Hotel Greene

508 E Franklin St, Richmond
(804) 447-5958

Recent Reviews

Cristian Romero

Very funny place. You can drink your favourite drink while you play golf across the hotel. I recomend you to try it

Taminator Harrison

There's just so much about this place that I love. The staff, menu, golf, atmosphere... the theme!! It's amazing! We had an incredible time, ate incredible food (the Bloody Mary is heaven!) and had the best golf game I've ever had! We can't wait to go back!!

Matthew Bonacci

Let's do the time warp again! Very cool place. Feels like your stepping back in time and you get to play mini golf. Very unexpected gem.

Andrew Hess 01

Alternative concept bar & Put-Put in a arts trendy environment.

Mark Adams & Associates Real Estate

Review submitted by Lisa Adams 3/03/2020. We hosted a recent client appreciation event at Hotel Greene. Everyone had a fabulous time. The food was great and very well prepared (being replenished before and after golfing), the atmosphere was so much fun and the concept completely out of the box - not your average place to host a party for your real estate clients. Hotel Greene made the event fairly easy to arrange and provided menus and golf packages to choose from and then took care of all the details. All we had to do was pick a menu, pick a date, show up, grab our drink tickets for our guests and start socializing. It felt more like a party hosted in an elegant hotel than a mini-golf course. The pictures do not do the course justice. Our clients had fun meeting each other and traveling through the course's themed rooms together. Our buyer's specialist, Amy Baker and our assistant, Chloe Barila, had fun posing in the hall as the creepy twins from the movie "The Shining" (see picture attached). Our guests, as well, had fun striking poses. We were also treated to the talents of the very sweet Caroline Scruggs, a vocalist and thereminist, who entertained our guests before and after golfing. Parking was a breeze with paid parking right around the corner. I am sure it will not be the last time we host an event at Hotel Greene. It was a memorable and fun night for all.

Kelly Pratt

This is a unique spot. It's an old hotel with mini golf inside. You can get drinks while you play. There are several hidden art installations which added an extra degree of fun. They also have a small area to relax and have a meal. The mini golf is pretty fun and slightly challenging. I think once you go through it once, there may be no desire to go back again. I'd recommend that this hotel change their courses occasionally or over interesting events that add a degree of challenge or fun to the course.

Robert Stuber

Where do you take your adult children in town for a few days?

Sami M.

It's a great time! It gets busy but they've done a good job making your wait comfortable and fun. We had the best seat in the house, on the sofa and chairs near the fireplace. Our server was fast, friendly, and helpful. We ordered a club sandwich which is large, big enough to split if you're not starving. We appreciated being told this upfront. I got tempernillo wine which was pretty good, not my favorite but definitely not bad. My husband got Hardywood lager in a can; he enjoyed that. We had an almost two-hour wait but with nice seating, food, and drink, it wasn't a bad wait. Once we got to playing it was a lot of fun. The Not Hotel is a wonderful concept for putt-putt. I like all of the places to set your drink down when playing and about mid-way through there's a drink station if you'd like another along the course. Very cool concept; I've been twice now and I'd definitely go back with friends or out of towners.

Steven H.

A lot of fun good food for breakfast. Be sure to check out the little hidden windows amaze hidden gems. Would recommend for kids or adults

Sierra W.

It doesn't look like much from the outside but we came here for date night and it was so much fun! Full bar and someone comes to you while you're playing to refill your drinks! Will definitely be coming here more.

Heather B.

