Adventure Brewing Company

33 Perchwood Dr #101, Fredericksburg
(540) 242-8876

Recent Reviews

Robert Leitner

Friendly environment with good variety of good beers!

Jess C.

Excellent staff, perfect atmosphere so you can actually have a conversation, and most importantly- amazing brews!

G M.

Very good beer. More breadth than mossy in the area. Large enough to accommodate a group. Small enough to feel comfy if solo. No food but restaurant next door. Give them a try!

Sarah W.

We've been to Adventure North several times and love it but we tried out the new Adventure at Eagle Village in Fredericksburg today and were very impressed! It's a different feel from the North location but a very cool spot. We loved chatting with Olivia, who was working behind the bar. She was so nice and answered all our questions and let us try many of the beers, which are all delicious. We will definitely be back to both locations!

Charlotte Dorness

I'm giving this 3 stars for the super friendly staff and cool local art for sale on the wall. However the beer was flat and warmish. While they had a variety of styles the flavor was watered down. We will not be going back. Sorry guys I was disappointed.

Lisa A.

Stopped here on a Saturday afternoon on a whim. Nice selection of beer and a full menu for snacks/lighter meals. Located in the previous Blue & Grey brewery (industrial park off of Rt.2) Bar is small and was full when we arrived but there are plenty of high tops and dining seating available. Service was prompt and attentive. Beer was fantastic! Try a flight (served in an awesome carved canoe)...will definitely be back -- looks to be a great spot to hang out and relax.

Michael Lawrence

WOW....JUST WOW....I would give them 15 stars if I could. The food was amazing, the staff amazing and the guests at our wedding could not get enough, even the venue was impressed. We had the pleasure of tasting the food prior and we are so lucky to have had them cater our wedding!!

Brian Hammill

They made me feel so welcome as someone who just dropped in from the road. The beer selection was great and for one who wanted to try but not impair my driving at all, they were glad to serve me a 6 ounce taster of their fabulous Falmouth Pale Ale. The BBQ sandwich from the food truck outside was good. I see that they offered for sale lots of different affordable merchandise including tulip glasses, taster glasses, and bottle openers with their logo. It was a good experience and I really look forward to stopping in again. They are on the north side of Fredericksburg and only a few miles off I-95 along US-1. There is a Liberty gas station right where you turn off US-1. I was in 6 pm traffic so the stop really didn't cost me much time. Thanks for the friendly service and conversation!

Sydney Gruszka

HOLY S*** THIS FOOD IS GOOD! I always try to catch this food truck for lunch or when im out at a brewery! They do AMAZING Catering as well, 10024538740 GOLD STARS!

Edward K.

The Truck was kind enough to visit the Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford, to give the officers the chance to get something a little different from the standard fast food run. If nobody else has posted, Thank You! I think an external truck, one day per week, is a pretty smart idea. Now to the food. You can get their menu off of their website. I was all ready for special tacos (fish, veggie, jerk chicken) and you can always get them as sliders. By the time I went out, the fish ran out. So, a Voodoo Reuben taco was my choice. At $8 for two large tacos, it's not a bad price. There's a sign on the serving window that says, "We don't serve fast food, only good food". With 8 other people ordering, it was about a 10-min wait. No problem. The actual food? This was where I dropped a star (really only half of one). As advertised, had mushrooms, onions, and a drizzle of 1000 island. Tasted good. What I was missing was Swiss cheese and maybe some raw cabbage. (Rye or Pumpernickel tortillas are just a dream of mine) Summary: I'd go to them again. The service was friendly, the menu diverse enough for everyone. Remembering that they're bringing the kitchen to you more than makes up the prices (no single item greater than $10).

Tobias Champagne

Facility was nice, and the service was good, but the beers were not good. They weren't even close in quality to other craft brewers in the area.

Marissa Mittura

Great beer, great atmosphere and wonderful people! Adventure never disappoints!

Emily Nerenberg

My family loves the tacos and seek out where and when they will be serving up their amazing food!!!!

Sharma J.

Nice little place to try out some local brewing. They don't have any food, but there was a food truck right outside of the brewery. I am not sure if the truck stands there always, but the food truck also had an interesting fusion of Asian food.

James Sheridan

Stuffy and confined. This is my first time at the "North" location, which is the only location now. The beer was ok, but I much prefer the original Fred Red and Stonewall Stout recipes.

Nick K

Adventure Brewing is a cool place to chill and try some brews. It's a small space with food trucks, a few arcade games, and both indoor and outdoor seating. They regularly host live music or trivia nights. The staff is very knowledgeable about all of the steps in the brewing process and the different types of beers. Plus, one of the owners is usually around to talk shop. Definitely a great place to stop in and have a pint.


Adventure Brewing is a cool place to chill and try some brews. It's a small space with food trucks, a few arcade games, and both indoor and outdoor seating. They regularly host live music or trivia nights. The staff is very knowledgeable about all of the steps in the brewing process and the different types of beers. Plus, one of the owners is usually around to talk shop. Definitely a great place to stop in and have a pint.

Rob Roy

These folks always seem to have great stouts on tap. Rumor has it that a near gluten free Stout is coming soon! Can't wait! Staff is always wonderful as are the customers I've met.

