Smitty's Better Burger

1313 N King St, Hampton
(757) 723-0661

Recent Reviews

Debra Wilkes

Enjoy coming here for a great burger. Only had one bad experience when we were not waited on so we left, but my recent experience more than made up for that. The food was great and the service was prompt and excellent. Will return if in the mood for a great burger and waffle fries. I took food to go but you can eat in the car.Food: 4/5

Jinelle “Tempest” Reynolds

It was our first time here. Really affordable compared to the quality and other restaurants nearby.Our car server Stephanie was super nice and really informative. She helped us navigate the menu really well.The food was amazing, and came out quick. Everyone enjoyed it and all of my kiddos completely finished their meals.

Ben Kline

Ordered the lunch special aka Better Burger, Fries and a Coke. Burger was a high 7 out of 10. Fries were crinkle cut and plenty for a portion, they were not salted and did not come with ketchup., 9 of 10, cooked perfectly! Definite iconic lunch and dinner drive up. Glad we checked it out and will be back again! Well Done Smitty's !

Terry Blankenship

One great place, good food!

tina thain

Typically the food here is really good and at a great price. Order the better burger and the fish. The bun was bigger than the piece of meat which was kinda dry. Hardly any condiments on it when everything was asked for. The fish was deep fried a bit too long was with the extra tarter sauce was able to eat it.

Camille Franklin

I recently went to Smitty’s for my dinner and I really had a taste for some fried chicken and not kfc or Popeyes. So I decided to drive to Smittys. I waited 30 mins for my food, which wasn’t a big deal because I just knew it was going to be so good. Boy was I disappointed when I opened my box. First, they didn’t have any hot sauce. That wasn’t a big deal because I actually thought the taste was going to be so good, I wouldn’t need any sauce. Second, the chicken looked like it was dipped 3 or 4 times in a batter that I would use to fry a soft shell crab. I overlooked that because I hoped that didn’t mean it wasn’t going to be delicious. The chicken was terrible. It taste like it was cooked 2 days ago and then refried in the same grease from last weekend. The fries were just as nasty. I didn’t even finish my food. The best thing about my entire meal, was the sprite and the ketchup. I thought about ordering a burger instead because those are usually on point but at that point, I had a nasty taste in my mouth, literally. I ended up going to Wendy’s. Smittys please do better. You are really slacking.

David McNichol

Hampton Staple. Great food and service. Looking back at that cross section after your first bite is all the confirmation you need that you came to the right spot.

Barry Judkins

Best quick inexpensive lunch ever! Nostalgic too!??? Old-fashioned Drive Inn.Make sure you check out the "Twirly-Dog"!! Goes well with tater tots!I hear the fried Chicken is great; coming back to find out! "They" said to call ahead, takes 20 minutes to cook.Just a minute off Mercury Blvd on N King St.?????

Christopher C.

They used to be a go to spot for some good old fashioned greasy spoon/ hole in the wall cooking. But since their most recent fire and reopening, they fell from grace. Burgers are crap, waffle fries are worse grease sponges then before and that has been the case more than once. Shame, I love the old Americana type restaurants that are still open. And I love to support them, this place just ain't worth it to me anymore.

John B.

We arrived before the place closed and were told they closed earlier than advertised on Sundays. Why have a time posted if you do not honor it? Won't be coming back here.

Erick Kiggen

Katie was awesome and prices are good.

Danan F.

Banging food and good! Old school all the way! Burger was excellent loved the onion rings and corn dogs! Service was fast! Looks sketch on the outside, don't hesitate and just park and eat!!!! I am not a huge fan of the fries but my boys love them, so that's all that matters!!

Michael H

I enjoyed eating at Smitty's years ago, and on a recent trip to Hampton I ate there twice and Smitty's is as delicious as ever. I enjoyed a burger and tots one meal and a twirly dog and a hot sausage the next time. Both meals were delicious.

Mary Tibbs

Can always count on the consistency of this locals favorite. The Better Burger lunch combo is a favorite. The onion rings always hit the spot. Everyone says try the Fried Chicken and you won't be disappointed, though I have yet to. We always enjoy on a nice day to have the windows down, eat homemade food in a outdoor family atmosphere. Only wish I could count on the delicious Apple Sticks dessert, but it seems to always be absent from the menu these days.

P D.

Their food is out of this world. Everything is cooked while you wait. The staff is very friendly and attentive. Best fried chicken in the area!

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