7413 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond
(804) 525-4878

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Ja'Nay Crippen

Welll no employees showed up this morning and I had my heart set on Bo rounds this am so I guess to McDs I go.

Ked Llc

It's good to see the service here has improved. Faster food and polite people versus a year or so ago. However the food is still not great. My steak biscuit was cold and stale.

J.D. Phillippi

Service was quick and polite, but the sandwich wasn't hot. Cooked through and quite tasty but not even warm.

Tikisha Mcdougald

The worst service.. Went through the drive thru ordered an 8piece and when i got home to eat it.. The chicken was so dry and salty.. I couldn't even eat it.. I asked to speak to a manager and he replaced my meal..But I wouldn't send anyone i know to this establishment. The grease needs to be changed and i question the cleanliness.. That's why u have to go on the inside sometimes and not the drive thru..

Toya Morris

When I went into a location there was an employee that was arguing with the manager and continue to disrespect him and have no regard for his position with customers in the store first time I've been there and will be the last and the food was not prepared there was no one in the store except for me I had to wait about 20 minutes for my food why they had and arguing session very bad customer service very bad in person Behavior and to be honest I feel sorry for the manager that he doesn't know his position enough to have not allowed the disrespect

Latonia Wallace

The Cajun Pinto Beans and Biscuit gave me life after a long day of driving... and the legendary sweet tea was not too sweet... Kudos✔✔??

Tanner Davis

Placed an order through doordash. They sent completely the wrong order, and I had to wait on the phone for 10 minutes to get any response that they did indeed mess up my order. I was told it would be replaced free of charge, but only if "James" was there. But I'm severely disappointed, because they sent the wrong items and also excluded my meal entirely, leaving me without dinner. As someone who has managed fast food. This is entirely disgraceful. I'm tempted to not even go back to get the food that was promised to be replaced because if you can't handle a 3 item meal and two drinks, what kind of establishment are you? If I could leave less than one star, I would.

Sarah Sulaiman

WORSE PLACE EVER WAITED 30 min for nothing just to get nasty food that is unsanitary. NEVER EVER COMING HERE AGAIN. PERIODTTTTT

Danae L.

Quick service and affordable food. Their chicken skin is great but meat itself is dry.... I've had the bo-berry biscuits many times at work and it's great with morning coffee!

Lygretta Ross

I had a wonderful experience at Bojangle the manager Malcolm his expertise and management was on point with his employees with the customers and especially with me Grady May soon as I walked through the door making sure everything was hot and on-point I thank you so much for your expert management sometimes I don't get that there I go there three times a week and no one has your temperament so thank you so much Malcolm

Ronnie Whitehead

I love the trap lol. I call it the trap cuz me and my co worker Ant be here somewhat all the time and he came up the trap thing lol but food is always hot, people are always nice.

F Price

It was clean, people friendly, however it took a while to fix the food even though no one was there.

William Salmon

I love this chicken. Best period.

Nell Simmons

Every time I go the chicken legs and thighs get smaller and less meat. What's crazy been going for years for some reason I keep going.

Ken Knuckles

I ordered the smoked sausage add egg add cheese from the drive in window. Obviously there was a delay in the line because it took 10 minutes to get my order. When I got to the window, they asked me if I ordered something else other than my order. When I received my order, there was no cheese on it. The service leaves a lot to be desired.

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