Lucid Robotocist

These folks always seem to have great stouts on tap. Rumor has it that a near gluten free Stout is coming soon! Can't wait! Staff is always wonderful as are the customers I've met.

keegan Browning

Excellent place! Loved it! A must!


As avid craft beer consumers, we did not really enjoy this brewery. The beer was ok, but not great. The tap room was not inviting and the server barely paid us any attention.

Emily Jones

Great beer and dog friendly at the north location. We had lots of great brews at a reasonable price and the food truck was top notch. The indoor area isn't huge, but we found seating for two plus a big mastiff within about 5-10 minutes. It's one of the few places we can bring our dog and the staff was so kind to our pup - even brought him a bowl of water!

Stan Becker

Sad to see it closing. Decor was not the same. But the service was good.

Shiloh Morse

Rare that I give a full 5 stars, Adventure has earned this by consistently having great and evolving selection. Current Favorite is. Apple Sighter Ale. A rotation of food trucks and events always make each trip a little different. Great people, great Brew.

Josh R

Good establishment, but roach infestation? I walked in the establishment and as soon as I sat down at the tables I found a cockroach lying on its back moving around. If there is one, there are more. Hopefully this is resolved very soon.


Had seen the signs for the brewery and we were struggling to find a relaxed place to have a beer and bingo here it is. The lady behind the bar was helpful the other clientele generally happy and relaxed and yes the beer was excellent! Recommended!

vincent schaefer

Great service personable staff, the beer leaves something to be desired though.

Jay Kay

The business here at adventure south has gotten so bad it's ridiculous. Terrible poured beers, cold food and even worse customer service. I will not return to Adventure Brewery South ever.

Jay B

Great Brewery and great beer. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Expedition IPA and Falmouth APA are favorites. And they regularly have something new to try. Our family has held numerous private events at both Adventure Brewing locations. The staff are very accommodating and the events always turn out great.

Charlie B.

Yes, just yes...if you like beer check this place out. They don't have food onsite but they do have food trucks daily which are amazing. I've also seen children there, they didn't seem out of place at all. This isn't a bar setting but just a chill atmosphere. The beer is delicious! I've been several times and will continue to go back. The staff is knowledgeable and just nice, kind people in general as well as their patrons. Highly recommend Adventure.

Paul Frields

Good craft beer is the real draw at Adventure, with usually close to a dozen brews on tap. The surroundings are typical warehouse and that means it can be a little loud when busy, due to the acoustics. But the people are super friendly and it has a pub quality, with a handmade wood bar. Live music on weekends makes it a fun getaway and the prices aren't outrageous either. A food truck rotation provides fresh cooked grub. Great hangout!

George Waterman

A wide variety of beers offered made at the facility. This is a no frills facility, more like a garage with a brewery and short bar in it. But if you like beer, they have one for you. The Scottish Ale is among the best I've ever had.


First off, I'm a brewery guy. I travel and make it a priority to visit breweries if I have a spare moment.Adventure is nothing special as far as atmosphere. Lots of places are industrial. Lots of places have food trucks. But the brews are fresh and very well done.They have a nice selection and they are not afraid to brew outside the box. They don't limit themselves to the same hoppy styles everyone serves. They had a very tasty Belgian Dubbel when I was there last Saturday. BTW, I just returned from a Belgian brewery tour the prior month--we visited the Trappist monasteries who set the standard for Belgian brews. Adventure had a top quality Dubbel. Stop by.

Ben Ray

Good beer & band but nobody there.


I can’t say that I usually enjoy these warehouse breweries...mainly because the only food is from an overpriced truck. ...but the minute I walked in I felt at home due to the friendly staff and a wheat on tap. I did try a snack from the food truck and it was really tasty except for the small serving and paper tray...but hey that’s not the beer and the beer was well worth taking the exit. I’d return in a second. Great variety of beer...the wheat is a touch bitter but well worth having another. Wonderful staff. T-shirt’s only $15!There is WiFi but it wasn’t working when I tried to use it (no internet connection).

Jenny Ravinskas

Food here is pretty good. Not too many different types of beer, maybe 8-ish. Flavors of the beer were good, but they seemed kind of watery and they weren't very cold, just a little under room temperature. Lastly, it was pretty empty when we went (around 6:30) on a Saturday, but the venue seemed like it was missing something. Maybe it needs more TV's or games, but it felt more like a restaurant than a brewery. As we were leaving a live band was setting up, so maybe things felt more comfortable with the band, not sure.

Arlene D.

These guys are great, funny, and caring. I like the fact that they have different beers to taste. Always have a great time here with my friends

Pamela H.

My boyfriend and I stopped in here to give this place a quick try on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Location of the brewery was a little odd, it was in what seemed to be a large warehouse with not much to it besides a small bar that served snacks but they were a fairly new place when we visited so that could be why. Their beers were decent, I really liked their IPA and my boyfriend really liked some beer they had that was brewed in red wine barrels (I can't remember the name of it). I would give it another try if I was in the area again

Jeffrey Selvek

A very groovy and unique place. The peeps are really friendly and will give you free tasters of their great beer on tap

Kira O.

Such a friendly staff, Justin showed us around and gave a tour. He seemed so thrilled to share his knowledge. We went on Cinco De Mayo and they had a beer infused with jalapeí±os that was just amazing. My husband and I had all 11 beers on tap (2 flights) and he even let me sample a cookie dough with the Elvis beer after I heard someone order it. Great place all around.