TASTE @ City Center

702 Mariners Row, Newport News
(757) 596-8651

Recent Reviews

Jessica Barrick

I called today to place an order for delivery for 13 of our nurses at the hospital (and it was 7 different transactions) and spoke with David. David was SO nice and made it so easy. David was the one who took the order, prepared all of our food, packaged it and delivered it all to us! Our food was delivered to us in less than an hour from the time I ordered. I just wanted to show appreciation for David, he deserves some recognition! All of the food was delicious!

Jenny Nowosielski

We had a wonderful dinner delivered by Taste during quarantine. Sausage lasagna, salad, desserts, the works! Reasonably priced and great service.

Anne F.

This Taste used to be a little uncomfortable to visit, it wasn't really inviting to sit and enjoy your meal. It felt like they wanted you to order and get out and have a picnic (or on a cold day eat in your car I guess). At some point in the last few years they have renovated and now it is great! (Before the days of social distancing) I most recently visited for a business meeting. It's a perfect spot for a meeting. You order at the counter and they will either bring your food to you at your table, give you a pager, or call your name depending on how busy they are. Then you are left alone for the rest of your experience. They have a large selection of self-serve fountain drinks and I love their iced teas, even the ones that aren't sweetened are delicious. I typically get a salad as a wrap when I visit Taste. The Cobb Salad is my go-to if I'm not vibing with their seasonal salad. Their sandwiches have all been great too, but I'm not wild about bread so the wraps are my go-to. The renovation added tons of seating so you don't feel like you are sitting on top of anyone and you can enjoy your meal in the store. The meals are a little more expensive than other sandwich shops, but Taste uses quality ingredients so I never feel like I got "ripped off."

Rocco S.

Get your act together. Granted,I get these are unusual times,everyone is concerned. However, if you want people to purchase your food,act like it when they arrive to pick it up. Grabbing the door,pulling it closed,and telling my wife " we are closed" does not make for a warming reception. If you are that concerned, close! Or get workers who are flexible and understanding and can communicate rather than respond with a negative disposition. We will not be back for anymore online orders. Communicate to your online customers clearly how to pick up orders! Remember, your a luxury, not a necessity.

Kathleen O.

Brought an out of town friend for lunch. She had the Lafayette and I had a sandwich with the homemade pimento cheese. Delicious! Service was fast, efficient, and helped us find the perfect meal.

Jen R.

This is my go-to place for a delicious sandwich or salad, plus they have great catering options. I've been going to Taste for several years, and I'm always happy with my sandwich. Two of my favorites are the Northender and the Lafayette. The Northender has fresh avocado and a basil mayo, while the Lafayette features Brie cheese...yum!! They are a great option if you're looking for catering help. They have wonderful deviled eggs, plus little ham biscuit sandwiches, plus lots of other options. They also have an extensive wine selection. I'm really happy because they just opened another Taste in Town Center.

Amhara Williams

Clean & spacious. I was greeted as I entered, menu was clear and to the point. They have a lot of uniquely named options and a few vege options. I had the "princess anne" which is an avocado sandwich with fancy cheese on whole wheat bread, (minus fancy cheese) delicious!

Veronika J.

Best place to grab lunch. Super cute and everything tastes fantastic. It takes a little longer for them to make the food, but it's worth the wait!

Prince Millington

The food is amazing or I wouldn't be frequent the place while I was working as my last job. You'll love Karla and company. Karla is amazing.

M Price

I usually order the chicken caesar salad with extra chicken, 1 extra dressing and usually always pay around $10 . Reasonable right? Today, ordered the same thing and was charged $2 for extra chicken and .50 for extra dressing. The "extra" chicken wasn't worth $2 and a small cup of extra dressing charge is a joke. When I called, I was just told unless they had a price increase, this is what it always is, even though I've never paid for this prior . So all of that with a drink is over $15.. what a joke. I could go to a sit down restaurant for that price. Taste's prices have gotten outrageous and nickel and diming for everything is insane. Not spending $15 ever again.

Sue Ann Berte'

The sandwiches are STACKED, and, made to order. Everything is fresh, and, delicious. I keep going back.

Christine Soucy

Went for lunch and it was very busy. Ordered at the counter. Order taker could have been a little more helpful for a first time customer though. Received my sandwich in a timely manner. A great selection of drinks. Also, foods, snacks desserts and other items for purchase. Samples available too!

Lisa Brady

The food and service was good. The temperature in the restaurant was too cold for comfortable dining.

Anne Doop

Always great food and nice variety of adult beverages. Love that I can get a sandwich or salad and take home pre packaged items as well.

Almira Reyes Lane

Good sandwich I tried the honey turkey, not so amaze with French onion soup.


Excellent sandwiches with a wide variety of toppings to choose from. Many specialty sandwiches available as well. Other items such as soup are offered. Beer and wine on tap. Great place to get cheese, wine and other food/drinks for a party or just for yourself to enjoy.

William H. Dame

I haven't been here in a very long time and since then, the place has been totally remodeled. The sandwiches are just as good as before with the fresh bread and the excellent quality of the meats.

Kirstie Clark

My husband and I came here hoping to find something new and delicious in vegetarian cuisine. We were very impressed with the Princes Anne. It was tasty though I wish they offered more like salads with beans or a burger with a portobello mushroom. My son is a picky 5 year old and devoured the LOADED peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was huge. The cookies are good and they have a no sugar tea which was quite flavorful.

Amaris M.

