Malawi's Pizza Spotsylvania Towne Centre

1 Towne Centre Blvd #2400, Fredericksburg
(540) 479-3152

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David Montanez

This spot is great!! Being vegan, there's not too many pizza choices besides a store bought one. They offer a dairy free cheese and it was delicious, I had the veggie pizza. My wife, mom inlaw and sis inlaw had the other pizzas, they gave it a 20 out of 10. We will be back!! ???

Dan Marcinkevicius

I ordered the meat lovers pizza and was very happy. The crust was just crisp enough and had I good flavor that went well with the meats. Was happy to hear that they donate money/food to Africa for every meal purchased. Very clean.

Carla P

VERY good pizza, was really tasty, thin, fire oven crust which was super yummy too.HOWEVER, it's not a lot. EXCELLENT for an appetizer, snack, quick bite while shopping. one pizza feeds 1.5 people, unless 1 person is really hungry.Really yummy, I'll go back, just not when I'm starving!

Lisa Goodman

Food was great as always. But service to get food took a bit. But I'm still coming back.

Angela Hendricks Art

The thematic interior design of this restaurant was thoughtful and pleasant. The pizza and salad were delicious and the wait time was short.

Victor Youk

Pizza is a bit smaller than what you may be used to, but it's far tastier than any other chain. I'd say it's worth the money.Also very clean inside.

satchel page

Probably my favorite pizza restaurant. Pepperoni and Basil was amazing. The owners are great people, very attentive.

Leon Busch

Fantastic pizza, great clean atmosphere. A place with a purpose & supports a great cause.

Musical Fairy

Sarah was our waitress and she was so sweet and made sure everything was great! We will always ask for her when we go back again!UPDATE: She was terminated because (mormons)they don't mean to hire and employ Catholics and they needed an excuse to fire her.Wow. 5 stars to no stars. Real community "builders".

Kevin Sledz

Bummer... been here maybe 6 times in the past and once during Covid era. All previous times were very good with excellent pizza! Unfortunately this time we definitely noticed a considerable decline in the pizza ingredient quality, cheaper cheese, no legit fresh mozzarella on the Margherita pizza, lesser tomato quality, smaller artichokes. Could be a sign of Covid supply issues and less business but usually when you see a restaurant switch to cheaper ingredients it's a sign they are struggling and may not be around much longer :(

Jackson Oswalt

We were craving pizza, and wanted good crispy Brickoven pizza, having never been to Malawi's we figured we'd try it once. Never again will we eat here. The pictures on there web page shows crispy pizza, and what we got was very chewy and limp to say the least. It also took 25 mins to receive our order. And we had to ask for plates and utensils! I walked to the counter and explained to a staff member that this is our first time here and enquired about the dough being chewy and not crisp. She assured me that it wasn't in fact supposed to be chewy. I asked her to please step to the table and showed her the pizza that was very flimsy and limp. She told my wife that it wasnt supposed crispy and if they baked it any longer it would have burnt. We left feeling very confused and underwhelmed. An over all disappointing experience.

Lydia Jared

It was a very welcoming place and the food was great it is really hot in the building though on account of the brick oven they use to. Cook the pizzas

Sheronda D.

As a vegan, really good pizza options are limited in fredericksburg. Well, Malawi has changed that by offering an amazing veggie pizza with vegan cheese. Fresh, well made, awesome pizza. Curious about the name, I did a bit of research. Malawi is a social conscious restaurant with a purpose. Malawi Pizza gives one meal to orphans in Malawi, Africa, for every meal purchased. Malawi, one of the least developed countries worldwide, has a population with approximately 50 percent below the poverty line and many adults are affected with HIV and AIDS leaving many starving orphans. I am a forever customer. Thank you fir your services.


Pizza with a purpose; every pizza donates a meal to a hungry child in Malawi. The pizza is delicious, both the savory and dessert! Once you order, just head to a table, and a server brings it to you. The wait was a little long, but it was worth it. The crust is crunchy, the opinions varied, and the atmosphere reminded me of a food court at the zoo (African themed). Restaurant isn't far from the interstate, and it is located in a large mall for additional shopping.


Not good. Very thin, crispy crust. Pricey for what you get l like the idea of giving back, but can’t justify the price for the quality of the product. I expect they will have a hard time staying open.

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Malawi's Pizza Spotsylvania Towne Centre

1 Towne Centre Blvd #2400, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
(540) 479-3152