1287 Carl D. Silver Pkwy, Fredericksburg
(540) 412-1479

Recent Reviews

Michelle Lambert

Showing open online, allowed an online order, processed the payment from my account but it is not open. The app they use for online orders refunded my money about a week later. Never spoke with someone directly at burgerim. Previous experiences have been good, the food is great.

Brittany Burns

Matthew and Chad went above and beyond with their customer service. Both were super polite, friendly, and ensured that we were completely satisfied with our meal. The food was delicious and was prepared quickly. I definitely plan to come back soon.

Matt Brostek

Burgers are pretty good, decent selection of different kinds, including lamb and chicken. They have beer and wine available. Fries arent the best, basically dried potatoe slices that are either cheery or soggy. Spacious seating area includes a bar. Most burgers are 8 or 9 bucks, plus 3 bucks for fries and soda.

Brandon Guzman

The service wasnt the greatest. Not rude or anything but the staff seemed to not want to be there. Food took a long time but the burger itself was very good and the manager apologized for the wait so it wasnt a big issue. If they can improve their service then this could be a nice burger spot. I’d give them a second try and hope that was just a busy day.

Scarlett Walker

The food is good, seems fresh. A bit much $ for burgers. Customer service at the time was not good. One employee at the counter, had nothing to say besides what can I get you. After I ordered I saw a sing for happy hour wings. I asked when I went to pick up my food are the wings half off? She acted like she didn't know, mumbled something and walked away. Came back a few minutes later with a receipt & said here's your new total. It was a small difference. At the bottom it said cash tendered -$. I did not get any cash back. Didn't even feel like speaking with her further.

Kelly A.

Awesome place for families or even if you wanted to sit alone! The people are super nice & friendly and the food was GREAT! Very reasonably priced and a very comfortable restaurant. Will definitely be back as soon as possible!

Sherika Davidson

Food was great and service was awesome!!

Kelly Electric Services LLC

Been wanting to stop by and finally did. Went simple and had the angus beef cheeseburger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, & onions with order of fries. Burger had excellent taste cooked perfectly. The little round disc style fries I was digging those as well.

Adam Wingfield

Still undecided. Service is awesome and restaurant is clean and welcoming. Burgers are meh. Want to try again though. I got the duo, 1 beef and 1 lamb. The flavors just seemed off. I waited and had to reheat them. So I'm gonna give another go.

Martha T.

Tried something new. A lot of expense for raw chicken wings, burnt over breaded onion rings and a dry chicken sandwich. The burger was good, but not worth the expense. Two of us the bill came to $36, although they did refund cost of the wings.

AoD Automatik

My fiance and I finally went together so I could finally try this burger joint. I was NOT disappointed! Absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere, friendly staff and amazing food. I can say I finished my burger in record time lol. I felt great after eating my burger unlike many other "burger restaurants". I will definitely be returning to this establishment as much as I can! Thank you DJ and crew for the most awesome experience I've had in a very long time!

mark bogue

Not a great first impression. It started off okay, the counter staff was friendly and helpful, but after that it all went down hill. Our orders were taken at 12:52, a burger, a salmon and a kid's meal. At 1:18 the burger and kids meal

Robbie Hinson

slow service and poor customer service.

J B.

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT COME HERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! We waited 40+ minutes for our food and ended up leaving empty handed. We asked for a refund and they didn't even have time to process that. If you come here, you will leave angry and hungry! If we could have given it zero stars, we would have. Stick with CookOut or Five Guys!

Jessica Rivera

Great food! Great staff! Grilled Chicken. sandwich add pineapple with a side of sweet potato fries!

Logan Jackson

Makayla provided us superior service and the food was absolutely delicious. They cater to all clientele, including VEGANS. They have the impossible burger, the uncut burger, and falafels. The owners are extremely professional and kind. I recommend this place for anyone looking for a local burger eatery that serves delicious food in addition to an extremely clean atmosphere.

Kyle K.

This place is awesome for family style, and the people whom work here are great. Very easy to try everything on the menu.

