbano!”

3.9 Good166 Reviews
Cantina D'Italia 13015 Fair Lakes Shopping Center, Fairfax Italian • $$
13015 Fair Lakes Shopping Center, Fairfax

“Delicious. We had to do some shopping and saw this place driving through the parking lot. Amazing food. Got spaghetti puttanesca and ravioli con fungi. Both had layered flavors and were just perfect.”

4.2 Good65 Reviews
Parc de Ville 8296 Glass Alley, Fairfax French • $$
8296 Glass Alley, Fairfax

“3 stars for food because they change what used to be great Steak and Frits meal to a tuff and cheaper cut of meet. Un-eatable. Everything else on the menu has always been good.”

4 Good288 Reviews
Arigato Sushi 11199-A Lee Hwy, Fairfax Sushi • $$
11199-A Lee Hwy, Fairfax

“I love this place. Great quality & tasteful sushi, and you don’t have to pay crazy DC price. I’m willing to drive all the way from College Park to eat here.”

4.2 Good55 Reviews
Ted's Bulletin 2911 District Ave Unit 160, Fairfax Family • $$
2911 District Ave Unit 160, Fairfax

“After dinner in Mosaic District, my I Do Crew went to Ted's Bulletin for drinks and dessert. Our party occupied 5 seats at the bar. Our bartender Omar S. was friendly, knowledgeable about the menu, and made delicious drinks. My friends enjoyed the Cherry Old Fashioned, The Back Nine, Garden Party, and Peachy Keen. I enjoyed two gin-based cocktails: Botanical Garden and Violet Queen cocktails. Both cocktails were floral and quite strong. We shared the Cherry Blossom Tres Leches, which was not as pictured on the website but tasted delicious. We couldn't finish it, so I took it home. Before we left, another girl bought us a round of Green Tea shot to celebrate my bachelorette. I liked how the Green Tea shot was made with Jameson Whiskey, Peach Schnapps, Lime Juice, and Simple Syrup!”

4 Good254 Reviews
Draper's Steak & Seafood 3936 Blenheim Blvd, Fairfax Salad • $$
3936 Blenheim Blvd, Fairfax

“This place opened in our neighborhood a while ago and has gone through several iterations, but I feel it has finally hit its stride. We came here early on a busy Saturday, and they had a table available without a reservation. The food and service were impeccable. Our server, Nick, was fantastic. We'll definitely be back.”

4 Good250 Reviews
Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar 10824 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax Italian • $$
10824 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“I love this cozy restaurant. My partner and I decided to have lunch here while we were out running errands. Although it was noon, it felt like dinner for us since we start our days early. We enjoyed some Italian red wines and ordered the Ricotta dip with grilled bread as a starter. I would add a small side of additional toppings for the Ricotta (honey, walnuts, salt/olive oils) as you eat down through the layers. It was delicious but the top layer was the best. We also ordered the grilled octopus appetizer with artichokes, veggies, and potatoes which was absolutely delicious! My partner tried the make your own pasta option, which he really enjoyed choosing noche with rosa sauce, chicken adding in veggies at $1 a piece upcharge. We ended our meal with a delightful crème Brulee for dessert. Our server was pleasant and attentive during our lunch stay. The atmosphere was romantic and quaint. We will definitely be back for more dates :)”

4 Good247 Reviews
Hot Spot 3232 Old Pickett Rd, Fairfax Hot Pot • $$
3232 Old Pickett Rd, Fairfax

“I love the single family sized burner tables to keep small children away from hot surfaces. I also like being able to sample two broths (spicy, mild). Our server was very family friendly and that is why I recommend bringing your family to this restaurant. This restaurant fills up fast so I recommend arriving early or late to beat the crowd. I think we got the last parking spot in Stryker mall. There were three guys blocking my car upon departure but they moved upon request. We came hungry and left very full.”

