Beyond Vegan Cell Food

615 High St, Portsmouth
(757) 606-1307

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Keith Brown

Amazing experience. Deserve 100+ stars. Very conscious and informative. I will definitely be back this year!!

Charmaine B.

Omg I'm so happy I found this place. I eat a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet and I love being able to choose from more than one thing on the menu. I ordered the Bahama mama smoothie and a BLT sandwich. The "bacon" is made out of some kind of mushroom, but my mind is blow because it doesn't taste or resemble a mushroom at all. It's crispy, salty, and smoky just like the real thing. The bread was also very soft and fresh, I was surprised how delicious the bread on its own was. The smoothie was really good too. I was concerned a little about it because it has lime juice in it, which can be overpowering, but it was good and the flavors were well balanced. The prices were also very reasonable, which is not always the case for vegan restaurants. So yay! I found my new vegan spot. Cant wait to try the other things on the menu.

Janae Bank

I had the chicken waffle sandwich and it was delicious, also the cashier named Jessica was so nice and gave out really good information. She mentioned she don’t know a lot because she’s not vegan and the time she’s been working at the restaurant which is fine you can’t always expect one to know a lot ?? Her smile wormed up the day.. AND THE FOOD WAS GREAT you will see me more often .

Crystal Brown

I’ve had vegan food before so I am confident enough to say this isn’t good. I had the chicken waffle. It didn’t have any favor and it was wet. The customer service wasn’t good. They didn’t seat me never gave me my water and the cashier had a very rude look on her face. I even brought the banana pudding and that wasn’t even good. Coming here was a waste of my time and money. And I feel heavy after eating it... just like I ate meat or something.

Mr. Howse

I don't know if the cashier was new but she was disturbingly dry and had no knowledge of vegan food. The chef and/or individuals preparing the food is to credit for the three stars. The food was great; just have to get pass the dull service to experience it. So unfair to this business...

Beverly Grandison

Great customer service, ambiance, delicious food. Awesome Beet Salad

Jazmin Garcia

My favorite is the vegan chicken salad sandwich. The only thing I miss since giving up meat is chicken Waldorf salad. This vegan chicken salad makes up for that and more. Delicious!!!

Ruqaiyah Conley

We ate at this blackowned place of business 2wice in one day. Everything was awesome. Kissie was very personable we love the story behind opening their family business and the amazing transformation journey from going totally vegan in 7 years for kissie. We tried all that we can eat and took food and smoothies to go. Definitely will eat here again with our next visit and taking some vegan knowledge and recipes with me back home

Harrison B.

the owner is an absolute genius ! game changing food !!! you must eat here if you have the chance-- your body will thank you.

Mini Magdalen

Yesterday (2-12-21) I had the pleasure of trying BVCF's Vegan bbq sandwich with banana fries & the sausage gumbo with spinach & tomatoe chips & OMG

Nicolas TumbaLey

i love this place. it's a pleasure every time I visit and I never get buyers remorse

Michael W. Robinson Jr

Jojo was great with helping us with our order. Being that we are from out of town we didn't know how their food was. I personally loved the gumbo and the chicken and waffle was so big i had to take it to go. I will be visiting again when i am back in town.

Audrey Sellers

The food was prepared quickly. I got the chicken and waffle sandwich with banana fries. It was absolutely amazing. Full of flavor and the textures were so close to actual meat, I almost forgot it was vegan. 10/10 would recommend and I’m definitely coming back!

Demar M.

I tried several different meals here and everything was great from the wrap to the soups and chili and my favorite BBQ Jackfruit sandwich with slaw, just too delicious!

Steve W.

Ever heard of dipping a banana in ketchup?  I hadn't either until we came here. Amazing!  Tasted just like a potato!

I had the Bean and Wild Rice Wrap, and my wife had the Grilled Began Wrap with Tomato Chips. She gave it 5 stars also.

A jewel of a find in Downtown Portsmouth.

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