Matthew Jones

Don't waste your time. There were 2 tables in dining room and no one at counter. People in back chatting it up. Stood there about 5 minutes and no one would even acknowledge me. The few people in here seemed irritated and we're waiting on food. Restaurant was dirty as well. Should be spotless for being so new. I trashed my coupons and will never return

Jonah M

Buns were fresh and good, toppings were tasty as well. Overall burgers we're good I only found one patty to be overcooked or slightly dry. But certainly we'll be going back I like that you can get sliders in a variety.

Melissa Salinas

Great burgers and staff. We are so glad we gave this place a shot, the burgers were juicy and flavorful. The chips/fries are good and the onion rings are delicious. We've already been back and got the wings which are really big and have lots of sauce. Definitely will go back, they have so many flavors to choose from.

Nathan Dally

The employees are almost as good as the burgers, almost. These are juicy burgers with attention to every little detail

Joanne Lynch

Awesome lil burger spot. Big burgers, small, burgers, wings, chicken, salads, milkshakes, beer, wine, what more could you ask for?! Made to order, so not fast food, no burger patties sitting in a warmer all day, it's all made fresh when you order. Does that mean you wait longer? Yes, but it is worth it. The wait is still less than if you went to any sit-down restaurant. Clean and bright inside, and outdoor seating available if you prefer. A must try if you haven't already.

Sarah White

Customer service is FIVE stars. Makayla took my somewhat complicated order. She was very patient, friendly, and helpful! This made my first visit very enjoyable. Everything was correct for my order, nothing missing. The fries are great! Thanks for that recommendation! Burgers are a tad dry, could be a bit more flavorful, and could be cooked longer, but that’s just my taste. I love the customization. I did have to take my order to go, but I’d like to try this place again when I can sit down and enjoy everything freshly served. Just wish they were closer to me! Thank you again Makayla as well as the nice women who got my order ready.

Paul Gregerson

Tons of Burger Options! Tried the Angus Burger. Very tasty!!! Really like the Burgerim Fries. Self serve soda machine with tons of options. Simple, clean decor. Need to come back and try more burgers!!!

Lesly Lopez

Pretty dang good! We received a flyer in the mail for $5 off of a family box so that's what we ordered. The wings were delicious and huge, the burgers were the perfect size, the chips and onion rings were tasty. The price was decent and the customer service phenomenal. I definitely recommend.

Donnie Wells

Been a few times to try the different options. Lamb, turkey, beef, salmon, and even veggie burgers are available and nothing I've tried has been a disappointment. Fries are more like plump chips and very tasty.

Paul Millis

Great burgers, onion rings, fries, and beer. Pretty decently priced (2 full combos and a beer were about $30, tip included). Friendly staff, clean restaurant. Definitely coming back!

Terry M.

First time at this burger joint. The place is really clean but there is some kind of pungent smell that is just overwhelming. The staffer at the register is really well trained and patently answered all our questions. The place seems overly understaffed. Our food came out missing condiments (mayo on the side) and the cashier girl had a line and we were done eating and didn't get our shakes till we were leaving. I feel so bad for the cashier girl. She couldn't be any better at her work. The owner seriously needs to step up.

Dave K.

The hamburgers and fries were very good but the noise level was unbearable and there was only 13 people in the restaurant. I guess the only way to fix this problem is to enclose the ceiling and put up some freestanding walls, also I thought there were too many TVs.

Cee J.

Just tried it for the first time. It's not for me. I got the duo combo (both angus patties) and the best way to describe it is you taste everything separately. The meat tastes bland. Shake Shack & Five Guys are better in my opinion. I probably won't order again.

James T

This place is the best gourmet burger shop in the area. I love eating here.

N.M. Photography

Pretty good food. Not the best burger but thay have several options which is nice. A little on the expensive side, but at,least it's made fresh. Get what you pay for. Chicken sandwich was good, sort of plain. Burger was nice as well.

Kimberly D.

The falafel was on point! My regular beef burger was tasty as well. My daughter devoured her kids meal. Not too terribly priced. Took a few minutes longer than a normal "fast food" place but nothing terrible and to be expected since they're offering higher quality. Looked very clean as well.


Very aesthetically pleasing looking place. Nice and modern, big open space. Lots of different options for meats and toppings. I tried the Spanish beef burger. Very good, definitely a better burger than I’ve ever had before.

