3901 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg
(540) 785-2118

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Drive thru service was good I'm just upset there were no sweet potato fries because it's the only thing I wanted and I checked the menu online to make sure it was something you would have so it was very disappointing

Terry Davis

They make some of the best burgers in fast food. Love their fries. Service is fast and friendly.

Andrew James Stringer

This place is fantastic! The food is delicious. The staff is ultra friendly! I definitely will recommend this restaurant to friends and family! The manager there is a true leader, and has really good energy! Perfect person to have in charge of a store! It really shows as well! The food turned out great! Burgers are fresh, the fries have the perfect crisp, mozzarella sticks had the perfect amount of crunch, and the milk shake was excellent. If you haven't been to this Checkers, I recommend you give it a shot!

Priscilla Savary

Their fries are amazing. Crisp, hot, and tasty. Burger was great. The chicken sandwich w just pickles was unexpected. Should have read the menu better I guess.

Peyton McDowney

Wings was cold and they forgot my pies that I paid for. Kept calling store nobody would answer. Didn’t think I’d have to check the bag for such a simple order. Next time from here on out I’ll hold the line up making sure my order is right before leaving.

Safina K.

"It was good for days" says my driver. We detoured just for checkers and it delivered. Also can yourself an air fryer for your leftovers.

Becky Mcdaniel

I ordered through app, followed signs for which lane to get into for pickup and waited 10 minutes and not a single person came to the window for assistance.I had to park and go up walk up window to get my order.They couldn't find our order for another 5 biggie though.The loaded fries were squashed seeping out of the crushed box but the rest of the food was great.That being said, the gentleman that helped us was very kind and polite.When we were leaving I asked another customer how she was getting her pickup and I explained my issue. She informed me our Checkers doesn't do the drive up pickup even though the sign states to pull into the appropriate lane to get it. She said we have to park and go to window or go through regular lane and let them know we're here to get order.My question is. In the 10 minutes I sat in front of the drive thru window why didn't one single employee come to the window to explain anything to me or assist me in any way. Instead they just looked at me and turned away afew times.

Chris Ricard

Mozzarella sticks were crunchy and juicy on the inside. The chicken sandwiches were perfectly cooked. No issues at all

Tamela Dickerson

As always food was great! Always order the funnel cake fries! They are always delicious, and as always they are gone before I get home ?

Amber Gallahan

I like the new non beef items. My husband has a red meat allergy and I always feel bad for him because places don't put much effort into chicken options. Checkers does and they're good.

Robert Frame

Great selection and prompt service. Definitely a spot to visit if you're looking for a quick bite to eat that's out of the norm.I Love the Bee that sits on the Sunflower.

Theodore Taylor Jr (Teddy)

Checkers is a good selection for good fast food. Checkers is always a "must visit" whenever I'm in Fredericksburg. Good selections, great prices! ?

O Johnson

I love the chili dogs and my wife enjoys the BBQ wings. I don't care much for the fries because they have a sweet taste. Polite workers and quick service.

Candace Jenkins

Staff always friendly here. Food always fresh. Miss Rally's but this place still just as good!

Christine Miller-Austin

Went to this location and was turned away because we had cash and they didn’t have change?? Who doesn’t have change during lunch rush??

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