26 Best Coffee Shops in Fairfax

Compass Coffee Coffee Shops • $
10400 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Maple Cold Brew and Gingerbread Latte
Breakfast Sandwich
Blueberry Muffin
Drip Coffee

“It has been a while since I last visited this location, but I can always rely on their flavorful and robust coffee, which makes it consistently perfect. The excellent service and the place's always well-maintained and tidy make it an ideal location to relax, sip coffee, or watch the surroundings through its window while I enjoy my coffee.“

4.6 Superb130 Reviews
De Clieu Coffee & Sandwiches Cafe • $
10389 Main St B, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Deli Ham or Turkey w Cheese Sandwich
Jack of All Trades Sandwich
Bagel and Cream Cheese
Great Place for Coffee
Honey Charcoal Latte
Veggie One Eyed Jack
Bacon Egg and Cheese
Vanilla Bean Latte
Pumpkin Pie Latte
Eggocado Sandwich

“Quick stop by to grab a coffee for the road. The place was packed! The line moved, and once ordered, the cold brew and regular coffee was served quickly and without fanfare and it was good. We got a blueberry banana muffin as well, and that was fine. The place is large, with lots of small tables, but feels crowded and there isn’t much room to move about. The front door has steps leading up, accessible entrance in the back, but we didn’t see it. The building is from 1895… used to be a post office and mercantile. Parking nearby.“

4.5 Superb107 Reviews
Fairfax Bakery Breakfast • $
11211 Lee Hwy j, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Turkish Breakfast Platter
Banana Nutella Croissant
Turkish ACMA - Croissant
Authentic Gourmet Baklava
Turkish Breakfast Plate
Bagel and Cream Cheese
Gourmet Jumbo Muffin
Coconut Lemon Muffin
Peynirli Poğaça
Dozen Bagel Deal

“I stopped by here a few weeks ago for a coffee and muffin. They were both delicious, but most noteworthy was the service. I was traveling for a nearby vet appointment and had my bird with me, so I couldn't leave him in the car alone. I called and requested curbside delivery, and the staff person kindly provided it. I tried giving her a cash tip, but she refused.Thank you so much for your kindness. It can be stressful making a 4+ hour round trip with a pet, and you made my day brighter and eased some of that stress.“

4.6 Superb74 Reviews
Fairfax Coffee Coffee Shops • $$
11451 Braddock Rd, Fairfax

“I love Fairfax Coffe!! It is my fav place to study, and relax. The staff are so friendly and welcoming. The drinks are great and have good quality! The place and the vibes there are just amazing!! Will always be my favorite atmosphere. Highly recommend this cafe!“

4.8 Superb40 Reviews
Foundation Coffee Coffee Shops • $
9650 Main St #46, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Cappuccino Chocolate Trilogy
Pour over Foundation
Chocolate Croissant
Strawberry Cake
Almond Croissant
Cheese Danish
Mocha Latte
Pizza Pie

“I’ve been checking out local coffee shops because I just wanted something besides my local Starbucks. Heard about this place from a friend. It’s like a hidden gem. I’ve come to this shopping center so many times and never knew it was here. Great, modern and clean space with lots of tables to work. And a delicious latte! New favorite spot.“

4.3 Superb109 Reviews
Gathering Grounds Cafe • $
10637 Braddock Rd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Croissant Sandwich
Coffee and Pastry

“Gathering Grounds has some nice coffee. I would personally recommend their hot coffee drinks, because whatever milk for the latte has a nice steaminess to it, hence the latte. The iced coffees are also pretty good, but I personally prefer the hot coffees more. The chocolate croissant is pretty good, and tastes like it just came out of the oven. I also like the ginger tea from here. If I had a suggestion, however, it would be to offer more options for sandwiches or wraps the way Starbucks does. Maybe some turkey bacon, or chicken.Servers are nice, but I do wish that they had more seating as the place can get easily cramped, but when they are available, I really enjoy the lounge chairs.“

