1287 Carl D. Silver Pkwy, Fredericksburg
(540) 412-1479

Recent Reviews

James T

This place is the best gourmet burger shop in the area. I love eating here.

N.M. Photography

Pretty good food. Not the best burger but thay have several options which is nice. A little on the expensive side, but at,least it's made fresh. Get what you pay for. Chicken sandwich was good, sort of plain. Burger was nice as well.


Very aesthetically pleasing looking place. Nice and modern, big open space. Lots of different options for meats and toppings. I tried the Spanish beef burger. Very good, definitely a better burger than I’ve ever had before.

Rob Hutchins

So delicious! I got the triple slider meal and asked the lady taking my order to make it kamakazi (she chooses the ingredients and I don't know what they are until I eat them). She was dead on with all three and I can't wait to go back and do it again! Love this place.

Brenden Murphy

Burgers were nothing special, but options are plentiful and service was good. The RGB light-up counter was nice to look at and parking was easy.

joanne culpeper

Food was very good and reasonably priced the sweet potato fries were probably some of the best I had ever eaten because they were nice and soft and very flavorful and as insignificant as this may seem the honey mustard I could have drunk from the container it was absolutely amazing I had the Spanish burger and it was very tasty!

Tom M.

Ok, I'm going to start this review with how I start. I start at 3 and I add it subtract as I go through the experience. 3 is a good rating to me. It means come on in, it's worth trying for yourself. So it started with pulling up, yes it is basically in a commercial zone but it had a nice patio for out door seating. + 1/2 star Next the inside. It is really nice. Cool modern environment, fancy TV on the wall where you can post on instagram and tag Burgerim with your pic and it will appear on the wall. + 1/2 star The menu seemed simple enough, was easy to read. + 1/2 star Wow. They have bear and wine. Cool they have chicken wings. One of those fancy Coke fountains to make whatever you want. I wasn't expecting much and it's cool to see they have just beyond burgers + 1/2 star So just on first appearances I have them up to Five Stars. This is where things take a turn for my review. I order a burger for my son and get a combo. I ordered a duo for myself, thinking it was a double burger. My mistake as it is obvious from the picture of two slider sized burgers. I added bacon to my burger and he mumbled something about having it on both. I said just the one, thinking he was asking for my sons. Sigh. I know better now and will be careful in the future to know it is a slider size. Here's my problem. They had the ability to add grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, a ton of extra toppings as they claim there is over 4 million combos. What they don't say is each of these special toppings is $.79 each. -1/2 star. go to 5 Guys and besides the Bacon/ cheese You can add just about anything for no charge I then order the Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce. I ask what do they have to dip it in. He said Ranch. I asked if they had Blue cheese, he sheepishly said no. I said it would be fine - 1/2 star Went go go get coke for my son and water for myself. No lids. Wasn't worried about it. Went to get ketchup. Was out. Managed to squeeze a little bit out. No +/- for this. It was late so I can see them almost being out. There were no lids for the Drink, didn't really need on so ehhh. The wings came and they were breaded and the sauce wasn't fully coated. No ranch (even though I wanted Blue Cheese) they were blah. - 1/2 star Burgers came out and it was then I discovered I got two sliders. It was fine but not what I was expecting, they were just OK. No +/- for this My son had fries and I just wanted a couple. Perhaps I used to five guys where they bury your burgers in fries with a small order. This was just a small amount. Interesting cut as they were like thick potato chips, but no salt and bland. I guess I should be thankful there wasn't a lot of ketchup as I just barely got enough to coat the fries. -1/2 star I then go get annoyed. We are eating our food and I'm just watching. It gets slow and the two workers are just sitting there. I noted previously that there was little ketchup and no lids. A patron came up to these two and asked if they could wipe down a table. It wouldn't take much for them to go when they were not busy and wipe the tables down. To go and restock the lids and check the ketchup. No they just sat there. I was getting ready to leave and was going to get a refill for the road, but no lids. I tried to get someone's attention and I didn't want to be rude so just walked over and checked under the counter. They had kids there so I refilled the holder. - 1/2 star So over all I give this restaurant 2 1/2 so rounded up to a 3. It's OK Burgers are OK Fries are a joke. Why bother making wings. These were sad and unless you are going to try just take them off the menu. If you want a simple burger come. You want to add a bunch of toppings, go to Five Guys.

