Benny Vitali's

722 Caroline St, Fredericksburg
(540) 368-1690

Recent Reviews

David Montanez

This is hands down the best pizza in Virginia. Coming from NYC, this is just like a NY slice. Great price for a great pizza. ???????

The Commish

If you like big, doughy pizza, with very little sauce, then this is your place. Almost every customer was ordering slices, yet they don’t have them ready. Waited 15 min for two plain slices. Hard pass for me.


Bring me the pizza!!!!!BEST PIZZA EVER!!!! One slice fed me and my daughter. We bought a pie and 2 extra slices and and fed 9 people. We were full. Always a great weekend idea with the family. Seating is limited. Always worth the wait, calling ahead is best. Friendly service. Go, go now!!!!! You won't regret it.

Chris Hall

Our first time eating here and me and my wife split a slice of cheese pizza. The slices are big!! It was amazing, probably one of my favorite pizzas now! I can’t wait to come back and try their other offerings.


If you like thin crust and crispy pizza, this is the place to get it. Flavor was on point. Very tasty. Slices are huge!!

Heidi Perichi

I have been here many times as a customer prior to today. The first couple times, it was good. However, tonight and a few times before the pizza was so hard it tasted like cardboard! Barely any cheese and sauce on it, very dry. I really wanted to give the benefit of the doubt this time because of the first couple visit but, the cheese was so hard it was practically not even there! To think they went up on their prices for the pizza to taste bland and boring?! is an understatement! I was so disappointed! It's safe to say that I will never go back again! If I could give no stars I would! If I could get a refund I would! 3 slices wasted (trash)!

Jim Platner

Delicious enormous pizza slices in downtown Fredericksburg. Popular place for a reason!


Pizzeria Cuisine, Without a doubt a five out of 5. New York style thin crust pizza with a bang/pop. Hands down the best pizza establishment what is 100 mile radius of Fredericksburg. Quality size slices at a very affordable price; the full pizza is ridiculously huge. Slices are five bucks and larges vary from 30-40 bucks.Give us experience a five out of 5 not once but twice; 20 times

Car Guy

Does anyone need a pizza that big? The large pizza is a novelty. It's the easy choice for hungry tourists looking for a meal. Not the best or the worst. They sell a lot of pizza and you will see their boxes dumped randomly around the area. They should offer 50 cents back if the customer disposed of the box properly, just sayin.

Hannah Solley

Love Benny's! The pizza is enormous and extremely delicious! It's a very fun atmosphere inside and it's even better to sit at the bar and watch how the mighty pizzas are made! The ovens are massive! It's a lot of fun but good food .. and they have beers there too!

Carbon Copied

Very good pizza! It's the closest to NY you can get. Not your average slice of pizza.

L G Jr Wilson

Biggest and tastiest pizza ever!!!


Great customer service, out of the oven hot pizza, and it is delicious Ny style. There is a wait however for all good things there normally is. Highly recommend..

Steve Roemer

Can't say enough good things about this place. The store is small, but the pizzas are large. You can feed a whole family with just one. You can also buy by the slice if you don't mind eating off of two plates. The prices are great for what you get and the pizza is top notch.

Saeda Stone

So. Delicious. I can't say enough good things about this place. Please try the joe tea it is SO good. The pizza is more on the thin crust side but otherwise everything here is perfect.

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