so excited to come check the place out. Did a ton of research online. Boyfriend and I circled downtown Richmond for about 30 min looking for parking. Found out on our own that it was free at the meters after 10pm. Finally got inside the very crowded Lobby Bar. Was told there was a 20 min wait for mini golf(the reason we went as we aren't big drinkers). We were given a menu...honestly a bit disappointed as when I originally looked online it was burgers and french it was a ham and cheese sandwich or cucumber sandwich. We opted to order Sipping Hot Chocolate(took almost 20 min to come out and it was bitter...I added some sugar but it didn't work lol). About 15 min later(35 instead of the original 20) it was our turn to golf. The venue is really cool looking and the holes aren't very challenging but still visually appealing. Some small details and hidden keyholes allow you to look at the hotel in miniature scale(photos attached) but...I have curves. I'm not a big girl in the least...but I do have a butt and boobs...and let me tell you...more tee-off locations(which are hardly distinguishable from one hole to the next and with no space in between to wait for your party) than not made it physically impossible to shoot straight on. I either had to hit left-handed(which I'm a righty), lean over a guardrail(thank you hole 12), or squeeze together and hope for the best. I brought my concern to the GM Vanna(who was walking through the space) and she said that she wasn't sure what to say and that she just started a few weeks ago. She would "make sure to give the feedback"...I just wish I would have been warned ahead of time. I can't imagine if I had brought my cousin(who is on the larger side) she wouldn't have been able to play comfortably or at all. Also, be careful of the drunks who meander through the course or throw golfclubs(yes more than one person pulled a Tiger Woods). All in all cool concept but poor execution sadly.

Kaitlin D.

A nice round of pretty hard mini golf to round out an evening is a fun and different activity for Richmond. The bar has good selection, and they also serve food. Overall it was a good time!

Mike Colicchio

Such a cool and unique experience. Highly recommend checking this place out with groups or parties. The staff was super friendly, cocktails we're solid, and each of the 13 holes presented a fun challenge. Loved looking for the little secret installations as well.

Rebecca Flowers

Pretty much the exact story as another review. Agreed to wait an hour and a half to play. Within that time span I drank one cocktail, a water, and an appetizer. After an hour and forty five minutes waiting, I inquired politely and was told that “the course is too hazardous for those that have been over served”. Closed my tab and noticed they tried to charge me for two games they just prohibited me from playing.

Timmy T.

I have been to Hotel Greene now twice in the past few weeks and I am a fan! Indoor putt putt? Say no more fam. This is such a cool concept. The interior decor of the place is SPOT on. Although I don't follow Wes Anderson films, a lot of people describe this place as something he would have created for his movies. They take walks in but be prepared to wait on a weekend. We came on a Saturday around 8PM and we didn't get to play until 9.30PM (luckily, they close at midnight). You can reserve a spot online but that's only for the weekdays. We put our names down and walked 50 feet down the street to play some pool at Green Leaf to kill some time. The employees come looking for you when it's almost time for your group to play; not sure how this works because this place is PACKED. It's $15 per person for a round. While you wait, you can get cocktails, beer, wine, etc and some really good hand pies! I got a Jamaican beef hand pie last time and it was tasty just a bit expensive at $6 for one. The mini putt putt course itself is SO much fun. Just think if you were a kid and you were left alone, this is type of courses you would create for yourself. You can bounce your golf ball off book cases, goes through stair handles, up hills, down hills, etc. Each course is uniquely designed and fun to play! This is a solid spot for a night out, date night, out of towners, etc. It will be interesting to see if people are willing to go multiple times a month or on a frequent basis since the initial attraction of how cool it is can wear off. p.s.- the employees do not take cash so you can bump yourself ahead in line on the wait list; I tried.

Cass R.

Awesome place, great brunch (ask for the house hot sauce-- the chef.. she is amazing!!!!)

Nick B.

Really Great Concept! This was one of the cooler spots I've been to in a while. You feel like you are in the move "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and I expected to see Billy Murray and Jason Schwartzman any moment. Whether simply enjoying a drink of playing mini golf the atmosphere is great. The craft cocktail I enjoyed was very good and I had to make myself stop at one. The course is challenging and fun for anyone. This is a great spot for a date night or just to get away for a couple hours with friends. If it had a larger menu I would never leave

Nic Beasley

Quick, fun spot. Thirteen holes with some fun little sights inside the venue. We enjoyed ourselves. We did not take part in their food or drink menu but servers do walk around offering drinks.

Nathan Foulds

One of the coolest miniature golf courses I've ever played. It incorporates hallways and rooms in an old European hotel/bath house. Carpeted holes need some hard hits sometimes as they slow down good putts quickly. A lot of fun.

Wallace Harvey

Fun experience. Nice nostalgic 20s era hotel setting. Friendly and helpful folks there. Drink list is extensive. Nice outing for couples or small groups.

