3195 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax
(703) 352-2623

Recent Reviews

George Letscher

I went in for the "Caps Win, 6 McNuggets free with $1 purchase."I ordered a double hamburger and the 6 McNugs. Took out my order to eat at home. Saw the 4 McNugs when I was home to eat.If this store cannot get a two item order correct, what else is not going right in the store???

M Pecoraro

I loved the vintage restaurant. I have not seen that lrestaurant ayout in 30 years. Old school, but kept clean.

Kipp burgoyne

Great management. We'll prepared food.

Gregers Wacher Hansen

Friendly staff. Fast service but not very clean. The bathroom was disgusting. There was no toilet paper and looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for days. Sure hope the employees doesn’t use this bathroom. If they did it would be a health hazard. I have seldom seen such a disgusting and unclean bathroom.

Jarrett Montgomery

No drive-thru location. Service is usually pretty quick, however the fries are not always the freshest. Also they are always out of Dr pepper

Harvey Mellard Jr

Stopped in to get lunch while in the area. Food was delivered to car quickly and was quite delicious when I was able to eat it.

Michael Clark

Great place to pick up some quick food.

Kate Newberg

Very friendly staff and quick service! Love them

Lilian Hu Nguyen

Service is worse than most McD, always feels grimy and dirty here compared to the McD off Pickett.

Joseph Schaefer

I was not there but for some reason Google thinks I was. Big brother is not accurate!

Alberto Borges M.D.

Don't look up the prices on the internet has McDonald's prices have gone up tremendously. For example the $1 cheeseburger is now $1.97... almost double what it cost before. If you want to sale price, you going to buy two sandwiches of any type. I will not eat at McDonald's for the foreseeable future unless things go back to what it was before.

Scott Mills

Very hard to order food when nobody but one manager seemed to speak English. Ordered three chicken sandwiches and four drinks. After filling one diet soda we were told they ran out. No effort was made to refill it or refund for a drink we never received. All three chicken sandwiches had more than double the normal sauce. One was made from multiple smaller patties, mcnuggets maybe? We scraped off must of the sauce so we could eat. Several customers left in frustration while we were eating. I wish there was a zero star option .....

Vera D

Awesome staff! Great fries like always I never have to wait too long. Foods always hot. I always come here

Frank Carbo

Have enjoyed this location for many years now. Definitely had its ups and downs within the past several years. I drop in very often now as it is obvious that all is for the good now. You can see the top notch efforts across the board. Very efficient, courteous, food is top notch and the teamwork is there for you. Must give credit when due, and this location really makes you feel welcomed now.

Jennifer Banzini

Overall I liked the service here. On the good side, I'd notice, there is not crowded, there are always free parking spaces and, in general, not bad service. The only things I don't like is no drive thru option.

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