4.1 Good89 Reviews
Bonefish Grill 13005 Lee Jackson Hwy, Fairfax Seafood • $$
13005 Lee Jackson Hwy, Fairfax

“Excellent happy hour and anytime dining establishment. The staff is super friendly, and the bartenders mix up great cocktails. Love the food! The bartenders are very friendly yet professional and can help provide dinner suggestions. I highly recommend this establishment. It is my personal Cheers!”

4.1 Good68 Reviews
Sushi On 11717 FAIR OAKS MALL UNIT# J135, Fairfax Asian • $$
11717 FAIR OAKS MALL UNIT# J135, Fairfax

“Sushi On boasts one of the largest and freshest sushi buffets in the area. The sashimi and sushi rolls were exceptionally delicious, and the small portions allowed for a delightful sampling experience. However, it's worth noting that the replenishment of the bar can take some time, which might test your patience during peak hours. Nonetheless, if you're craving quality sushi, this is the place to be! Apologies about the cropped photos but these were the only photos I took and I didn't want to post my son's face.”

4 Good127 Reviews
703 Thai Cuisine 11180 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax Thai • $$
11180 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“Went for a Valentines dinner and had a great meal. We ordered the rolling duck roti, tom yum soup, and the nua num tok (spicy steak fave!) for appetizers. They came out quickly and were all so good. We also ordered chicken pad thai and pork drunken noodles, which were both among the best we've ever had, and with huge portions.The service is attentive and fast considering there is really just one server and two other staff helping bring out the dishes.Prices are what you expect given inflation today, but we thought it was a good value for all the wonderful food we were served.The interior is well decorated considering the dining space must have originally been designed as an atrium restaurant for a 1980's hotel.Can't wait to go back!”

4.1 Good60 Reviews
Big Buns Damn Good Burgers 10392 Lee Hwy, Fairfax Hamburger • $$
10392 Lee Hwy, Fairfax

“The burger was cooked well done as ordered, and was also smokey and flavorful. I would definitely return for the burgers and the chicken sandwiches. The regular fries were thinly cut and crispy. The Parmesan truffle fries my daughter ordered on the other hand were limp, too fatty and greasy. We ended up leaving most of them. The lemonade slushie was syrupy and very much artificially flavored for $8 a cup we paid. Save your money and stick to soda or the other fountain drinks. Will try the bowls next time.”

4 Good126 Reviews
Honor Brewing Kitchen - Fairfax 11250 James Swart Cir, Fairfax American • $$
11250 James Swart Cir, Fairfax

“TERRIBLE picture of the huge and delicious jalapeno stuffed pretzel and beers. The food was good but we enjoyed the atmosphere and beer best. The pretzel could easily be shared by four people. We also enjoyed nachos and the Cuban, they were good too but our favorite was the beer!”

4 Good118 Reviews
City Kabob 9998 Main St, Fairfax Afghan • $$
9998 Main St, Fairfax

“Incredibly fresh and delicious! Even though it also has hookahs, the ventilation is fantastic, and you don't even notice the faint aroma. But the very flavorful food is the best reason to come here!”

4.1 Good51 Reviews
Captain Pell's Fairfax Crabhouse 10195 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax Seafood • $$$
10195 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“I have driven past Captain Pell's many times and finally gave it a try with a dinner with friends on a weekday night. The restaurant isn't fancy but the server was friendly and the food good. It was an enjoyable dinner. I would definitely go back.”

4 Good84 Reviews
Ruth's Chris Steak House 4100 Monument Corner Dr Suite 101, Fairfax Steak House • $$$$
4100 Monument Corner Dr Suite 101, Fairfax

“Very good service and food! We went to celebrate our sons birthdays and it was a great time! They decorated the table, gave them a card and two complementary desserts. They also brought a little pastry with a candle for them. We left really satisfied.”

3.9 Good302 Reviews
Blue Ocean 9440 Main St, Fairfax Japanese • $$
9440 Main St, Fairfax

“Cozy and quiet spot for flavorful Japanese food and small plates (izakaya)They have a large menu and nice staff. Plus, there was some soft jazz playing on the speakers.I really loved their kitsune udon! Broth tasted rich, each topping tasted fresh, and the noodles were cooked perfectly chewy.”

