Bella Vita Pizza

7420 Fullerton Rd #105b, Springfield
(703) 712-7778

Recent Reviews

Antonino Mautino

I'm not Colombian, but this food makes me want to travel and get to know Colombia!!

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 4

Robin S

Highly recommend!!! Not only is the food delicious, but the customer service is impeccable. This was one of the best Italian cold-cut I’ve ever

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5


Amazing restaurant. Best tacos and burgers in the area. Definitely check it out.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Monika Vera

I’m not being dramatic when I say this is some of the worst pizza I’ve ever eaten. It’s hard to mess up pizza but Bella vita has managed. To start I don’t think they have the slightest idea what a margarita pizza is. Each slice had a sad, single, SLIVER of wilted basil. The crust on each pizza is reminiscent of eating a crunchy, fried stick of butter. I also ordered the Italian garden pizza and the only thing I experienced is a mouthful of raw onion. I love raw onion but dear God…there was about 1/2 an onion on my small pizza alone. ….Just save yourself the time and money and don’t eat the pizza from here. Don’t do it.

Erick Vera

The ice skating rink has better pizza. The crust taste like cardboard smh

Logan Truman

Staff was friendly and accommodating, pizza was pretty average. Nothing fancy but kept the wolf at bay.

Cheryl Sprouse

If you want nasty uncooked pizza.... order here. It won't let me upload the photo!

Kristi Oertel

Fresh & delicious pizza on a snowy day.

Callie Krakauskas

We had tried their burgers and wings so thought we’d try them the pizza. We spent almost $50 on three 12” pizzas - the Bella Vita, Margarita and White. The Marg and white were bland and the meats on the Bella Vita just weren’t good. Even the crust had an odd taste. Definitely won’t be ordering again.


Fantastic pizza. I got the margherita and the garden pizza. Both were great.

Dina Duran

10/10 all excellent


Absolutely terrible pizza. School cafeteria quality. They might be nice people, I don't know. The cheese mix is funky and the ratio of sauce to cheese is so off. I love tomato sauce, but this was like 80% sauce 20% cheese, which was just weird. So much sauce. and the crust tastes like frozen pizza crust. It's got that frozen-y texture. My husband couldn't even finish a slice and he's a human garbage disposal.

jay kanevsky

Based on photos I expected more. Crust tastes like cardboard. Some sort of non expected after taste. Good news = fast delivery (ubereats).

Michael Domino

Fantastic pizza. I got the margherita and the garden pizza. Both were great.

Nancy Jerez

I love pizza where the dough is not thick, this way I can enjoy all the flavor and toppings and this pizza is crispy and delicious. I recommend the Italia garden pizza and the Bella Vita Pizza.

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