4.3 Superb92 Reviews
Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee Ice Cream Shop • $$
2905 District Ave, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Large Mocha Latte
Hazelnut Latte
Small Gelato

“I've been to this location twice, and both times I had a great experience! Service is fast and great. Ambiance is very casual-- best to go to just pick up a scoop of ice cream, as there are not many seats available! I definitely recommend trying the clementine sorbet-- it was amazing! Super refreshing, juicy, and tangy so great if you're not feeling something too heavy. The sesame ice cream was really unique-- definitely worth trying if you want something new!“

4.3 Superb91 Reviews
Caboose Commons Brewery • $$
2918 Eskridge Rd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Sandwich
Nachos Supremos
French Fries
Fried Pickle
Beer Flight
Buddha Bowl

“This morning, I had to make a super hard decision between awesome smelling coffee and good tasting beer that I had from them in the past. It was my first time in that building... Industrial looking with tons of seating and people vary from working to family and strollers.“

4.3 Superb86 Reviews


TeaDM Bubble Tea • $
9416 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Seasalt Cream
Green Iceland
Lychee Jelly
Coffee Jelly

“Tried the New Orleans Style Coffee Milk Tea and I liked it. It was a unique combination, mixing coffee and milk tea, which offered a refreshing change from the usual boba flavors. I also appreciated their everyday promotion of Buy 4, Get 1 free. They tend to give a bit more ice than other places, so keep that in mind.“

4.3 Superb79 Reviews
Peet's Coffee Coffee Shops • $
11947 Grand Commons Ave, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Fruit Tea Shaker
Whipped Cream
Mocha Frappe

“This is a great coffee shop, but it has one critical flaw - the place is very cold. I'm here in late February, and everyone in the place, including myself, is wearing a coat. I asked one of the employees what the thermostat was set on, and she responded, somewhat rudely, that she didn't know. She then said it was on auto. Not helpful and no pretense of addressing the issue. Still, the coffee is great and the service is excellent. I look forward to returning regularly when spring arrives.“

4.5 Superb47 Reviews
Senberry Bowls Cafe • $
10407 Main St, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Hawaiian Coconut Bowl Left Almond Butter Acai Bowl Right
Awesome Acai
Power Acai

“Refreshing and a great sweet treat while still feeling healthy I ordered the nutty acai and was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. The acai is a nice tart balance to the sweet nutella, and the granola and coconut add great texture to every bite as well. Fresh strawberries and banana top this bowl off to make it delicious! A very sweet woman working up front as well, it felt comfortable in there. I know the price is a bit steep for an acai bowl, however, I can see myself being full after eating this bowl (I got a medium) and I wouldn't go out of my way to buy all these ingredients and toppings to make it myself, so get yourself a treat and support local :)“

4.3 Superb52 Reviews
Paris Baguette Bakery • $
11200 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Raspberry Almond Croissant
Fruit Tart

“Everything was stocked and looked really good and fresh despite it being busy! Staff were very polite and answered questions with ease. We ended up getting a few savory pastries to snack on later in the afternoon: a couple of croissants with different fillings, a crab salad pastry, and a cheese dog bake-- all tasted luxurious <3 I think the best baked goods must have all the flavors showing through and perfect levels of texture, and these did exactly that!Next time we might eat here BEFORE shopping so we aren't looking at groceries while hungry!“

4.2 Good62 Reviews
Cameron's Coffee and Chocolates Coffee & Tea • $
9639 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites


“I came here recently to buy coffee and chocolates for my wife for Valentine's Day. They had some chocolate boxes already wrapped attractively. The quality of both items was very good. This is a great organization that helps people with disabilities an deserves out support.“

4.9 Superb20 Reviews
Fairfax Simply Social Coffee Coffee Shops • $
11282 James Swart Cir, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Avocado Toast with Bacon
Breakfast Sandwich
Pesto Chicken Melt
Belgium Waffles
Cinnamon Roll
Toasted Bagel