4 Good64 Reviews
Ornery Beer Company 3950 University Dr Suite 106, Fairfax Brewery • $$
3950 University Dr Suite 106, Fairfax

“If you are looking for a place to enjoy craft beer and delicious food, look no further than Ornery. They offer a variety of beers on tap, from crisp lagers to hoppy IPAs, as well as a menu that features burgers, pizzas, salads, and more. The service is always friendly, the atmosphere is cozy, and the prices are very reasonable.”

4 Good63 Reviews
Kim's Pho Vietnamese Kitchen + Bar 9675 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax Vietnamese • $$
9675 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“Me and hus really love the food and service here, view was good. My faverous is salt & pepper tofu, they're fresh and crispy, even u keep them long time they're still crispy. Beefs in here goood size, good chosen and good seasoning. Definitely we will be back.”

3.9 Good114 Reviews
Crazy Crab 10160 Fairfax Blvd #102, Fairfax Cajun • $$$
10160 Fairfax Blvd #102, Fairfax

“The service was great and atmosphere was great as well. Our server Josué was nice and made sure we were okay. He made sure we enjoyed our food and drinks. He was nice and kept a smile on his face. Would go back ”

3.9 Good99 Reviews
Sisters Thai 2985 District Ave Unit 130, Fairfax Thai • $$
2985 District Ave Unit 130, Fairfax

“incredible food, very impressive and efficient service! my only complaint is the price and the fact that it is so efficient that it is always crowded and it feels like your server is pressuring you to hurry up and leave. other than that no complaints!”

3.9 Good86 Reviews
Sichuan Legend Hotpot and More! 9992 Main St, Fairfax Hot Pot • $$
9992 Main St, Fairfax

“Vegetarian options: Ask the servers about what is vegetarian, and if you need them separated from non veg food.Parking: Main street center free shared parking. Plenty of spots”

3.9 Good71 Reviews
Nanjing Bistro 11213 Lee Hwy, Fairfax Chinese • $$
11213 Lee Hwy, Fairfax

“This is a pretty decent chinese restaurant in a small mall area on fairfax. We ate here a couple of times, and the servers are very friendly- but we ordered takeout the most though and the food never disappoints. They are also pretty nice about adjusting menu items like asking for "tomato with egg" when it's not on the menu and also making some small changes to dishes. Definitely a great place if you want some traditional Chinese dishes in addition to the usual takeout chinese american foods. I would say their Uber eats prices are the same as dine in prices, so you won't be saving much pick up yourself, though.”

3.9 Good51 Reviews


PokeHub 11060 Lee Hwy Unit 7, Fairfax Hawaiian • $$
11060 Lee Hwy Unit 7, Fairfax

“I’m so grateful to have found PokeHub! Where has this been all my life? I travel to Hawaii frequently to visit family and I have a special appreciation for Poke. The portions here are generous and it is a good value. The Reston location is so convenient too for pickup.”

3.9 Good39 Reviews
Seafood Shack 4501 Market Commons Dr, Fairfax Seafood • $$$
4501 Market Commons Dr, Fairfax

“I agree with another reviewer that this is a secret gem. Only complaint is that its a little cool, but I've learned to bring a sweater or light jacket. This is absolutly the best seafood around.”

4.1 Good11 Reviews
Texas de Brazil - Fairfax 11750 Fair Oaks Mall Suite K240, Fairfax Steak House • $$$
11750 Fair Oaks Mall Suite K240, Fairfax

“When celebrated a friend's birthday with a large group. The restaurant is easily accessible. It is located at Fair Oaks Mall and there's plenty of parking to include handicap spots and accessibility. I love that the restaurant accommodated are very very large party. The food was great, the staff were amazing, the environment is so relaxing. We had a great experience. I would absolutely recommend for a visit!”

