Jimmy John's

9018 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond
(804) 672-8080

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Maryann & William Nuckolls

2nd time Jimmy Johns on Staples Mill messed up on our subs. Both had wrong ingredients. For $39 dollars I expected them to be correct and the "freaky fast" delivery did not happen. That is a l of money and I guess it is time to go back to Jersey Mikes. They don't mess up and you can get free delivery if you belong to Door Dash or Grub Hub. Major Fail Jimmy John's, expensive major fail

jeannie S

The bread was hard. First time I tried this place. Was disappointed in the topping choicesFood: 3/5

jeannie snyder

The bread was hard. First time I tried this place. Was disappointed in the topping choicesFood: 3/5

Jack F.

Completely awful! Didn't give me my proper order. When I said it 3 times. Very poor management. I'm very disappointed citizen:(

Meghan McClure

I usually don't have any issues with my food orders when I order from the Staples Mill location. Today, my unwhich was a hot mess and wrong. I tried calling the location number provided by Google roughly 12x before I got frustrated and drove to the location. I will admit I was not the most pleasant customer, but the team WAS pleasant, light-hearted, quick, and refunded my delivery charge. While I waited, I also called the Google phone number I had tried 12x and it never rang in the store, meaning they didn't know I had called so many times. Rarely do angry customers leave happy, but I did!

Laura Schumm

Preordered 16 sandwiches for employees for a training day lunch. All orders were different so everyone's name was provided. 75% of the sandwiches had multiple names written/scratched and incorrect numbers written on the paper. We're coworkers, not family, and figuring out what things were without touching the food was pretty much impossible. We spent around $150 and this is just stupid and unacceptable. Just get a new piece of paper and write the correct info.

Melinda Coles

I love this Jimmy John's. The folks here are friendly and most of them know my name. The toppings are always fresh and reasonably priced versus some other sub places. My order has always been made correctly and freakishly fast.

norm gallaher

Great freindly staff, food wonderful store clean

Bright Eyes

Found a little worm in my sub when I got home. I called the store and they said they would look at what they have at the store and "pick it out." I suggested they determine if they need to throw away their lettuce or wherever the worm may have come from. Not sure what they did, but I definitely lost my appetite.

olskool freewheela

I love ♥️ Jimmy John's tuna sandwiches ?!

Scott H

The #13 sub it was all bread and didn't taste all that great. People were courteous and friendly, but the food not that great.

balmore tovar

excellent customer service and very delicious sandwich

Keith Robinson

I cant believe we was waiting for 1 hour for our order for the manager to call and said it may take another hour to get our food. Im so livid right now never again!!!!!

April W.

Sandwich barely had any turkey on it. I ordered a cherry coke but what I got tasted like a flat watered down diet coke. They did not notify me when my order was delivered so not sure how long it was sitting in the lobby before I went looking for it. May have been freaky fast but was freaky horrible.

Gary Mancision

Always fresh, Always fast, always good!

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