La Tingeria

626 S Washington St, Falls Church
(571) 378-1593

Recent Reviews

Nura Rumi

The birria tacos were so flavorful and the corn was delicious. Everything was limey and who doesn’t love a little citrus with their food. I love tacos and this place has many options!

Muhammad Sadiq Ismail

Awesome food and service. I confirmed and they provide all halal meat. We got Quesadilla, chef special tingerene beef and beef tacos can be rated as 10/10, 10/10 and 8/10 respectively. Would love to go there again n again. Service is 10/10 and full marks for Mexican atmosphere too.

Md Jasim

Food is either too salty or tangy! Got tacos, Sopes, corn and qasedilla ! Except the qasedila everything was tooo salty! The soup to eat tacos was salty tooo! Good atmosphere tho!

Abe Inouye

Really solid tacos. Very saucy. Loved the lengua. Excellent cheap eats! Only consideration is that because many of the meats share the same birria style base, the flavors profiles are similar. I would work this into rotation with other taco shops so the flavors here are fresh and exciting each time. Added bonus: all the food is halal!

Irving and Martha

Our neighbor surprised us and bought us these Birria tacos from La Tingeria! (Excuse the taco with a bite in it, I couldn't help myself ?). Being Mexican and all, I consider myself very critical of tacos. After having bitten into these, I can say with certainty, I give them 5 stars. The tortillas are prepared in a sauce before being used for the tacos, and the meat, cheese, cilantro, onion, and lime are just delicious. The meat to taco ratio is perfect! I will definitely have to visit in person now!

Israa Ilyas

Loved this restaurant. The Birria tacos are a must! I love that this place is halal, because there's not a lot of good halal taco places.The parking situation is kind of interesting, but honestly, it's not that big of a deal because the food is absolutely worth it.

Mohammed Ali

Great food! Very reasonable prices. I just wish it was a little more clean, especially the bathroom. Besides that, will definitely be returning. Also fully HALAL menu!

Jon Stamos

Torta La Chingona was so good. It has a really good flavor and I love that they added chilaquiles inside of the torta. It's also pretty big and got me full.The food is a little pricey. This location has limited parking so you can go park on the street of the neighborhood right by it. There is also very limited seating so keep that in mind. They serve halal food here.

Laura Romero

La Tingeria has to be my favorite taco spot. The food is always nicely seasoned and fresh. You can taste the dedication the chef puts into preparing the food.This last time I was at the restaurant , I ordered the chicken tinga tostadas which are a 20/10. They are always very flavorful and savory.Cant wait to return for the chicken tinga with cheese tacos!

S Imfeld

I had a goat taco in a chicken taco in the beans with chorizo. The goat taco was to die for the chicken. One was really good. The beans were pretty good. all along delicious all around.The place is pretty small and I didn’t smell like tacos for hours after I left, but it was worth it.

Usman M.

Everything was good and made fresh. Quantity was also reasonable and it was served warm. Tacos and Sopes were really good, however, quesadilla was ok. Would visit again and recommend if you like Mexican food.


La Tingeria is a small, unassuming taco shop in Falls Church, VA. But don't let the size fool you - the food here is some of the best Mexican food in the area.The tacos are the star of the show, and they come in a variety of flavors, including birria, al pastor, and carne asada. The birria tacos are particularly good, and they're made with a flavorful, slow-cooked goat that's been marinated in a special blend of spices.The other dishes at La Tingeria are also excellent. The quesadillas are made with fresh, handmade tortillas, and the elote is topped with a generous amount of cheese, mayo, and cayenne pepper.The service at La Tingeria is friendly and efficient, and the prices are very reasonable. If you're looking for some delicious Mexican food in Falls Church, VA, I highly recommend La Tingeria.

Anitra Lane

Wanted to try birra tacos for the longest and discovered this place on uber eats randomly. Ordered the goat, beef, chicken chorizo and the chips and queso and it came with consume. Absolutely fell in love from the first bite of the goat! I didn't know what to expect especially because I perfer flour tortillas over corn but I knew they were going to be corn. The meat was tender and juicy packed with flavor and the tortillas still had a bit of crunch despite being delivery. Absolutely obsessed and will definitely be in my lunch rotation! Even the presentation of the delivery order was immaculate and the portions leave you full!

Amber Frey

This place is phenomenal! We had the beef and goat birria tacos (and consummé), elote, chicken tinga quesadilla, chicken tinga taco and beef tinga taco and tres leches. Everything we ate was perfect. The food came out hot and there was plenty of meat in each taco. Honestly, the food couldn't be any better! There are 2 tables inside with a bar that seat maybe 3-4 and there are tables outside. The atmosphere, service and food was awesome!! Will be back for sure!!

Ana C.

Really hate to do this because I looooove this place, however today is my bday and all I wanted was food from here. We ordered thru Uber eats and half our order was missing. Got it, it happens but then we tried to call the restaurant per our Uber driver to see if they could send someone else. No one answers the phone, there was no way to try to talk to someone about our order. Needless to say bday dinner and mood ruined. Please update your phone or answer it. I get you all may be busy but I literally just wanted to try to fix this so I could eat your food and instead we had to find something else. Thanks

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