Rob Hutchins

So delicious! I got the triple slider meal and asked the lady taking my order to make it kamakazi (she chooses the ingredients and I don't know what they are until I eat them). She was dead on with all three and I can't wait to go back and do it again! Love this place.

Chris A.

The most logically priced wings I've come across here in Fredericksburg since moving down from Pittsburgh.

Brenden Murphy

Burgers were nothing special, but options are plentiful and service was good. The RGB light-up counter was nice to look at and parking was easy.

joanne culpeper

Food was very good and reasonably priced the sweet potato fries were probably some of the best I had ever eaten because they were nice and soft and very flavorful and as insignificant as this may seem the honey mustard I could have drunk from the container it was absolutely amazing I had the Spanish burger and it was very tasty!

Tom M.

Ok, I'm going to start this review with how I start. I start at 3 and I add it subtract as I go through the experience. 3 is a good rating to me. It means come on in, it's worth trying for yourself. So it started with pulling up, yes it is basically in a commercial zone but it had a nice patio for out door seating. + 1/2 star Next the inside. It is really nice. Cool modern environment, fancy TV on the wall where you can post on instagram and tag Burgerim with your pic and it will appear on the wall. + 1/2 star The menu seemed simple enough, was easy to read. + 1/2 star Wow. They have bear and wine. Cool they have chicken wings. One of those fancy Coke fountains to make whatever you want. I wasn't expecting much and it's cool to see they have just beyond burgers + 1/2 star So just on first appearances I have them up to Five Stars. This is where things take a turn for my review. I order a burger for my son and get a combo. I ordered a duo for myself, thinking it was a double burger. My mistake as it is obvious from the picture of two slider sized burgers. I added bacon to my burger and he mumbled something about having it on both. I said just the one, thinking he was asking for my sons. Sigh. I know better now and will be careful in the future to know it is a slider size. Here's my problem. They had the ability to add grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, a ton of extra toppings as they claim there is over 4 million combos. What they don't say is each of these special toppings is $.79 each. -1/2 star. go to 5 Guys and besides the Bacon/ cheese You can add just about anything for no charge I then order the Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce. I ask what do they have to dip it in. He said Ranch. I asked if they had Blue cheese, he sheepishly said no. I said it would be fine - 1/2 star Went go go get coke for my son and water for myself. No lids. Wasn't worried about it. Went to get ketchup. Was out. Managed to squeeze a little bit out. No +/- for this. It was late so I can see them almost being out. There were no lids for the Drink, didn't really need on so ehhh. The wings came and they were breaded and the sauce wasn't fully coated. No ranch (even though I wanted Blue Cheese) they were blah. - 1/2 star Burgers came out and it was then I discovered I got two sliders. It was fine but not what I was expecting, they were just OK. No +/- for this My son had fries and I just wanted a couple. Perhaps I used to five guys where they bury your burgers in fries with a small order. This was just a small amount. Interesting cut as they were like thick potato chips, but no salt and bland. I guess I should be thankful there wasn't a lot of ketchup as I just barely got enough to coat the fries. -1/2 star I then go get annoyed. We are eating our food and I'm just watching. It gets slow and the two workers are just sitting there. I noted previously that there was little ketchup and no lids. A patron came up to these two and asked if they could wipe down a table. It wouldn't take much for them to go when they were not busy and wipe the tables down. To go and restock the lids and check the ketchup. No they just sat there. I was getting ready to leave and was going to get a refill for the road, but no lids. I tried to get someone's attention and I didn't want to be rude so just walked over and checked under the counter. They had kids there so I refilled the holder. - 1/2 star So over all I give this restaurant 2 1/2 so rounded up to a 3. It's OK Burgers are OK Fries are a joke. Why bother making wings. These were sad and unless you are going to try just take them off the menu. If you want a simple burger come. You want to add a bunch of toppings, go to Five Guys.

Michael W.

I've been here a couple of times so far. Had the angus beef burger and the chili garlic wings. Both very good. The burger was probably one of the best I have eaten recently. The fries were also really good, they had some sauce on them that was tasty. I would like to try one of their shakes next time I go, they look delicious.