Bobbys Bagel Cafe (Oakton Chesapeake Cafe)

2952 Chain Bridge Rd # D, Oakton
(703) 242-0230

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Mayana Vallejos

I order a panini: the answer to my order was ”a panini takes about 20 or 10 minutes , you know it takes long time . If you wanna wait you can wait or you can get something else. It’s up to you.... if you wanna wait”Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to try anything. The costumer service was horrible ?.

Tito Monster

Excellent smoothies, real bacon and fresh bagels.Avocado spread was delicious.

Jessica M.

We have always loved the bagels from this place and have had great service. During Covid they have been especially amazing, and we've got a delivery from them a couple of mornings! Yesterday for Easter we got a ton of bagels and also one of their cookie decorating kits, and they just do such a great job with everything. My daughter and our nieces had an awesome time decorating the cookies, and they were delicious. We are so happy do you have this place so close by!

William Malpass

Tastiest bagels. we always order their gluten free bagels. They are the tastiest and the healthiest. Go for it. Totally recommended. they are located in Oakton near chain bridge road.

Kaila Cantens

Seriously the best bagels! I come often when I visit from philly and I always buy at least 2 bags of the day old bagels and freeze them! So good!

R Holbrook

Great service and tasty bagels.

Lauren P.

10/10 suggest their bagels! They have some yummy valentines / holiday themed ones too!!! Would NOT have their coffee....

Ashleigh P.

Real bagels! In NoVA. I've only ever found two other places between C-ville and Ffx that have legitimate bagels. And this is at the top of the list now. My kid flipped over the rainbow bagel but for me, I knew it was a real bagel the second I started slicing them. They give just the right amount to show they were super fresh but still had a nice chewy outer layer. The schmear was actually schmear and not just plain cream cheese with chopped things in it. The texture was right and so was the flavor. Definitely a must try.

Emma Smith

Yummmmmm!!! This place is awesome. Good selection of bagel sandwiches and wraps. Pretty good menu. We ordered OOPS and cashew spread with fresh banana with cinnamon. Yummy. It was totally worth it.

Natalie Pasquel

Kind, clean, & quick service! We called before to make sure they were open because it was New Year’s Day. The woman on the phone was so kind and gave me a heads up they were running low on a few bagels. By the time we got there (less than 10 mins), they had FRESH out of the oven sesame bagels!! It was clean and lots of space. The bacon egg and cheese sandwiches were made quickly and were fresh and delicious. Will be back whenever we’re in the area! Thank you!

Zita Rostas

I had the best gluten free bagel ever from here: fresh and soft.

Sarah Foster

I’ve had bagels from here a number of times before and they’re always delicious. I especially love both the garlic and salmon cream cheese spreads.A few days ago I stopped by on the way home from a tough overnight shift in the ED. The woman at the counter saw my scrubs and asked me how I was doing with everything. She then ran to the back and came out with two Christmas bagels that she threw into my bag for free. It really made my morning.

Patricia Buxton

This place makes the cutest seasonal bagels! They have great customer service and are very attentive to detail. If you're looking for a yummy bagel, this is your place!

Brian Hopkins

Quick and delicious food

Elissa R.

Excellent bagels. Many sandwich options as well. My favorite is veggie cream cheese with Munster cheese melted on top. Clean and quick service.

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Bobbys Bagel Cafe (Oakton Chesapeake Cafe)

2952 Chain Bridge Rd # D, Oakton, VA 22124
(703) 242-0230