Michael W.

I've been here a couple of times so far. Had the angus beef burger and the chili garlic wings. Both very good. The burger was probably one of the best I have eaten recently. The fries were also really good, they had some sauce on them that was tasty. I would like to try one of their shakes next time I go, they look delicious.

Gilly Hager

the crispy chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce is great. the customer service is excellent! i had an issue with my online order and the manager corrected it right away and was very apologetic. i will definitely eat here again!

Louis L.

Outstanding value and taste. I like the trio (pick your own 3 meats) which was perfect since I wanted to try different burgers. Love their fries! This is the way burger should be and don't have to pay arm and a leg for it. Clean bathroom and great service! BTW, military members get a big discount! I'm definitely coming back again.

Abby Taylor

really good food and good service! Sebastian took our orders, he was very helpful and an amazing employee, 10/10 would recommend

Elizabeth B.

First time going here and will definitely be back!! Every single staff member we had an interaction with was phenomenal. Toriaynah took our order and was super honest and gave us great recommendations. I got the two veggie sliders as a combo and my boyfriend got the Dry Aged beef burger. Both were really great and I was so pleased with the veggie patties. I had originally come for the Uncut burger, which is plant based, but unfortunately they didn't have it. The veggie patties only come as sliders. It was nice and crispy on the outside and had great flavor. Only thing I can complain about is the amount of caramelized onions but next time I'll order extra! The fries were more like very thick cut chips and were great! Our total was $20 which I thought was a good deal. Next time I'll probably get 3 sliders instead of 2 but they're not a bad size for sliders. The place was clean and the staff made sure we were enjoying our food. Can't wait to come back and try more options!

Irene B.

Burgerim is an oasis in the middle of this Heatwave. Great BBQ wings sweet potato fries! Loved it

Margarita R.

Tasty burgers and a very passionate owner that made a connection with us while sharing his passion to serve community. Best sweet potato fries ever!

StephanieandTra'Montae C.

The customer service was excellent! And the food was great! Great location, easy to find. Very clean and nice eating area. Highly recommend if your looking for a burger spot to sit down and enjoy a good burger and a drink. Yes they have a bar! Check it out!

Ronni A.

Sadly my experience was not good but we plan to try it again. The staff wasn't very nice and the food was not worth the price. My son's shake did not get done until about 10 minutes after we had our food and we had to ask for it twice.

Dawn W.

The lamb burger was over cooked, dry and the bun was soggy from a tomato slice that was rotting. I asked for extra tzatziki sauce and there was less than a teaspoon. The sweet potato fries were burnt

Dinah King

The concept is fun. I had 3 different sliders, all delicious. The fries and sweet potato fries were tasty. You have to pay extra for most toppings, which is annoying, but in the end it was probably cheaper (and better) than 5 Guys.

Manda Kaye

Great food and service. Would definitely recommend. One of my favorite burger places now

Tracey Gray

I really enjoyed the food . The staff was friendly. We will be returning.

Joshua Kendrick

Burgers are decent, albeit overpriced. My order arrived with toppings I requested omitted (and was clearly outlined on my detailed receipt). Moreover the dining area is extremely noisy and headache inducing.

Jen C

Flavorful, juicy burgers! They even have a lettuce wrap option for those of you watching your carbs. Definitely recommend!

Theodore S.

Impressed with the quality of service and most of the ingredients. The bun wasn't much to write home about and the burger patty seemed a bit dense. Excellent cookies and cream milkshake. Also, their onion rings were some of the best I've had. Crispy with large rings. Best part was the batter stuck to the onion through all the bites.

Michelle A.

I work across the street from this place. Service is quick and fast at lunch time. The staff are nice. Now for the burgers and french fries love it. I get the Duo 2 little burgers fries and a drink for 15.21 a little high but the food and service is worth it.

Steve G.

Ok. Decent quality burgers and fries. Price just makes it eh. For that cost go to Five Guys.

