Jersey Mike's Subs

7000 Forest Ave Suite 400, Richmond
(804) 288-0500

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Amber B.

I want to start this off with I love jersey mikes food. I love their subs. But god the people that work at this location just hate their lives. They make you feel like it is a burden for a customer to walk in their store. They close at 9 and we got there at 8 pm. We asked for tea and they said they had already dumped all of it out. I live right by this jersey mikes and have been here a few times thinking it would get better. Nope it gets worse. All of the employees are nasty and had a sword fight with knives while we were there. Honestly they just need all new employees except one guy who has red hair. He is super chill.

Terry Mehlinger

The food is always great but the worst customer service I have ever received! Ordered online got my time of 12:06pm pick up, got there at 12:07 and walked in straight to the counter, which is what I normally do when we order almost every Saturday. None of the staff even acknowledged my presence at all, theu were busy but that's not abnormal. Looked around noticed there was a pick up spot for online orders by the door but the table was empty so I waited 5 minutes and then fina

Madison Carpenter

Not sure if it was the manager or not, but it was the guy that was taking our order. He was extremely rude! He was the bigger guy with brown hair and the brown mask, he also had glasses. The other two male employees were very nice. The rude employee was not only rude to me but to the other customers that were before and after me.

David Crawley

I tried it for the first time, and man! It's soooo very tasty there! 5 stars all the way! Thanks Jersey Mike's! I will be coming back more too

Ann Riddle

so so good. The meat wad just right

Flizzy The Dunkgod

This sub spot I can tell its beating its competition. Subway, Jimmy Johns, Quizno's and Firehouse Subs is by far the top 5 trashiest places to eat at for subs in recent times no cap. I never had a Sub from these boys but there menu items looks amusing and impressive. I hear the employees are rude but to let em know i tolerate no disrespect so there service better be on point when I eat there lol or we will have issues.

Jaque' S.

Rude, didn’t care that my order was wrong, and when I got home, the meat on my sandwiches were burnt! They also kept complaining about the staples mill location being closed down for the moment because they have been “slammed on the grill”.

Marissa St. John

Love Jersey Mikes. Always find the subs are the best. The employees are always kind

Pam Harris

Their Chipole Cheese Steak is absolutely perfect! A bi th pricey but worth it.

Angeline (Schmitt) Haidari

Great for a quick lunch, good portions, & the staff is so friendly. Erich is who helped me. Even if the food had been terrible or slow (it was not), I appreciate his friendly nature & would still come back. A smile goes a long way & I think there should be more people like him. Give this man a raise!

Dillon Sykes

Friendly staff they made a mistake with my transaction and let me go with my sandwich with a discount. Good people.

Mary Hagood

Was about to place an order then I noticed the sandwich maker take a sandwich back from a customer who had received an incorrect order. He touched the sandwich and her hands and proceeded to make another customer's sandwich without changing his gloves. Management needs to retrain staff so they understand the purpose of gloves. They are not just something you put on, they are worn to protect the public. I am not a germaphobe but this made me question what else is going on, particularly since this is cold and flu season. Walked out!

Sean MacDonald

Best subs! Better than Subway, Jimmie John's, or any other place you can think of.

John Herbstritt

Great new location. Super clean and pleasant staff!

Bob Harris

One of the best sub shops around. Great roast beef

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