3.8 Good444 Reviews
Outback Steakhouse 9579 Braddock Rd, Fairfax Steak House • $$
9579 Braddock Rd, Fairfax

“My steak wasn’t fantastic but everything else was great! I definitely recommend the coconut shrimp appetizer. My servers here have always been great and don’t hover.”

3.8 Good103 Reviews
Mim's Food - Uyghur Cuisine 9990 Main St, Fairfax Halal • $$
9990 Main St, Fairfax

“As a food enthusiast, I tried Uyghur cuisine for the first time and liked it. The spices used in the food were different from what I normally use to cook, but it was nice. The hand-pulled noodles were chewy and tasty, and the recommended Cold Noodle was absolutely tasty! Overall, it was a great experience, and I'm glad I tried something new.Parking: It's inside Main Street Center and it has plenty of parking spaces.”

3.8 Good96 Reviews
Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar 10645 Braddock Rd # B, Fairfax Japanese • $$
10645 Braddock Rd # B, Fairfax

“We've been here twice and both times everything has been outstanding from the service to the food. Great for families and kids. Always a fun time. We will definitely be going back. For those that want sushi, they make it fresh and have a robot that brings it to your tables. Decent bar as well. Located minutes from George Mason University.”

3.8 Good77 Reviews
The Sea Restaurant & Bar Peruvian Cuisine 3240 Old Pickett Rd, Fairfax Latin American • $$
3240 Old Pickett Rd, Fairfax

“Took my mom for lunch here and was amazed by how delicious the food was. Best Arroz con Mariscos she's had in 25 years!! The ceviche, jalea & leche de tigre were also top notch. 100% recommend, we've found our go-to peruvian spot in Fairfax!Great service, everyone was very nice!”

3.8 Good69 Reviews
Buffalo Wing Factory 13067 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy Service Rd, Fairfax American • $$
13067 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy Service Rd, Fairfax

“This place has changed management, renovated the whole restaurant to a more rustic feel and upgraded everything from chairs to walls, to even better waiters.I gave it another try with my friends and was pleased by the all positive change.”

3.8 Good68 Reviews
Dduk Dabang 11200 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax Korean • $$
11200 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“came with my few friends to eat at the hmart food court and we have no regrets!! we were to spend a day in DC but decided to eat local first.we ordered the Mala Tteokbokki with suspicions because mala is a very strong sichuan spice flavor. it was ~$22.00 total for the medium size. the mala tteokbokki came with 2 fried noodle dumplings, shredded green onions, grilled brisket, one egg, glass noodles, long rice cakes (that you can cut up with given scissors), fish cake, carrot, onion, and cabbage. this blew our mind since it was really not spicy at all!! there was definitely the infamous mala aftertaste but it made my mouth water for more HAHA. towards the end of the meal, the spice DID build up but not too much. it also depends on your spice tolerance and the three of us eat spicy food well.everything was cooked pretty well but the glass noodles were so-so. i cook these at home too when i'm craving homemade tteokbokki or ramen or home made hot pot, so i make them softer and chewier. the glass noodles were a bit harder to chew, but not too bad!! still very much enjoyed the meal :)) this is definitely my favorite now. i've tried the original, the black bean version, the rose, but mala beats them all. i recommend also ordering a side of fried assortments to dip and enjoy more or order [cheesy korean corn dog right across from this stand :)) service was very helpful and quick. the man that took our order was kind and patient and happens to also help run the korean corn dog spot too !”

3.8 Good45 Reviews
Waraku Japanese Restaurant 9539 Braddock Rd, Fairfax Sushi • $$
9539 Braddock Rd, Fairfax

“The best!!! On top of fresh, amazing sushi, the owner and staff are so kind, attentive and wonderful. Give this place a try and it will become your go to sushi restaurant!!!Dietary restrictions: Very accomodating!!”

3.8 Good41 Reviews
European Gourmet & Deli 9980 Main St, Fairfax Russian • $$
9980 Main St, Fairfax

“Amazing selection of European/Slavic food and snacks! I can get my favourite Russian chocolate here. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I definitely will come back for more snacks soon!”

