14 Best Bubble Tea in Fairfax

Tea Do Fairfax Bubble Tea • $
11075 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp Tempura Onigiri
Tropical Twister
Avocado Smoothie
Fresh Fruit Tea
Mango Pineapple
Lychee Jelly
Tiger Milk

“This is one of my favorite boba places around fairfax.Really love the ambiance and they are open late at night.I have tried thai milk tea, Vietnamese coffee and Cherry blossom drink.Everything was delicious. They have place to hangout and can spend time with friends.They are not just a boba place. They do have food to eat.“

4.5 Superb106 Reviews
YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea 一芳 Bubble Tea • $$
11270 James Swart Cir, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Sugarcane Mountain Tea 白甘蔗青茶
Yakult with Passion Fruit Green Tea
Oolong Tea Latte 鮮奶烏龍
Yifang Fruit Tea L
Brown Sugar Pearl
Mango Pomelo Sago
Jelly Cake

“This establishment is highly regarded; however, its remote location limits my frequent patronage. The reasonably priced beverages are exceptionally palatable, particularly the tea, which is arguably the finest in the area. The ambiance is conducive to relaxation, and the service is commendable.“

4.5 Superb85 Reviews
Pekoe Tea Bar Bubble Tea • $
9717 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

“The flavor is fascinating. And a lot of variety“

4.3 Superb85 Reviews
Boba Knight Bubble Tea • $
10160 Fairfax Blvd #114, Fairfax

“I got the Thai green tea and sugar cane here I love both of them. the Thai green tea is flavorful and rich of green tea remind me when I was in Thailand. The sugarcane is my highlight here! Fresh and tasty highly recommend. Hardly to find sugarcane in this area but if u r in this area just check it out“

4.5 Superb27 Reviews
DONUTCHEW Donut Shops •
11703 Fair Oaks Mall #L-145, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Assortment of Mochi Donuts

“Never been here before. Interior is adorable. Bought a strawberry lemonade with popping boba for me and a banana milk tea for the kiddo. Also some macarons for dessert to tonight and a Cookie Monster donut for the kiddo to have in store. Employee at the register was super sweet and helpful. Stop by and see for yourself!“

4.3 Superb53 Reviews


TeaDM Bubble Tea • $
9416 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Seasalt Cream
Green Iceland
Lychee Jelly
Coffee Jelly

“Tangomango - strawberry and mango smoothie. It was delicious as it's a bit of tangy and fruity to hit the spot for the evening after a dinner. The service was quick and the wait wasn't too long as it got busy by the evening which is understandable. Seems like the spot is making itself seem it's like EDM with a word twist. Young people would come here and get their boba fix. Cool spot though!“

4.2 Good88 Reviews
Boba TomTom Bubble Tea • $
3850 Blenheim Blvd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Peach Tea Full Topping

“I love this place, drinks were good and pretty reasonable price.. my favorite are their peach tea with full toppings, definitely come back for more drinks.BTW they shared location with Jamaican restaurant so the smell of spice could be strong.“

4.2 Good42 Reviews
Vivi Bubble Tea Asian Fusion • $
9974 Main St, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Oreo Creme Brulee Bubble Tea
Oreo Creme Brulee Milk Tea
Tiramisu Milk Tea
Popcorn Chicken
Seaweed Salad
Blue Galaxy

“Really adorable and fun decor! I can only speak for the bubble tea which is great- not the food which I've yet to try. It's a little expensive but the drinks are worth it. My only complaint is that one cashier in this location was rude to me once, made a strange comment, although I think he left. Watch the customer service. Otherwise I'd totally recommend it and go back.“

4.1 Good43 Reviews
Tea Mansion | Fair Oaks Mall | Fairfax Coffee & Tea • $
11804U, 11804 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax

“They've got a great quality of service. I've been here multiple times, and they offer complimentary teas at the front of the store. However, if there was a suggestion that I would offer, it would be to maybe change the flavors more often, and use it to promote the newest or seasonal flavors, so people get a taste of how the seasonal flavors will go. However, the employees are really nice and friendly, offering customized suggestions and allowing you to smell the flavors.I had the boba from here once, and it was ok. It felt a bit watered down, and it would be nice if it had some milk and sweetness, but honestly felt like I was drinking boba water. I wouldn't recommend the boba, but this store definitely has a great selection of teas.“

4 Good44 Reviews
Kokee Tea - Fair Oaks Bubble Tea • $
11750 Fair Oaks Mall g142, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites


“ordered a taro milk tea with honey boba as a recommendation from the cashier and i wasn’t disappointed! it was so good and the service was so quick and fast. the drink took less then a minute to be made. All the workers had a smile on their faces. will be coming back!“

4 Good17 Reviews
Ben Gong’s Tea Fairfax Cafe • $
10760 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Mango Pudding Milk Tea Cold Drink 椰芒奶冰
Brulée Boba Milk Tea 波霸奶茶
Osmanthus Boba Milk Tea
Osmanthus Rice Milk Tea
Tiramisu Milk Tea
Taro Cheese Tea
Mochi Milk Tea
Egg Waffle

“I come here at least once a week, I really like how cozy and clean the cafe is. I also really like their drinks, my favorite drinks are the tiramisu boba milk tea and the osmanthus rice milk tea. I notice they have a variety of tea options, and they only use lactose free milk which is nice for people who have lactose intolerant.“

3.9 Good75 Reviews
Kokee Tea Bubble Tea • $
9668 Main St A, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Tonkotsu Ramen
Shrimp Shumai
Korean Ramen
Lychee Jelly
Shoyu Ramen

“Of the 3 Kokee teas in the Fairfax area this one is the best. They are more than happy to customize your drink (more or less sugar, more or less milk, etc) they have a good atmosphere (especially if you like K-pop, lol)They have a decent selection of pastries and food (my kids love the mochi donuts and macarons) but I just come for the tea and cold brew coffee.Top 3: Classic Thai tea (my go-to), Sweet cloud cold brew coffee (when I need a coffee fix), Thirsty Joe (when it's hot and humid outside and i need something fruity and refreshing)“

3.9 Good41 Reviews
EastWind Vietnamese Restaurant and Noodle House Vietnamese • $
10414 Main St Second Floor, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Combo Vermicelli with Shrimp & Crispy Spring Roll
Vermicelli Bowl with Chicken
Pho with Your Choice
Lemongrass Beef
Lemongrass Tofu
Spring Rolls
Shrimp Toast
Garden Rolls
Pho DAC Biet
Chicken Pho

“Large restaurant with lots of seating in the center of Fairfax City. Short walk from the large shopping center, library, other shopping places and offices. Had the Banh Xeo which was large for an appetizer and tasty, although it could have been more crispy. The Pho was very good. We also had the combination vermicelli bowl, which I liked the shrimp and spring rolls but the grilled pork was a little sweet for my taste. Excellent service and the prices were good (for Fairfax County..). Worth going back to try their other dishes...“

3.8 Good73 Reviews
Amore 99 Taiwanese • $
10780 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax

Customers` Favorites

Braised Pork Rice

“The popcorn chicken was so good, and a big portion too! The beef noodle soup was ok - the broth was flavorful and the beef plentiful, but the noodles themselves were overcooked and mediocre. Would definitely be back though just for the popcorn chicken, and maybe to try other dishes.“

3.6 Good33 Reviews