Tina King

Interesting place and can be a good hangout spot with friends or family. It's like playing putt putt golf inside. There is a bar, sitting areas, and two fireplaces. Customer service is good.

Ben Bromley

I have not yet played mini golf here, but the front bar is reminds me of a fancy hotel lobby. Think Clue, or The Shining, or Grand Budapest Hotel. My hot buttered rum was very tasty, the champagne cocktail tasted good (and was dry!), and my Richmond Lager tall boy was $6 (a decent price for the fanciness of the location).

Tim P.

It was fun. The decorations and "miniature art installations" were interesting. The "lobby" provides a comfortable place to wait for your team's turn to tee off.

Haley Alyssa J.

I never thought I'd be able to play putt-putt golf in the middle of the city, much less through an old "hotel"! They are correct in calling it "highfalutin' mini golf" on their website in that it is very expensive for about an hour's entertainment, however, it is meticulously and beautifully designed. The atmosphere alone makes it worth trying at least once. Walking into Hotel Greene feels like a step back in time to the early 20th century or onto the set of a Wes Anderson film. Everything from the furniture and carpets to the old elevators and recorded sound effects behind closed "bedroom" doors perfectly mimics a working hotel from the 20s or 30s. There's a beautiful little dining area/lounge with a fireplace, chandeliers, and a dual coffee/cocktail bar behind a large pastry case. The "concierge" checks you in to your game and gives you a paper room key that's actually a score card. You choose your ball and set off through the "hotel", which the small course winding through various rooms such as a library, a large public bath/spa, through hallways, and into a bedroom. The thoughtfulness and intricacy of every detail should be commended. There are also four miniature scenes hidden behind peepholes along the way, so be sure to look out for those! I arrived with two friends around noon on a Saturday and we were lucky to be the only people golfing. The course is only thirteen holes and is in a small space, so I can imagine golfing at the same time as other groups would be cramped and noisy. Golf is $15 per person, but on certain days of the week it is reduced to $20 for both a meal and a round of golf. Unfortunately they don't take reservations to eat, so you'll have to try your luck and see what the wait is like. Cocktails start at $10 and a cup of coffee was about $4. The staff was a bit standoffish, particularly the bartender; he stood and stared at us in silence with no smiles, pleasantries, or recommendations while we found a menu, looked it over, and ordered. And while they have places to set down your drinks at every hole on the course, we were surprised that no one ever came down to check on us to offer another drink or to take our empty glasses. You would have to leave your game and presumably create a bit of a backlog if there were folks behind you in order to go back to the bar and order another drink. As such, we didn't order anything else and carried our empty glasses with us through the course and dropped them off, unacknowledged, to the bartender as we left.

Amanda P.

I really enjoyed this place! It has a classy/hipster vibe and feels almost like you are in a murder mystery play (I do realize this all sounds strange together but it truly is fun and unique). The bartenders were great- I enjoyed my drink. I also appreciated that about halfway through the course they have a drink station so that you don't have to go all the way back up to the bar. The course itself is a fairly easy one. I am used to more complex games, but most of these are a par 2. However, the novelty of it made it worth it. I suggest getting there a bit early to have a drink before playing. A super fun time!

John H.

Hotel Greene is definitely a fun spot to check out if you're in town. The concept is unique and really well thought out. The night we went it wasn't super crowded, but there was still a bit of a wait. We had a few drinks while we waited and the waitress was very attentive and helpful. The only downside to its popularity is having to wait for the party in front of you to finish playing the hole in front of you, which can lead to a bit of a back up if that party is large. Over all, we had a great time playing the 13-hole course.

Michael Blevins

This place has it all. The staff is very friendly, the putt putt course is so much fun with a little challenge, and the food was delicious. The price is very reasonable. This is a must do on a trip to Richmond

Erinn P.