3.8 Good24 Reviews
Smoothie King 10342 Main St, Fairfax Juice • $$
10342 Main St, Fairfax

“I love smoothie king! It has great smoothies, smoothie bowls, cookies, and beef sticks! The smoothies are soo good! Do NOT DOOR DASH It!! It's like twice the price. It's like seven dollars to get a smoothie. It's like 30 dollars if you door dash it. Although that's not really smoothies kings fault. I give smoothie kind 5 and door dash 2.5”

3.8 Good22 Reviews
China Shanghai Chinese Restaurant 9573 Braddock Rd, Fairfax Chinese • $$
9573 Braddock Rd, Fairfax

“This restaurant is very decent and close by! The customer service and the delivery is superb. They have really good General Tso! However, their fried rice isn't the best. It could use some improvement.”

3.8 Good19 Reviews
Hunan Cafe 4096 Majestic Ln, Fairfax Chinese • $$
4096 Majestic Ln, Fairfax

“Hunan Cafe has good Chinese food that is quick and well priced compared to others in the area, it's super close for a pickup. I enjoy most of the entrees I get. The Lo Mein is tasty and the noodles are the right amount of chewy. This is definitely a take out place, it has tables if you want to eat in, but it's not set up for atmosphere. The staff is very attentive and positive, They have their own website and the prices are cheaper than using D**rD*ash so definitely check it out. This is my go to when I need low cost and fast Chinese food.Parking: The parking lot can get busy around lunch and dinner time but there is plenty of spots.”

3.7 Good48 Reviews
Crafthouse Fairfax 11861 Palace Way, Fairfax Bar & Grill • $$
11861 Palace Way, Fairfax

“If there were 6 stars, they would deserve it. Our bartender Ceno introduced himself and shook my hand, and it felt like we were old friends. He truly knows the lost art of hospitality. And the food and drinks were amazing. Will definitely come back and make sure Cebo is our bartender!”

3.7 Good82 Reviews
La Choza Grill 8558 Lee Hwy, Fairfax Latin American • $$$
8558 Lee Hwy, Fairfax

“I came at an odd hour a little bit after normal lunch hours like 2:00 p.m. and I ordered a steak and cheese it was pretty good for something that they're not really known for!”

3.5 Good11 Reviews
Curry Mantra 9984 Main St, Fairfax Indian • $$
9984 Main St, Fairfax

“It was carry out but ambiance looked good for dine in as well. Pakora was good, fried momo was good, biryani was good as well and bread were well made so overall a very good place and would go again.”

3.6 Good60 Reviews
California Pizza Kitchen at Fairfax Corner 4200 Fairfax Corner Ave W, Fairfax Pizza • $$
4200 Fairfax Corner Ave W, Fairfax

“- the food here was actually very good, everything was fresh and had a nice flavor.- staff were pretty friendly, but the service wasn't that great. Came to take order and then when the food was served, she came back a few minutes later to ask about the food but didn't come back and ask for a drink refill or anything.- place was clean and organized.- prices are normal for the area.- parking can be hard to find sometimes.- overall not a horrible first experience at this location.”

3.6 Good67 Reviews
Sports Spot 4501 Market Commons Dr, Fairfax Gastropubs • $$
4501 Market Commons Dr, Fairfax

“While it was a bit awkward when we drove up and realized this place is inside a Whole Foods, I am glad we gave it a shot. We were looking for a place to get pizza and a beer while we watched a Sunday night football game. The good sized dining area was full of sports fans watching football on multiple screens. All the games were on. The draft beer section and our pizza were actually really good. We were very happy with our choice in beer and pizza. The crust was nice and chewy and very well made. Food and drinks are decently priced and we took half a pizza home for leftovers.”

