Soul Taco

Southern, Tacos

321 N 2nd St, Richmond
(804) 308-1010



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Food was good. A few of my tacos were a little soggy, but overall really good. Buttermilk chicken taco is a must try and the loaded huspuppied were super duper good. DO NOT get drinks!!! They were super small for the price, and not as advertised. They try to take on a modern approach, but it misses the mark terribly. Just stick to the food and you'll be good.

Cons: It's a very small place and parking isn't that great, not vegan or vegetarian friendly,and prices are a bit high Pros: great tasting food, easy to find, and very friendly staff! My wife is vegetarian and the only taco options they had were too spicy for her taste. I really enjoyed the chicken fried carne asada taco. I'll probably only visit during the 3P-5:30p happy hour though.

Missing a star due to length of time waiting for food and getting basically everything about our order wrong....however ---it was so good that I wasn't upset. I loved the hush puppy nachos; they were so flavorful and full of great toppings. The fried chicken tacos were great.

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