O'Toole's Restaurant & Pub

4800 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond
(804) 233-1781

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Thomas Hewitt

Another local place that we drove by often and said, “We need to check it out”…we’ll we finally did and it was really good. Had the French Dip with a side of Onion Rings and both were VERY tasty…my wife had the Corned Beef and Cabbage Sandwich (they don’t call it a Rueben?!?) and it was, in Her words, the best She’d tasted! Service was efficient and quick and we were seated promptly when we came through the door. Great Local Spot with a friendly, neighborhood vibe…Don’t just keep driving by, stop in and Enjoy!


Food was exceptional but… being only me and my dad, I understand why you sat at us at a “2 person table” but come on. My dad is 6’2” and not skinny and I’m 6’. Our 2 person booth was enough we wanted to eat our food as quick as possible and leave. I guess we’ll have to bring more people like we normally do to be seated at a bigger table….Or at least offer other seating being it wasn’t packed and you could see it took a minute to figure out how to sit down in that booth.

Petrina Lincoln

The food is pretty good. Had the fried Carolina chicken club w Caesar salad. A couple drinks too. Music playing was on point...brought me back to high school lol. This was my 2nd time going, btw.

Tommy Moore

This is what I would call a classic Irish pub. They have a good amount of seating and a nice size bar. There is a few seats outside as well. The menu is pretty extensive, but has some classics on it like shepherds pie and bangers and mash. The food is good and the service is too. There looks to be a fair amount of regulars as well. I always enjoy myself here.

David Easterling

I always have a good time and definitely a good meal every time I go to O'Toole's Restaurant. Both locations are great, but I love the charm of the original location the best. The staff is great and the beer is cold. The only thing missing is a dart board!

Goldee Locs

Second time dining. This time I tried the Shepard's pie... it was okay, but it didn't "pop" like the burgers. Its Richmond, where are the onions? Maybe try seasoning the potatoes (not salt) and cooking the mixed veggies, first. Just a suggestion... ?Shrimp Cocktail is always large and fresh. I will return to try something else! If all else fails, burgers are made to order and flavorful!

Christina Penzer

First time eating here and we will definitely be back! Drinks were amazing, lots of great food options and our server Kiara (apology if the spelling is incorrect) was the best! She kept our drinks full & got the food out so quickly. 10/10 for sure!

Marty Rogers

Excellent place to hang out with friends or grab a quick, delicious lunch. Even when busy, the service is always efficient and friendly.

Toni D.

This week visited O'Tooles twice; takeout and dine-in. For takeout, Fish Sandwich, Tater Tots and Irish Egg Rolls. Delicious! For dine-in, sat at bar for drinks and appetizer (Sampler Platter); enough for three and also delicious. Host and bar servers were excellent! Thank you. Recommend O'Tooles (Forest Hill location) for any occasion. 5 stars.

Bob Bonham

Another excellent evening at O'Toole's. 4.5 stars. Beth said that her steak special (Wednesday nights) wasn't as good as last time, but still tasty and a good value. My catfish was excellent and plentiful. Bartender made a very good Old Fashioned and our server, Christine, looked after us very well. (The 2nd pic is from a shrimp special a couple of weeks ago...also excellent)

Bob D.

My wife told bar tender her fish tasted cold and hard the bar tender said to her this a morning register and had. the nerve to said ba ba ba couldn't not hear you said l had a drink while l was waiting for my food my money paid for. wow who speak to people with so much disrespect

Evi Farkas

I went out here with a big group of family, probably 10+. Honestly food wise I'd just call this place okay. I had a chicken salad and the chicken was dry but the salad itself was pretty good flavor wise. My cousin got the lasagna and it was almost a pure glob of cheese. Our friend got the chicken parm and it was huge and pretty good. Some others. got the brunch menu option and the loved it, not a crumb left on their plates. It's kinda hit or you get something decent food wise. Can't speak for any of the alcohol. Service was pretty good though.

Ronald Sawyer

Mel, thank you and all the other staff this afternoon Friday April 22,2022a fun visit for me Linda, and Ronnie. You are always so nice to us when we come for visit. We were there on March 16, 2022 the day before my 69th birthday, we had a great time then as well. If I ever get too silly, I'm just enjoying myself. There aren't very many places to eat and have a good time these days. John is lucky to have you and all the other Staff. Thank You again and God Bless..Love Ya! Linda and Ronnie

Dawn S.

My husband and I moved to the Southside of Richmond a month and a half ago and O'Tooles is close so it's become our regular hangout. The bartenders are great. The patrons are wonderful and welcoming, but really good food at an Irish pub? I'm so impressed. I've had the French Dip, which was the best I ever had, their burgers are great and tonight we shared the spaghetti O'Tooles and yes an Irish pub made a great Italian dish. It's spaghetti with meat sauce, a very tasty meatball, pepperoni and Italian sausage with melted mozzarella on top. Delicious! We will continue to come back and try more on the menu. Need to add that their thousand island dressing is made onsite and wonderful.

E Lynch

It was St Patrick's day and we were there w/the band. The waitress was extremely rude & wasn't interested in serving. Therefore can't say much for the food. Owner/manager wasn't any better. Went to the other location & staff was much friendlier & courteous. Didn't stay first as there was a 2 hour wait so we left even though the band stayed.

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