2.6 Average5 Reviews
Red Lobster 10325 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax Seafood • $$
10325 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“Kaylee was an excellent waitress. . I ordered the Louisiana fish and my wife got the endless shrimp with crab legs and we are both stuffed. I don’t even feel like driving my genesis home…”

3.6 Good98 Reviews
Oh George! Tables and Taphouse 10659C Braddock Rd, Fairfax American • $$
10659C Braddock Rd, Fairfax

“We recently needed a private room on short notice, and OH George’s worked out perfectly. We had about 35 people, kept heavy appetizers and a few meals coming. Drinks were filled immediately. We were very pleased and highly recommend the restaurant for larger gatherings.”

3.6 Good108 Reviews
Laredo Taco Company 4647 West Ox Rd, Fairfax Tex-Mex • $$
4647 West Ox Rd, Fairfax

“In Rio Grande Valley border towns, this South Texas chain is famous for its breakfast tacos with homemade tortillas. For maximum effect, go first thing in the morning when everything is fresh, order at the counter, and ask for your tacos con frijoles, papas (potato), y huevos (3 egg options were w/ chorizo, sausage and “a la Mexicana”). They’ll smear a spoonful of frijoles on the tortilla and then load it up with everything else. I’d also get salsa and pico de gallo, but on the side so it doesn’t get everything soggy. 2 tacos are enough for most people. They’re pretty big. I’d say the ones in the RGV are still on another level, but this is still doubtless the best breakfast tacos in NoVA, and I’m glad to have them when I’m craving something authentic. I was stunned when I realized this staple of my hometown had several locations here. They should probably limit their hours to early afternoon to focus on breakfast / lunch until they grow enough business out here. I think once it catches on, it’ll be yet another DC-area place with long lines.”

3.4 Good26 Reviews
Chuck E. Cheese 9404 Main St, Fairfax Pizza • $$
9404 Main St, Fairfax

“The management and employees are amazing. It is always incredibly clean, especially the games. The food is surprisingly VERY good, the pizza is genuinely better than some of the actual pizza places around here. They are super handicap friendly. I would like to thank the young lady who held the gate open for my cousin in the wheelchair last night.”

3.5 Good51 Reviews
Brio Italian Grille 11776 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax Italian • $$
11776 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax

“3/26/24 @ 8:45PMI brought a friend to dinner in town from Latin America for a late meal. We ordered food TO GO. While waiting, we visited the BAR & met Ameelia + Bobby. Both were gracious, helpful & suggested we visit BRIO for HH since they are new to the location & are trying to bring new regulars to the restaurant & make them feel special. They did just that for me. Keep up the good work Ameelia & Bobby. TO GO order was very quick & the food was delicious.2023Arrived for Happy Hour. Food & Drink was excellent. Service provided by Paul & Sam was marvelous.”

3.6 Good165 Reviews
Iron Chef House 2985 District Ave Suite 145, Fairfax Sushi • $$
2985 District Ave Suite 145, Fairfax

“They have a ton of delicious sushi options, the coconut shrimp tempura appetizer was incredible, and the customer service is on point. Can't ask for anything more, this is my favorite sushi place that I've been to.”

3.5 Good57 Reviews


Hooters 10060 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax Sports Bar • $$
10060 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“The wings are the best. Stopped at the Fairfax Va location for the first time as I was passing thru. The server was very friendly and had a lovely smile. The wings was perfect. So glad I made the stop.”

3.5 Good71 Reviews
Breakers Korean Bar-B-Q 11724 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax Barbeque • $$
11724 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax

“Excellent service! The new owner introduced himself and shared new additions that were coming to the menu. He was wonderful, and so was the food. Will be back in the future!”

3.5 Good137 Reviews
matchbox 2911 District Ave suite 120, Fairfax American • $$
2911 District Ave suite 120, Fairfax

“My husband an I have had two delightful lunches at the Merrifield Matchbox. The atmosphere and food are great, but the highlight of our visit was our server, Lena. Not only was she terrific at her job, her personality was so stellar, she made us feel like we were family. On our first visit, we recommended a movie we had just seen, and when we returned to Matchbox over a month later, she remembered us and had seen the movie! Lena's cheerful, efficient service made all the difference. If you go the Merrifield Matchbox, ask for Lena!”

3.5 Good193 Reviews

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