“This is, in my opinion, the absolute best coffee shop in Fairfax. It's my favorite coffee shop I have EVER been to actually. The staff are SUPER friendly and the coffee is out of this world. I dont know how they make it, but they have the magic sauce. They give you a little waffle cone cookie with your coffee and it pairs SO well together. No where else does that!! Love, love, love this place. ❤️“

4 Good76 Reviews
Fairfax Deli Deli • $
10721 Main St STE 106, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Thai Green Curry Thursday Special
Fairfax Club Sandwich
Thai Noodle Salad

“This is a cute little deli in the Fairfax Medical Center in Fairfax City. The sandwiches are all pretty delicious with fresh ingredients. They have daily specials including bulgogi on Tuesdays which is a really good deal with a lot of rice Korean slaw and Korean beef sauteed with garlic ( bulgogi). The food is really good here. My favorite is also the Reuben. It is also very delicious and loaded with meat. They don't skimp here. You get fresh deli meat, fresh cheese and service is great. The owner is very nice and friendly. Great place for a quick lunch in Fairfax city!“

4.5 Superb24 Reviews
Duck Donuts Donut Shops • $
10694 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Duck Donuts Made-To-Order Donuts
Half Dozen Glazed Donuts

“Man do I just love duck donuts! I mean twice in 1 week speaks volume lol the donuts served warm melt in your mouth. They have a different flavor for every taste you have in mind. The service is always pleasant even when they have that afternoon rush. If you haven't had a duck donut before I highly recommend. Do a search to your nearest they are all over the dmv.“

4 Good64 Reviews
Boba TomTom Bubble Tea • $
3850 Blenheim Blvd, Fairfax

“This place is a milk tea store with a Jamaican restaurant combined run by two different owner.I never had Jamaican food before, but maybe in the future.The milk tea is really good, i had their classic tomtom milk tea, it has lots of toppings stuffed inside, mango jelly,egg pudding and apple popping boba, also other stuff i don't remember the name.It was amazing, definitely will try again and recommend to other.“

4.2 Good36 Reviews
Tea Mansion | Fair Oaks Mall | Fairfax Coffee & Tea • $
11804U, 11804 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax

“They've got a great quality of service. I've been here multiple times, and they offer complimentary teas at the front of the store. However, if there was a suggestion that I would offer, it would be to maybe change the flavors more often, and use it to promote the newest or seasonal flavors, so people get a taste of how the seasonal flavors will go. However, the employees are really nice and friendly, offering customized suggestions and allowing you to smell the flavors.I had the boba from here once, and it was ok. It felt a bit watered down, and it would be nice if it had some milk and sweetness, but honestly felt like I was drinking boba water. I wouldn't recommend the boba, but this store definitely has a great selection of teas.“

4.1 Good41 Reviews
Ben Gong’s Tea Fairfax Cafe • $
10760 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Mango Pudding Milk Tea Cold Drink 椰芒奶冰
Brulée Boba Milk Tea 波霸奶茶
Osmanthus Boba Milk Tea
Osmanthus Rice Milk Tea
Tiramisu Milk Tea
Taro Cheese Tea
Mochi Milk Tea
Egg Waffle

“I come here at least once a week, I really like how cozy and clean the cafe is. I also really like their drinks, my favorite drinks are the tiramisu boba milk tea and the osmanthus rice milk tea. I notice they have a variety of tea options, and they only use lactose free milk which is nice for people who have lactose intolerant.“

3.9 Good75 Reviews
Sophia's Cafe Breakfast • $
8260 Willow Oaks Corporate Dr, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Egg & Cheese Sandwich
Sausage Patty 2
Veggie Burger

“Food was good, and there seemed to be plenty of options, including Mexican Coke (low FODMAP, by the way!) Service was okay, but I wish the cashier would have offered to help me open that Coke right away; Mexican Coke doesn't use a twist-off cap. Tables were all dirty when I sat down, but a cleaner was aggressively cleaning tables and carpet while I ate, so I guess they were playing catch up. I wish there had been less sweeping directly to my left, right, and front while I was eating lunch, but I guess it all needed to be done.“

