Jason's Deli

7115 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond
(804) 323-9390

Recent Reviews

key boo

Chicken pot pie ,royal club sandwich,chicken alfredo,sweet tea,fruits,caesar salad and chicken salad are delicious..

Ashley Renée Best

I love all the food it’s fresh

Michael Caruso

Delicious as always. Friendly staff, clean restaurant and bathrooms.

Sonny Jermeay

Food and service were both delightful!

Angel Ty

The workers do not speak English. I watched as they cleaned ovens out and prepared food without changing there gloves. Since they can't let you get your own salad its difficult for the workers to get the salad right because the of language barrier. I will not go back until I can make my own salad. Since they clean the ovens and than physically touch broccoli and greens with the same gloves.

Lance Burton

For the money one of the worst sandwiches I ever had. They didn't put the dressings on and when I called they said they will get it right next time. What kind of service is that? Do not buy it!

Adrienne Bowman

I ordered delivery through Door Dash. 2 sandwiches in 1 order. One sandwich was way off but labeled wrong. After I called the restaurant, they just agreed that the order could’ve been swapped but didn’t attempt to fix the problem. No customer service at all. Very disappointed. Normally the food is amazing.. when you get the right order. Also the food took double the time to deliver.

walter shumaker

Love this place. The best Broccoli and Cheese soup

Graham Davis

Love Jason's Deli. However why pay a premium $10 for a salad when they do not include the ingredients I selected online. I received all good ingredients that I am sure tastes like a salad. But this is not the salad I took the time ordering online. What about the bacon bits, frizzled onions, sunflower seeds, asiago cheese, feta, cucumber, etc. I took the time to specifically select online what I wanted my $10 salad to be. I received whatever you guys thought a salad should be instead. Not worth my time or money.Needless to say this salad was also forgeten from our first delivery. We had to call to have it redelivered. Absolutely not worth the headache.

T. Rogers

Love coming here and my favorite dish on the menu is the Mexican Pollo which is a Mexican style big baked potatoes filled with chicken and all the fillings. Its a must try and they have other good food there as well such as the salad bar, ice cream, sandwiches, soup but my favorite different from any other eatery are the big potatoes. They can be eaten for lunch and dinner and worth the $10 you will spend on them because you won't find them no where else!

Mia Wooldridge

One of my favorite places to eat. I LOVE their salad bar and soups. Their sandwiches are great. It is a great family place to eat and celebrate!

Gerilee D.

I just walked into this Jason's and walked right back out. I passed the salad bar on my way in which is what I was there to get and it had not been refreshed in hours. Dressings and toppings were totally empty, and it was honestly a mess. I was very disappointed.

David S.

Good location and food, but just bought dinner for a subtotal of $31.35 and was charged $4.01 in sales tax...This is 12.8% tax. We are either paying the highest local sales tax in the nation or Jason's is overcharging tax at this location by a good margin. Web says local tax rate here is 5.3%. Upon asking the staff--nobody seems to know anything or have any control. Just got taken for a couple bucks and change. How much is Jason's taking in across a day's business with this error? Hundreds or thousands likely. Am I off the mark- is sales tax at this location 12.8%? Assuming this is accidental but frustrating when nobody "knows anything," or will refund the error.


Excellent spot, perfect for lunch. Straightforward menu, quick ordering process, food does not take long to come out and is consistently good. Friendly service, clean lobby. Salad bar while you wait and ice cream for dessert. Highly recommended.

Fix Y.

Excellent food and clean establishment. Everyone was extremely nice and polite. Will return here soon.

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