Sunday brunch is such a deal here! Brunch and a round of golf for $20! Get there early though - they don't take reservations for brunch & golf... This place has good coffee and good brunch food, but meh service. Our server spent a lot of time just standing around, and was very forgetful of things we requested - I asked for water 3 times, then finally just went to the bar and asked for it. She also mixed up all of our orders, so we just passed plates around instead. After a tasty but mildly frustrating brunch, our group of three went to the course. It's a fun, well-themed course with lots of interesting things to see along the way, but it was really crowded. We were right on top of the party ahead of us, and the one behind was on top of us. Many of the holes run over each other, so there aren't many places to get out of the way of others. It would have been better if it wasn't so crowded. Each hole was a unique challenge. Overall, I'd certainly go back to this place, but would hope that service would improve, and maybe try an earlier time when it's less busy on the course. Definitely a fun place to take out-of-town company on a rainy day!

Shayla J.

Went here for a date and we both loved it. We had a great experience and didn't have to wait long to be able to to start. We went on a Saturday afternoon and while we waited we sat in the lobby area where they had a bar. I enjoyed my drink and that they had little coasters at each section to set your drink down that stuck with the theme. Each hole was in a different part of the "hotel". I highly recommend this unique experience. But the food offerings didn't seem to be extremely filling so I would probably eat before going.

Jamie Hoover

This is such a great activity/night out in Richmond. I have gone with a work group before and went over the weekend with a big group of friends for my birthday. Mathilde and the rest of the staff were so helpful and patient with helping me get the reservations and work out payments. The course itself is a lot of fun and it was especially cool over the weekend due to the Halloween decorations.

Brendan B.

Great vibe, fun atmosphere, esp the bar area. Festive and worthy. Another good job by this ownership group.

Jess T.

If you only do on thing in Richmond, go to Hotel Greene! It's especially fantastic if you go around Halloween. 10/10 would recommend; definitely the best thing I did all weekend when visiting!

Eric Manzi

This place is awesome! They have a cool bar / lobby where you can hang before and after golfing. The golf course is pretty fun and you can bring your drink along with you. The decor is very cool and there’s a bunch of hidden windows to look through. The staff was so friendly during our visit. I’ll definitely be coming back!

Justin Hobson

Beautiful venue with cute accents around every turn. The course is a tad shorter than most mini golf places, but they have wait staff to get drinks for you at most holes. Definitely a must go!

Grace M.

Oh my goodness. How totally clever is this!! Seriously innovative in every way. I was obsessing with every aspect of this place in terms of the detail taken to create the space. This is indoor putt putt in a historical location, made to look like the interior of a hotel. A bathroom, a hall way, a bedroom, etc. There was a bar at the beginning and another deeper inside. Little kinks still needed to be worked out like .... can we get water while playing deeper down the course? (no) And wait time was underestimated (had to wait much longer than we were told, even with a reservation). However, the cleverness of this place makes you forget the issues. Truly unique and fun!

Chris Klotz

If there were a way to give ten stars, these guys would get it! This is not only a place of terrific fun, but the service is outstanding and the food is terrific! You need to go here. Get your group together and go!

Luke M.

I arrived with a large group for mini-golf this past weekend. While the experience was unique, the rude and hostile staff bring this establishment down to 1 star. They did not let us know that people could not walk into the golf area without being charged. They refused to acknowledge this when we paid at the end and made lies such as claiming to give us 3 score cards for 12 people (they actually gave us 2 cards for 10). They hold your credit card until the end so the 2 people who did not play were charged and they were treated in the most rude manner. I suggest this establishment make better hiring decisions than Rachel and Gabby.

Mark Lee

This hidden gem was amazing. The look and feel were that of a hotel back in the day. I loved the decor and the vibe. The down side... it was shorter than you would think. On the up side... it was completely worth the cost. Nice bar set up and they did offer food, a local bakery provided pop tart pastries that looked and tasted amazing. This place is great and recommended to everyone.

Frederic Doree

Great experience all around. Interesting decor, really cool, if short (13 holes) mini golf course, with some original obstacles. The cocktails were also really good, and the service was top-notch. Highly recommended.


A generally good time with friends and drinks. A bit of a learning curve at first and it got a little uncomfortable because a staff member kept hovering over us. I totally understand a few pointers to keep the line moving but this man was watching us like a hawk and spoke down to us. Hate to say it but many of my friends in that group that night are young black women. They felt singled out which took a star off an otherwise unique experience.