4.6 Superb14 Reviews
Kokee Tea Bubble Tea • $
9668 Main St A, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Tonkotsu Ramen
Shrimp Shumai
Korean Ramen
Lychee Jelly
Shoyu Ramen

“Of the 3 Kokee teas in the Fairfax area this one is the best. They are more than happy to customize your drink (more or less sugar, more or less milk, etc) they have a good atmosphere (especially if you like K-pop, lol)They have a decent selection of pastries and food (my kids love the mochi donuts and macarons) but I just come for the tea and cold brew coffee.Top 3: Classic Thai tea (my go-to), Sweet cloud cold brew coffee (when I need a coffee fix), Thirsty Joe (when it's hot and humid outside and i need something fruity and refreshing)“

3.9 Good35 Reviews
Le Pain Quotidien Bakery • $
8296 Glass Alley Unit 120, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Breakfast Sandwich with Salad
Sunny Side Breakfast Bowl
Smoked Salmon Breakfast
Avocado Toast Tartine
Smoked Salmon Tartine
Fresh Fruit Salad

“Nice cafe restaurant in Merrifield. Great service, nice atmosphere. The food was slightly not up to what I've had there in past visits. Almond croissant felt a little stale and dry. The egg and cheese sandwich was not quite as i remember it.“

3.7 Good71 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Shops • $
12957 Fair Lakes Shopping Center, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Iced Lemon Loaf

“This is the only Starbucks I will go to in Northern Virginia and only if Sky is working. She is the BEST barista EVER. She knows how to make a Frappuccino so that it’s the perfect consistency. It’s not too watery, it’s not too icey - it’s just RIGHT. She makes paying for Starbucks worth it because I get to enjoy my full drink. Go here and ask for Sky, you won’t be disappointed :) !!“

3.9 Good29 Reviews
Peet's Coffee Coffee Shops • $
3985 Pickett Road, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Espresso Forte
French Roast

“I have heard of good coffee in this place, it was as expensive as the other coffee chains, but the coffee was pretty good. I found some of the similar popular items the other stores offer. Nothing spectacular about this, but a nice place to visit again.“

3.9 Good25 Reviews
D’Ambrosio Gelato Ice Cream Shop •
Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax

“Don't let the fact that it's a pop up in the middle of the mall fool you. This place has some of the best gelato I've tried. Gave it a shot on a recommendation from a coworker and I've been back twice in a week for it. Nice and creamy, not overbearingly sweet, and incredibly tasty. My sister is a die hard coffee aficionado and can't get anough of their Italian Coffee gelato. I love their affogato with vanilla gelato. Also tried their pistachio gelato and it's made with real grounded pistachios. The service is also incredibly inviting and quick!“

4.3 Superb12 Reviews
Mom & Pop Coffee Shops • $
2909 District Ave, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Breakfast Croissant Sandwich
Latte and Almond Croissant
Dulce de Leche Alfajor
Chocolate Croissant
Breakfast Sandwich
Croissant Almond
Almond Danish
Mocha Latte
Iced Latte

“Mom & Pop is a charming coffee shop and eatery that epitomizes the concept of a community hub. Nestled in the heart of the Mosaic District, this cozy spot offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The establishment is known for its meticulously crafted coffee, sourced from carefully selected beans, providing a superior coffee experience that caters to connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers alike.Beyond coffee, Mom & Pop features an array of delectable homemade treats, light bites, and hearty sandwiches, all prepared with a focus on quality and freshness. The ambiance of the cafe, with its eclectic decor and inviting seating areas, encourages patrons to linger, whether for a leisurely breakfast, a midday escape, or a casual meeting spot with friends and colleagues. The staff at Mom & Pop are noted for their friendliness and attentive service, adding a personal touch that complements the overall experience. With its commitment to quality, community, and comfort, Mom & Pop stands out as a beacon of local charm in Fairfax's vibrant culinary scene.“

3.5 Good85 Reviews
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