Sal's NY Pizza

613 Pilot House Dr, Newport News
(757) 926-4800

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Sabella Marrie Lerma

Ordered dinner for my family only to be severely disappointed. My husband bit into manicotti and was stabbed in the mouth by a STAPLE!! It was cooked into the meal. We called the restaurant and they blamed the manufacturing company. We received NO apology and they were very rude. He told my husband that they were not responsible as they do not make the food. They simply order it and heat it up. I could not believe their response. For your safety If you choose to eat here, I would EXAMINE your food thoroughly.

Crystal Wojciechowski

I never received my order after it was confirmed and waited for over two hours. When I tried to check on its status, after waiting for two hours, no one would answer the phone - they would answer and then hang up immediately. If a store cannot handle its orders, at the very least they should answer the phone to provide an explanation. Will not be ordering from Sal’s ever again.

Charlene Perkins

Placed delivery order. Order incorrect. Had to drive to location for correct order. Offered no discount. I should have asked for tip. I ended up wasting gas after paying a delivery charge! Will not be ordering again. Cashier at least offered apology. Gotta remember to check my food before paying delivery driver and tipping. However it wasn't the driver fault.

Kavita Patel

I have been going there for long time and love the food.. will be coming more often.!!

lon lon

Didn't take long to receive my food it was hot and delicious

sheree curry

The sent burnt cold pizza through door dash. The whole pizza was this way.

Beth Cover

Cashier amazing. Owner, awful! The online ordering screwed up our order and he wouldn't fix it even when we were willing to pay. We ordered there once and will NEVER go back. Terrible customer service.

Ronald Curry

Always fresh and hot. Love the ny style crust. Just delicious.

Grishma Patel

I loved the Garlic Twists very good food quality for good price. We will definitely ordering again.


Ordered pizza last minute for my coworkers. The pizza was ready at the time promised, and was hot and delicious.

Guy Hall

I ordered a meat lovers pie last night and man good stuff, I'm from staten Island and I was feeling alil homesick and was craving some ny pizza and they came thru big time and they delivered pretty fast being it was a Friday. Thanks Sal's I'll definitely order from y'all again for sure!!!

renee g.

Absolutely horrible customer service I had to order from 3 different places just to get my pizza and they were unbelievably rude DONT ever go here you will regret it

Kyle Martin

Disappointing. Pizza is very average at best. Wouldn't consider going back. Harris teeter makes fresh ones that will blow this place out of the water for half the price.

anonymous user

My husband called and placed an order yesterday, was told our order would be delivered in roughly 40-50 minutes. Gave all my information, told them our location, name, etc. Nearly 30 minutes passes, and he is suddenly getting a phone call from the delivery driver asking for our address, to which he gave once again and asked if they knew where it was. They said yes, and hung up. Another 10 minutes goes by, and they call him again and are asking him to spell the street name after telling him previously they knew where we were. He provided the information once again, they hung up. Another 10 minutes goes by, (food should already be here at this point), and the driver is once again asking for our address. He said do you need me to give you directions? To which they replied no, and hung up.. Not even 5 minutes later, the owner calls and tells him they can’t deliver it to me that it’s too far and requests him to come get it instead. Mind you, we both understand some places are far, and they told him at that point that there was a 5 mile radius which we are out of by about a mile, maybe two. However, to continuously call me with no mention of this while our whole family is waiting on dinner is EXTREMELY unacceptable and unprofessional. Then they canceled the order, to which I decided to have my husband call back, and place it, on the basis they were to give us a discount for the multiple inconveniences they caused us. I get there and the guy on the cash register, guessing he was the owner.. tries to give me a hard time..telling me he doesn’t know of an order until I explained the entire situation, then hands me the order, I asked about the discount and for the receipt and he tells me I took $2 off. $2 for me having to be inconvenienced for over an hour plus, and then I get home and the food is cold.. and nasty! Two of our family members got sick most of the night after eating it. We also looked over the receipt and saw they STILL had the wrong address on it. Absolutely ridiculous. Horrible customer service and communication skills!!! It’s really a shame this place has gone downhill so much.. we used to order from here a couple years back when we were in the area before.. We won’t be back, and will make sure to spread the word. Best advice, STAY FAR AWAY from this establishment. To the owner, before you respond to me and try to blame us as you seemingly do in every bad review posted about your company, maybe you should look at what YOU are doing wrong, take responsibility for your own actions, and if you’d like — I’ll be MORE than happy to post our call logs; and receipts.

Jade and Dwayne Adams

RESPONSE TO THE “OWNER’s” horrible reply below:Ordered at 12:20pm; received an email confirmation; 1:42pm the delivery driver calls me to tell me he thinks he was at the right house but didn’t see a table on the porch to leave the pizza so he turned around and kept driving (?!? Incompetent?!); 1:55pm after giving him DIRECTIONS back to the house ..... we received our food (not what we ordered but they don’t care) And last time I checked, that’s over 90 minutes.Original review:Delivery took over 90 minutes, even after I called to check on the status. When finally arrived the order was wrong and I called the restaurant to let them know- only for the person who answered the phone to tell me I was wrong and what was delivered was correct; (eventually pulled my order in the system and realized what I told them was correct and the order WAS wrong). Food was also cold. This was the second occurrence of this, debated if the first time was a fluke but they’re consistent with poor service and we won’t be ordering from them again.

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