Acai Bowls near Fairfax, VA

Senberry Bowls Cafe • $
10407 Main St, Fairfax

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Hawaiian Coconut Bowl Left Almond Butter Acai Bowl Right
Awesome Acai
Power Acai

“Excellent!! Delicious, fresh smoothies and an amazing almond croissant. Senberry is comfortable and accessibly spacious. As you walk in, there are two stations to place your order and pay. When the food is ready, they’ll call your name/number. Super healthy, kid friendly, parking nearby. We really enjoyed it.“

4.3 Superb48 Reviews
Playa Bowls Dessert • $
2910 District Ave #168, Fairfax

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Dragonberry Pitaya Bowl
Nutella Acai Bowl

“I have had my initial experience with Playa Bowls during our break, ordering it for the first time. Despite only being a week into this, I have already ordered four times! The ingredients of Playa Bowls are fresh and delicious. This has been such a pleasant treat as you can easily store it in the freezer, and everything still tastes excellent a day later. I even managed to get my husband hooked on it!“

4.2 Good79 Reviews
Dulce Crepes Dessert • $
11217F, Lee Hwy, Fairfax

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Blue Berry Blitz Crepes
Smoked Salmon Crepe
Vegan Sweet Crepes
Western Omelette
Vegan Paninis

“The crepes are delicious. We love that they offer gluten free so it’s worth the 25 minute drive. We make sure to eat lunch beforehand, otherwise you can spend $100 on food there and still be hungry when you leave.We noticed that they are not filled nearly as much if you order ahead vs if you order there.Our favorites are the French toast and the apple with cinnamon.We have always had no issues with finding a place to sit, but there isn’t many tables.Overall, our family loves this little place. Definitely a nice treat. We want to go back and try the gluten free waffles next time!“

3.9 Good95 Reviews
Frutta Bowls Acai Bowls • $
11750 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax

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“Overall, a good experience. I had the Brovacado and a Bubbly soda. I do wish they had forks and knives, but they don’t. The staff was friendly and the service was quick, which makes this a positive experience. I would recommend this spot to anyone and I would come back again the next time I am in the mall. It is not in a food court, so walk through the mall to find it.Vegetarian options: Tell them what you want.Kid-friendliness: Kids like it.Parking: Lots of parking.Wheelchair accessibility: There is a large entrance and a table inside.Dietary restrictions: Tell them what you need.“

3.2 Average31 Reviews
South Block Juice • $
207 Maple Ave E, Vienna

Customers` Favorites

Warrior Bowl & Super Green Smoothie
Magic Dragon Bowl
Golden Bowl
Green Bowl
PBJ Bowl

“Wow! Rylie Dao, my cashier, was exceptional to say the least. I was having trouble making a decision on what to order for my grandmother who has a very selective taste. Rylie was very helpful and assisted me throughout the process, going over every menu option in detail. I will definitely be coming back for more!“

4.5 Superb66 Reviews
Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies Juice •
8324 Old Keene Mill Rd Suite B, Springfield

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Acai Strawnana Berry Bowl
Avocado & Egg Toast

“Employees do not seem to know much about the rewards in app for the robeks app. I had a free small smoothie to redeem. It seems that performance smoothies are not offered in small, super weird.Update: customer service did clarify why a small was not offered. Although I will leave the service at 4 stars, hoping for a better service in store :)“

4.5 Superb22 Reviews
Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies Juice • $$
6661-A Old Dominion Dr, McLean

“Superior to the competition. Visited a Robeks for the first time today. Completely satisfied. My six year old had a strawnanna berry and I had a piña koolada. The medium was enough to split between two little kids. Good selection of other things on the menu, too. Would definitely go back.“

4.5 Superb12 Reviews
Greenheart Juice •
208 Dominion Rd NE, Vienna

“My friend and business partner sent me this place to meet up… at first I thought great I’m going to get dry healthy food and some nasty juice…. I was all wrong… juice and latte is just wow. The waffle is a must because it’s fruity and fluffy. The girl with the glasses also does a great job making people feel welcome. This my favorite juice place now.“

4.2 Good36 Reviews
Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies Juice • $
1063 W Broad St, Falls Church

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Queen of All Greens

“*Edited five days after owner repsonded* - So no i was not speechless!!! i have so many good things to say. The staff tried to up sell me on add-ons based on what i wanted to target! I never tried the turmeric shot but i was sold on it after one of the girls answered ALL of my many questions about it. It felt nice because the employees were working hard and actually seemed happy to be there! They were answering as a group and even each one had some information to tell me about what ever i asked/bother them about. I went twice after i enjoyed the tumeric shot. Once I went alone and it was two young women that served me and answered all my questions. I went again 24 hours later and they had one of the girls and a guy this time. I took a friend with me and she also agrees the employees were nice and informative. I feel like having involved staff is what makes me go here instead of smoothie king.. The only problem is how do you pay these wages to educated people that will involve themselves into your health and diet ideas, as valued employees like this they will go seek further employment instead of a smoothie joint“

4.1 Good23 Reviews
The Falls Barbeque • $$
370 W Broad St, Falls Church

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Bread Basket
French Fries
Street Corn

“The trout and the brisket were delicious, one side, the beets were very nice, broccoli that came with the trout was rather limp and grey, but flavorful, maybe just needed to be blanched prior to grilling. The bread basket had freshly baked, warm, 3 selections, 2 very good, one a bit underdone, a spoon biscuit. Nelson was a knowledgeable server of food and drink. One person had white wine, another a beer on tap, and it was a welcome suprrise that The Falls had two of the premium non-alcohol beers, both Athletic brand, one an IPA. The noise level was just moderate on this weeknight dinner. We will return to this pretty and delicious addition to Falls Church dining.“

4 Good145 Reviews
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