4933 Nine Mile Rd, Richmond
(804) 226-6262

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Kelly O.

Had a DoorDash order at this location last night. DoorDash had the address AND phone number wrong and when I finally arrived for the pick up at 10pm, the place was closed but it said they close at 11pm online & on the door! So I'm assuming the owner just felt like closing up shop without notifying anyone or checking for orders. Now I know for next time not to come anytime close to closing.

They have the best hoagies or sub sandwiches. The owner knows my dad and remembers his order "no mayo"

Joe D

Ordered a philly cheesesteak 3 days ago from here and it was perfect. ordered the exact same thing today (used the 'repeat order' on uber eats) and it was a nothing like the one i bought 3 days ago. the one tonite was doused in soy/teryaki sauce (i don't know if this shift cleans the grill). not consistent and makes me question their cleanliness if they let ingredients linger on the grill between orders.

Allison S

The special with lemon pepper wings is amazing! Staff is super friendly and attractive. My order came out fast and delicious. I love it here!


Lee, Leo, and Mo are extremely nice, and caring. Their food is delicious and the prices are great. I couldnt believe the value. I live out of the area, but I guarantee I will eat here everytime I am in Richmond. Great experience! thank you

Kay Hite

Great special! Large pizza, wings and fries for a great price. I went in and order and it didn't take long at all. The menu prices aren't bad either. I would definitely pick this place over any other fast food restaurant any day.

Elynyand Davis

Ordered the special. Large pizza wings and fries. Plenty of food for an awesome price. It also taste really good.

Spencer Judkins

Today I decided to eat lunch at this restaurant. I walked in and nobody acknowledged me. I was on my phone waiting for someone to take my order. Finally i guess the owner comes and speaks to the person behind me who didn't buy anything. After that he takes my order and proceded to tell me that i wasbeing rudefor being on my phone. Today was the second and lasttime i dine at this restaurant at least until they improve their customer service skills.

Desirai Bantum

The absolute worsttt Pizza place ever.They are so rude It took them at least 1 1/2 to deliver one pizza. I called to try to check on my order they blocked my number. I had to call their other location to get in contact with them . Finally got my food and it was freezing cold . Neverrrrrrrr again !

Kimberly-Gretchen B.

As promised, I visited Davinci again, 7 days ago. To go, I ordered... * Ham Explosion (Grilled ham with onions, green peppers, mushrooms, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo) * Cheese Fries * Carrot Cake I took it all home, and lit into the Cheese Fries first. Yum! Then the Ham Explosion Sub was a definite ~meh~. Not bad, but I wouldn't order again if it were free. And Carrot Cake. A rather ordinary CC, which is to say good. I'll be back. More things I wish to try, Lasagne, Gyro, possibly an Italian Sub.

Robert deCheubel

Placed order online through GrubHub and paid $30 for my order. Was lied to about the delivery driver had supposedly knocked on my door. Finally got my order almost 2 hours later and it was cold. When we called them about this they basically told us that we were lucky to even get our food. I will never order from this place for the lack of customer service and acknowledgement that they did wrong.

Tria Thompson

I can't rate this yet, have not eaten my philly steak yet. But if its good, will be back.

Donnetta Swindell

Ordered food to be delivered because I couldn't get away from work.


Love the food and staff!

Margaret Sequeira

Their veggie pizza and house garden salad are delicious!

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