The Healthy Bowl Food Prep Service

16 Church Ave SW, Roanoke

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Tara Lenhardt

10/10 would recommend and will be ordering again! The food was well-made, delicious, and refrigerated super well! Game changer for meal prepping during those rough and tired weeks.

Travis Thompson

Definitely recommend. Ordering process and delivery was easy, meals are portioned perfectly and prices are great.

Ben Wright

Hands down best food prep service I have tried. The shrimp taste amazing. Prices are also low! 5 stars all the way!


This location decided to shut down the dining room due to covid, which is fine, but their processes for handling take out orders is horrendous. All the people who ordered online were crowded around the side door of the restaurant. My husband waited 20 minutes with no indication when his food was ready. Bags of food weren't marked and people were going through them. If you are looking to get food quickly and painlessly, don't go here.

Brad Hicks

Everything was awesome. The chicken was top notch and what ever that sauce that it was served on the side was to die for, i wish I had a bottle at my house to dip everything in.

TyRell Vaughan

Great service, good prices, the food tastes amazing. I love the ability to just place my order pick it up and keep it moving. Saves me so much time from having to meal prep.

Starr G

Usually enjoy this spot. Not this time. They were out of hard shell tacos which is why a stood in line for 10 min. So I ordered the soft shell and I was disappointed. First. They barely put any meat on the tacos and the toppings were just throw on there. And to top it off they rolled all the tacos together in foil stuffed in bag???? Very disappointed. Will not be going there for a while?


This was my 2nd time ordering online with bad result. Order not ready and after 20 min of waiting I just a refund. Not service here for sure. There were 2 more people waiting. Be my last visit.

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The Healthy Bowl Food Prep Service

16 Church Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24011