My husband and I visit taste frequently (probably about a dozen times) and I've only been disappointed twice. I most often get their Lynnhaven sandwich (grilled chicken, spinach, tomato, bacon, basil mayo and PIMENTO CHEESE) on a gluten free bun. Occasionally the bread and ingredients get separated and make a big mess, but recently the portions and presentation have been consistently good! Honestly I used to work for The Cheese Shop in Williamsburg and like both places for different reasons. The dining space is great for meeting up with friends and I love the ginger ale on tap! Super accessible to those in Newport News for a quick quality lunch stop.

Michaela Harrison

My job, Root Canal Specialists, hired Taste Unlimited to cater our open house and they were WONDERFUL! We had the Matty, David & Brittney, aka the dream team, as our catering team and they were very punctual, polite, nice & fun. They made sure we had everything we needed for the night & made it truly special. Thanks to the dream team for helping make our night a success. We will definitely be recommending Taste for your catering needs!

Samantha Hadad

I visit Taste frequently. The customer service is phenomenal-the staff is always very nice. Great tasting, super fresh, unique sandwich combinations make this place 5 stars for sure. Do yourself a favor and stop in for a moderately priced, yet yummy lunch.

Earl Anderson

Good sandwich Les and specialty items and drinks. A little pricey for my wallet, but food was good.

Jessica P.

Decided to finally give this place a try since I been looking for a sandwich shop. Upon walking in you notice right away it's a pretty big restaurant and it is well kept. I decided to go with the bayville farms sandwich. It's pretty much just a roast beef sandwich. The bread itself was the best part of the sandwich due to it being freshly made. But the sandwich itself was pretty bland. My friend decided to go with Virginian and took a few bites and didn't care for it. We didn't find anything special about this restaurant.

Glenn Winters

The Taste shop at City Center in Newport News may be short on atmosphere (think "institutional dining hall"), but it's exceptionally long on quality. Today I had house-roasted chicken with pimento cheese, bacon, spinach and house dressing on very fresh french bread. It was great; chiefly because the pimento cheese didn't obscure the other flavors. BUT- the big revelation was that Taste now has a new and superior gluten-free option: a bun that my wife, who has Celiac disease, declared the finest GF bread she's encountered. It doesn't disintegrate when in contact with meat, tomato and dressing. Taste is now her No. 1 lunchtime option.

Lyn Ups

The pumpkin and corn soup is delicious! The blackened fish tuna sandwich is also very good!!! Love the atmosphere and the business is always clean and the employees always friendly and very helpful!!! Love visiting the local business

Nathan Miller

Pretty meh tbh. My sandwich was $11.50 and should have been about $7. I get it, it's supposed to be fancy or something, but that was not worth $11.50. It was good, just not worth it. Their drinks are weird, the service was slow and zombie-like, and I believe they charged me for my water. They have an intriguing gift/snack/wine shop if you're into overpriced tea and flavored peanuts and kettle corn. Not horrible, not memorable. Won't be back anytime soon.

Lisa Santos

Ordered the crab cake sandwich. It tasted fresh and delicious. Just pricey. Friendly staff.

Debbie Gallo

My grilled chicken salad sandwich had 6 pieces of chicken on one half and 3 pieces on the other half. It had 3 grapes and 1 slice of tomato and lettuce. It cost $8.28 and it was wet and terrible. i will never again purchase from them.

Debbie G.

I purchased a grilled chicken salad sandwich on multi grain bread. The sandwich was terrible, it had 3 pieces of chicken on one half and 6 very small pieces of chicken on the other half. 3 total grapes, 1 slice lettuce, 1 tomato, onions which menu does not list. The entire sandwich was wet and tasted if raw onions. I will never visit this restaurant again.


Food was really good here. But I'm torn between a 3 and 4 star. Reasons why is it's very pricey for what you get and you dont get a lot but what you get is really good. I would say good lunch date, not good family lunch meal.

Korrey H.

The food was really good! The food took a little bit to come out but definitely would go there ! Little pricey


This was a stop for a quick bite while traveling through the area. So glad I chose this place! The food was excellent and fresh. It is an open, airy place with plenty of tables and a little market to buy specialties.

Dara Powers Parker

My mother and I stopped here when traveling out of town. Our lunch was delicious and the staff most friendly. When they discovered they were out of whatever my mother had ordered (and unable to refund), they gave us a gift card that covered the cost of the meal. And so we left with some wonderful biscuits and pimento cheese to take home! Looking forward to come by again when we are in Newport News.

Shanya McCall

My favorite lunch spot! Great sandwiches and salads. The staff is friend;y and helpful. They do not disappoint.

karla oliver

I love this place. Great place to grab a salad or sandwich. They have excellent vegetarian and vegan options.

Eileen Harper

Every time I come to Newport News I have to eat here! Everything is so fresh and flavorful! Forever a fan! Also, I am really hoping that one day we will have a Taste in Williamsburg.This is a great place for lunch. I have enjoyed every soup and sandwich I've had there. Great to pop in and grab something. Always have snacks to taste while you wait.

Disability Advocacy Frances Motley

I have 6 coat hooks in my office but there is no room for coats because of all the Taste take out bags! Fresh, tasty, courteous service, and if you need something a little different from the menu, they gladly make it as you need it. Great place.

Nicole Dillon

Really great tuna salad. Love the ambiance. My 2 year old liked her bento box with organic fruit snacks. Cute little market inside too. You can eat outside if you want too.

Shanikka Parks

Absolutely Amazing! My hubby and I love the sandwiches here. The Lynnhaven is our favorite. I just wish they had later hours.

Diane C.

One of my favorite places! Everything is amazing. Sandwiches, salads, GELATO, alcohol and so much more!