Ratee | Thai Restaurant

9047 W Broad St, Henrico
(804) 967-2133

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Betty Silver

The food was very expensive for the small portion they give and taste was just okay at best depending on the dish. Some dish are not that great. On top of the small portion, hardly any meat and vegetables in the meal itself. It was disappointing for all of us that went there. Only thing was the lady in the front was nice. That's about it.

Buu Trinh

This is my first time going to Ratee and I'm glad I did. The restaurant was clean and quiet. The lady server was friendly and polite. There wasn't a lot of customers when I arrived so I didn't have to wait long to get my food. I ordered a beef Pad See Ew and Thai Tea. The portion of Pad See Ew was enough to fill me, Thai Tea was good and wasn't too sweet. The price is reasonable. I will definitely be back.

SLASH wisdom

This was my first time here and I was blown away by the food and how friendly are server was. Thia tea is a must, I got coconut soup and pad sew. And I will return again

Christian Hennelly

Excellent! The Pad Kee Mow was delicious and the prices and quality are superior to the MANY other Thai restaurants in the West End. Definitely get a side of the peanut sauce too.

Judy Ritchie

Smallest portions of all the surrounding Thai restaurants. Top Ten, Elephant, Dinner Too, and favorite Thai Flavor who has much tastier food with better portions. If you order take out, you will see exactly what I am saying. Please review your self so others don't feel as ripped off as we do.

Daniel Killian

Lol. Fiancee and I just laughed at the portions. Out of both Thai Dinners, Elephant, Ten, Crazy and my favorite Thai Flavor, this had smallest portions and taste like normal thai. Nothing special. I think they charge for the ambiance of the actual restaurant, not thier takeout. I can see why others say they felt ripped off. If they want to save money they need to use smaller tuppers. Lol. Photos are on yelp so you can see for yourself.

Lin Brann

There are quite a few Thai restaurants in the Short Pump area, Ratee has the best flavor and spiciness. Not too many people knows about this place. The interior is a little outdated but it is roomy, clean, and quiet. My favorite dish is Khua Gling with Ground Pork (very hot). It is diced green beans cooked with ground chicken or ground pork. This dish is so tasty, perfect with white rice. Basil Chicken had a really good flavor, but the chicken was not as tender as how I liked. I also ordered the Basil Pork with mix vegetables instead of the white onion, it had way too much cabbage. Drunken Noodle was as good as always. Make sure you try the Chicken Puff and Chicken Satay for appetizers. Curry chicken, potato and onion filled in flaky pastry, it was delicious. My only complaint is the portion. However, the portion appear to be small at most of the Thai restaurants. If you are craving for Thai and love spicy food, you should give Ratee a try. The waitress is very bright, good at what she does.

Tania Andrews

First visit to Ratee and everything we tried was delicious. We had the Drunken Noodles, Cream Cheese Wontons, and the Spicy Basil Fried Rice. We will definitely be eating here again.

Bonita Scott

This is the best Thai restaurant that I've ever visited. The good is great and so is the service.

Carla M.

Very small portions. I felt as I was ripped of as I even asked for extra beef. The meal was ok but boring to eat as it was filled with onions and I had to request mushrooms. Without the mushrooms I would have had a small portion of beef and onions and the sauce was even skimpy

Areal F.

I am a huge fan of Thai food and I must say I'm very picky. But this place has managed to get it right. I started with the red curry which is my favorite dish and it did not disappoint. I haven't been to this restaurant several times as I just moved and it is the closest Thai restaurant to my house. Due to this fact I can honestly say I will be a regular this place is quiet it's low-key and very personal

Lillian Lewis

This place is the real deal! I’ve asked for Thai hot dishes and Ratee is the only place you can get real spice. The food is very high quality ingredients, fresh, and delicious! Our family shared the yellow curry, red curry and I ate the Kia Gling with pork. This is the most authentic southern Thai dish I have eaten in many years. SOOOO good!

Hongphet C.

Portions were large, but the food itself was overwhelming. I couldn't fully appreciate the taste of the food, but instead mostly tasted sauce. It's definitely not authentic Thai food either. The server was nice though.


My food was excellent but my wife's was unacceptable so the average rating. I chose Roasted Duck Curry (Red) with peppers and pineapple ordered medium which it really was. The Thai Iced tea was excellent. My wife ordered the ginger salad which was all iceburg lettuce with some cucumber and carrot, no romaine lettuce, and the ginger dressing had no flavor. Did the chef forget something? Several pluses. We ordered one custard with sticky rice and the waitress was attentive enough to bring two plates and silverware without being asked. There is no music so it was easy for conversations. Finally, the prices are the most reasonable in Richmond. I would return but I'm not sure she will.

Chris Campbell

We didn't have an entree, but had tom ka guy soup. The broth was nice and rich, but the mushrooms were a bit off for my taste. The shared papaya salad was delicious and the shared summer rolls were pleasant, with maybe more lettuce than other fillings, but overall, nice and filling. Definitely somewhere I'll want to go again.

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