Joel- C.

Visited Burgerim with my wife and both ordered the Dry-Aged beef burger. If you like bacon and meat, this burger is the way to go! Amazing flavor and size. The regular fries are delicious and freshly cooked. Their prices are very affordable / competitive and decent size servings. I like the fact they also have healthy options like substituting the buns for a lettuce wrapped burger. In addition, the staff is very friendly and the customer service is phenomenal. Location was cleaned and organized. Will definitely be eating here again.

Sarah D.

First time at this chain and it was a great experience. All of the staff were pleasant, efficient and courteous. Sebastian rang us up, commented on what we ordered and checked on us after we received our food. The women expediting the food was friendly and engaging. The fries were going to be freshly dropped so she advised us it would be another 3min wait but didn't want our burgers getting cold. I really appreciated her telling us and not leaving the burgers under the heat lamp, but giving them to us while they were hot and just waiting on the burgers. Got the dry aged burger and grilled chicken with a fried egg. Both were cooked perfectly, just the right amount of seasoning. Overall I will be back in a heartbeat and be referring this place to others.

Yasin K.

First time getting food from BurgerIm- not disappointed at all. Food is delicious and so fresh. We ordered food to go- I ordered Angus burger with Burgerim fries and my husband ordered lamb burger with onion rings. Loved the food and the guy at the register explained the menu really well. Hands down best burger place in Fredericksburg!

Dori Roberts

As a big fan of a good burger I've been excited to try Burgerim. I was not disappointed. I tried the Angus beef burger. It was good. They use their own house sauce which was good. They also have cajun fries which were good. They serve beer as well as the usual soft drinks and milkshakes. I thought the service was great. You order at the counter and then they bring the food out to your table.

Darrien Ayala

So this is my fourth visit here and I cannot express how incredible my experiences have been. From the service to the food this is THE go to spot after a long day to relax and enjoy some food. Owner has remembered my friends and I EVERY SINGLE TIME. Absolutely fantastic customer service.

Michele K.

BurgerIM was great. Super clean and friendly helpful staff. Menu is simple but many ways to have your burger with several patty options. The flavor was great and we devoured our food. This will be now be apart of our rotation when we're in the mood for a good burger.

George Ferguson

Burgers are great!!! Just don't come here hungry. I come twice and both times it took 30 minutes. They also dont know how to pour beer. I ordered a beer and when I saw her pour it it was 1/3 head then she poured it straight to the point of overflowing to remove the head. Smh

R. Mitchell

Bland burgers, undercooked, milk shakes better at Wawa. My son had to send his burger back and he still didn't eat. He said it's just not good. I was super hungry so I just ate mine anyway. I am paying for that decision now as my stomach is not feeling well. It's a no repeat for me.

Dustin Timmons

“Dry Aged” burger tasted freezer burnt. Service was not great employees seemed under trained and under qualified. May want to look at the leadership you have in place at this location.

Elizabeth C.

I'm a sucker for a good burger and for a moderately priced establishment, it's great! Meat is juciy, tender, and not greasy. You can taste the freshness! And it has a unique history! Apprently, this place started in Israel then came to California to set up headquarters. I learned this from a very sweet employee by the name of Sebastian who literally pulled up a chair, sat down, thourghly and patiently told us this. The employees are sweet and I'm eager to come back and try more menu options!

Denise H.

First time and last time ever to eat here. Pretty pricey for two people. The burgers were so dry and zero flavor. The only flavor was the sauce. I added on avocado and grilled onion and the avocado was paper then slices and I got two which didn't even cover half my burger and the grilled onions were just as bad! THE ONLY good item were the onion rings. Will never return for dry and over priced burgers.

Shannon Young

Food arrived in a timely manner. Burger, fries and onion rings were delicious. Will go back.

Sierra Celesky

Amazing!! I got the Greek burger and it was super good! Definitely reccomend

Edwin Boxley

Loved it great spin on burgers

Michael Simms

Very cool look , I’m 18 and I was blown away . Has a modern style look with tv’s and the customer service and food is amazing . Can’t beat the price , I definitely recommend this place to everyone especially younger people ... LOVE IT