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2972 Chain Bridge Rd Ste A, Oakton
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Devon Janes

Placed an order around noon today and it wasn't delivered until after 3:00pm. When calling after 1:00pm and 2:00pm was told our food was "2 minutes away" which wasn't the case either time. The food was absolutely disgusting and had obviously been made hours before, the cheese was completely congealed and the boxes were permeated with grease. It was inedible. Was told we had to call after 6:00pm to speak to a manager, was put on hold for over 20 minutes when I did and received horrible service. Once I spoke with someone was told it was "too late" to receive a refund even though I had been told to call after 6:00pm. After demanding a refund instead of store credit I received a hurried agreement to a full refund and was promptly hung up on. Will provide an update if a refund is actually given but will be communicating with this store until it is done.Update: spoke with the manager tonight and they are working on processing a refund but need to work with a main office. Will be keeping in contact until a refund is issued.Update 2: received an update that the refund was issued. Please be aware they are capable of issuing them. Refunds aren't always the most appropriate recourse for issues but it is possible for extreme issues.

Lainie L.

This was my favorite Domino's and never had issues in the past with how my order was cooked, accuracy, or delivery until now. I wasn't expecting any issues based on my past experience with them. Now it had been some time since I ordered from them and I started craving Domino's pizza. The only other recent order besides this one was a month ago but before that I think it was so long between I can't even remember. Well, should've trusted my nagging gut feeling and it didn't prove me wrong. No problem ordering online. Easy to navigate. I place my order and give the driver instructions that I'm on the ground/street level so they don't have to waste time going upstairs only to find out that my apartment number doesn't equal the actual floor it's on. Ugh, they seriously need to do away with that darn option because only a few delivery drivers actually read that. Well, that has nothing to do with the rating just an observation. Well, I'm 4 minutes away so the delivery shouldn't take long. Never had an issue with the delivery taking long since I'm pretty close. It seems when they informed me the driver was on their way I get a text 8 minutes later to say the driver was entering my neighborhood! Okay, I shrugged it off. Expecting my delivery to be walking up I get another text after 3 minutes saying they just pulled up! 11 minutes??? Then I see the driver enter the building and just like I thought they go upstairs! Disregarded instructions that I'm on street level. Then I hear something, which is my pizza, drop on the floor. Then a loud thud which sounded like a kick to the door. Seriously? You upset walking up and down the stairs you're going  to drop my pizza down, kick/bang my door sounding like the police, and don't care you were shaking my coke to leave it lying on its side on the floor because you didn't read my delivery instructions? Well, I open my door and my box is there on the ground with my 2-liter coke laying on its side with bubbles so you know that sucker will have major fizz action when I open it. The funny thing is when my order the previous month was delivered the driver had a small cardboard box to put your pizza box on so it's not touching the ground. Well I expected that but no it wasn't propped on that handy little box. The other problem is why aren't the boxes sealed with a sticker? I feel somewhat safer knowing it has been sealed prior to leaving the establishment. So did my coke fizz like pop rock candy were hidden when I opened it??? Of course! Did you really think it would go smoothly now? I made sure to open it slowly. Let it fizz down. Twist again slowly, let it fizz down again. I used the $21.99 coupon for a large specialty pizza, 16 pc Parmesan bread bites, and a 2-liter Coke. Here's the best part. I literally was cringing before opening the boxes. I mean what else could go wrong? Everything has been so great. I opened my pizza box and it was probably about 2 minutes from being burnt. Had a nice char on the edges and some of the toppings BUT I didn't order charred pizza. It was edible but thankfully it wasn't like my Parmesan bites! I threw it in the trash. All 16 pieces. Thanks for the sauce I can at least use that. My Parmesan bites had a nice burnt char to it! See photo. It was rock hard. Funny on the tracker the "quality check" was taking a loooooong time before it actually left the building. I recall telling my kid that it better be perfect if it was taking a long "quality check". That was already the doomsday sign for how the events were to later unfold. The tax and deliver charge totaled to $5.31 and I tipped $4.09. Total order came out to $31.39. I feel duped.

So, never again at this location!

Abasourdix Abasourdix

They get our order correctly and on-time, every time!Thank you for your hard work.


Great pizza with a not so great price. Geez, its just pizza!

Pilates T.

My family enjoys Dominoes pizzas.  So many to choose from.  HOWEVER, their prices are becoming outrageous.

My last order was only three small pizzas, no extra stuff, and it cost me $45.00!  NOT!

I'm done with Dominoes.

Shawn Lisann

I decided to place an order to watch some football games today. In addition to a medium pizza, I ordered spinach and feta cheesy bread. With no notification prior, they deliver the food and inform me that they did not have spinach for the spinach and feta cheesy bread. Instead, they replaced it with bacon and jalapeño bread without calling me with any warning. I was unable to eat it as Im religious to pork. I tried to call and email them for either a refund or replacement and they did respond and answer. Horrible place and I will not be ordering from there again.

Hero Bero

I have been a customer for this store for more than 5 years. Today I ordered 4 medium pizzas and they were one of the worst pizzas ..... oily, bad baking and less topings

clelia lach

We went here for lunch. This place was clean, the staff was nice, the service was quick, and pizza was delicious. If we will be in neighborhood again, will definitely eat here again.

D Ferguson

Great pizza at excellent prices. The thin crust bbq chicken pizza is a winner!

ahmet kayretli

Great service. Thank you guys!

Rick Dotson

We live near the Oakton Domino's and tried it for the first time last month. The delivery service has been excellent and the pizza is always loaded and hot. I have also tried the salads and pasta and they were great too.

Urfa J.

We used to love location but it's recently purchased by a new owner and omg customer service went down the drain. They left pizza outside without ringing the door bell or calling us, when we checked it was filled with ants crawling all over it. When we called the store they were extremely rude. Definitely not using this location again.

Damian Sosa

The service is consistently rapid, good ambience, nice staff members. Will visit here again when I get in the area.

Jim Crawford

I ordered a pepperoni and sausage (2 toppings) pizza and got a cheese only delivered. In addition, the cheese pizza I got was horrible. When I called to alert them, they said since I ordered online, there was nothing they would do for me. FYI, I ordered from them last week and thought I would do so again spending another $35 to support them tipping generously top of the delivery charge. Will not do so again as the person on the phone hung up on me mid-sentence. Horrible customer skills but the driver Michael was great.

Moises Gomez

The place is always working hard and with lots of order but they guys are good. The only one thing bad is the app, the tracking is useless.

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