Waffle House

7497 Midlothian Turnpike, North Chesterfield
(804) 745-4981

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P Carter

I love Waffle House anyway, but Ms. Shima put the “All-Star” in the all-star breakfast!! She is absolutely amazing. She made a quick breakfast run feel like brunch at your favorite auntie’s house! Go see her!


Temps were heightened both with your staff and customers the cook quit he was screwing up the orders he said he was filling in from another store that was slow I guess the fastness confused or frustrated him your staff got into a verbal altercation with several customers there was just too much going on so we left without ever gaining the experience of this Waffle House greatly disappointing I know you have no control over your staff but just puts a bad representation for you establishment

Patrice C.

I love Waffle House anyway, but Ms. Shima put the "All-Star" in the all-star breakfast!! She is absolutely amazing. She made a quick breakfast run feel like brunch at your favorite auntie's house! Go see her!

Renita Foster

Staff is very friendly and food is always fresh!!

Mike France

Long as the food continues to stay GREAT, I will continue to come back twice a week ? favorite place to eat

Ralph McIntosh

Great atmosphere. Went back today! Both yesterday and today the wait-staff were amazing. Going Again.

Mickey Hanft

Staff is friendly, prompt and safety oriented. Food arrived quickly and was very tasty.

DraCco The Savannah Monitor Lizard Youtube

I really love it there ,Cammie helped me out so much she works so hard at the one on molithan turn pik

Carla B.

Even though it was FREEZING in this particular Waffle House, the food is always good. Tonight, our server Kendall was so outstanding that the temperature didn't seem to matter. I'll look for her each time I come and she is the main reason I'm giving 5 stars.

Jamie Brown

Angela always gets me straight... great customer service. I frequent and it’s always clean and fast. If there was ever an error they’ve corrected it or rectified it with no problem. We’re humans and mistakes happen sometimes but it’s always about how you handle it afterwards to regain trust with the customer. Plus I really love the omelettes lol

Nick Rashard

Absolutely worse EVER!!!! Depending on when you go they will make you place your order leave out come back pay leave out again and then come back in and get your phone. I understand the social distancing but jeez that’s absolutely ridiculous. Especially since it was only one other person inside. I asked was there something wrong with the phone, the guy stated he wasn’t answering it. Mind blowing! If you let ppl call in their order you would think that would ensure a easy order/pick up process. I will go further to another location. Doesn’t even deserve one star.

Demitra Papas

I have been trying to reach a manager for 4 days now. I have several things I need to give feedback on but the most important being food that I did not receive in my pick up order but was charged for it. I have called multiple times & Pam has told me each day that I call, "I don't know what to tell you". I need to SPEAK WITH A MANAGER so a simple refund can be issued.

Marquis Pleasant

It was not a long time before my order was ready and the food was nice and hot when it was brung out to me, the customer service was very good and I would be visiting the store again. I will give this store a excellent review and recommendation to friends and family. I appreciate the wonderful customer service that I received at this waffle house on midlothian turnpike this morning.

Chris Wykoff

We usually go about once a week, usually on the weekend. I mean, it's waffle house, you should know what to expect. But it's waffle house, so you know what to expect. Ms. Vee gives the best service, and the cooks usually make my over-medium eggs perfectly.

Janet Yarborough

They were supper busy but they did a great Job and they worked together. It was a lot of people and they got my order right. The young lady at the register was on point.

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