Auntie Anne's

345 Spotsylvania Mall Dr, Fredericksburg
(540) 786-1095

Recent Reviews

Bella Griner

Came here, the employees are rude and unprofessional had to wait 30 min just to get pretzel without salt.

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 4

Service: 1

Logan Parrish

Very friendly service and good food. Highly recommend!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Christopher “Remedy” Galloway

Love the cinnamon

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Melissa G.

Always a a great pretzel. It was clean and our pretzels were warm.

Mackenzie E.

Amazing customer service!!! The Two ladies I always see are so sweet and such a delicght to talk to everytime! The food is always warm and fast! Great job!!! -Mackenzie

Keith I.

Disgusting. Standing where the customer stands at the RPOS, it's filthy. Pieces of food, aging grease, butter, salt, the credit card machine barely works and is disgusting to touch. Staff will continue making pretzels while customers wait to be served. If corporate doesn't shut this place down, the health department should.

nalaya sky

To wait 30 min for a pretzel is crazy. Terrible

MC Zutter

Disgusting employee never changed their gloves. I watched her handle money and then handle food.

J E.

I stopped in for a snack after lunch in the nearby food court... I was second in line, behind a lady who was complaining about an order she made online, which the employee had no control over and I listened to the employee's great way of handling it. So, when it was my turn to order, I asked if she was making fresh pretzel bites soon, as I don't want the butter on them and she said she was about to make a batch and it would be several minutes, so I ordered some and went to another store in the meantime.I came back and she was just pulling the pretzel bites and asked if I was vegan, I said no... she asked because she didn't want to cross-contaminate mine with the salt area and the residual butter that might be in there. She definitely offered great service and the pretzel bites were fresh and very tasty - exactly how I like them! I see all the negative reviews, but can say that I had a great experience and will definitely return! I made a joke with her and thanked her for everything too... Take care of your fast food employees - it's an over-looked, thankless job.

The Las

Must be new ownership never had a problem in previous years but this year the owners aren’t accepting coupon from attraction book. Just a heads up to people out there. I get times are tough but the coupon book companies choose if they want to participate & Aunt Annie’s at the mall participated.

Joyce C.

I feel as if I was robbed. I purchased 2 pretzels and we waited to eat them until we got home. The short drive could not be the reason the pretzels were tough, dry, and stale tasting like they were definitely not made that day! I had to to throw them away. Never again!

mommyandthejs Lucero

Pretzels had hardly any cinnamon on them and they were not very warm it was disappointing

Randi Henry

Arrived 40 minutes before they are to close. Told all they have are drinks, on food.

Jon Karl K.

Very low quality. Ordered cinnamon and sugar pretzel bites and they were way too big, more than double the size they should be. Burnt on the bottom and missing the cinnamon and sugar. We paid full price for three of these and they were so screwed up. Never again buying from this place.


My husband and I went by Auntite Anne's at the Spotsylvania Mall as the way to cap off the day with a favorite treat to take home and enjoy while watching a movie. We tried to order 5 pretzels and splurge with a few over the next day on our Anniversary. All that were out were the pretzel pieces. One lady tried to flavor the pieces and when we specified again, an older worker behind her loudly said "Well I'm not making any special ones until those are gone!" We were disappointed and didn't make a scene leaving highly dissatisfied and unsure of returning. We went to a bakery for strawberry shortcake, not so sure about the 5 other people in line who left right behind us after the lady with the gray hair was so loud and rude.

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