Domino's Pizza

2972 Chain Bridge Rd Ste A, Oakton
(703) 255-0900

Recent Reviews

D Ferguson

Great pizza at excellent prices. The thin crust bbq chicken pizza is a winner!

ahmet kayretli

Great service. Thank you guys!

Rick Dotson

We live near the Oakton Domino's and tried it for the first time last month. The delivery service has been excellent and the pizza is always loaded and hot. I have also tried the salads and pasta and they were great too.

Urfa J.

We used to love location but it's recently purchased by a new owner and omg customer service went down the drain. They left pizza outside without ringing the door bell or calling us, when we checked it was filled with ants crawling all over it. When we called the store they were extremely rude. Definitely not using this location again.

Damian Sosa

The service is consistently rapid, good ambience, nice staff members. Will visit here again when I get in the area.

Jim Crawford

I ordered a pepperoni and sausage (2 toppings) pizza and got a cheese only delivered. In addition, the cheese pizza I got was horrible. When I called to alert them, they said since I ordered online, there was nothing they would do for me. FYI, I ordered from them last week and thought I would do so again spending another $35 to support them tipping generously top of the delivery charge. Will not do so again as the person on the phone hung up on me mid-sentence. Horrible customer skills but the driver Michael was great.

Moises Gomez

The place is always working hard and with lots of order but they guys are good. The only one thing bad is the app, the tracking is useless.

Tish Deltoro

The pizza was delectable with surprising ingredients and a soft crust. Perfeco!

alex gordiyenko

wrong order, not responding to phone calls and took an hour and a half to deliver! will never use this location again and don't recommend to anyone in the oakton area! get your act together!!

Mark Lee

Great job of letting customers know the status of their food. Not only online but also the tight window helped me to know when to go to the store and pick up. Happy with the flow of the transaction.

Jessica Beard

I like the custom pan pizzas a lot and this was my first time trying this location. The garlic parmesan bites were quite good but the pizza needed more sauce. Otherwise the service when I went to pick it up was excellent ... it was fast and the man who helped me was so nice and friendly, it left a big impression. I wish I had gotten his name.

Joshua Wilcox

Never had a better tasting Domino's Pizza then this location. Order was quick, hot, affordable, and delicious!

Lewis Patterson

I prefer this restaurant very much. It has a great atmosphere. The cuisine is exeptionaly good. the service is efficient and the team is courteous. The pay is fair. deeply recommend.

Tiffany Bruce

Currently waiting almost over an hour for my food! I’m trying to call and cancel but no one is answering the phone. Horrible customer service. And I’m only 0.3 miles away waiting for a delivery. I can’t leave to go get it myself, or cancel, because, I’m taking care of an elder man and can’t leave him alone.

Michael Catlin

Took 72 minutes to receive my pizza. It arrived warm so 2/5.

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