411 Maple Ave W, Vienna
(703) 242-7332

Recent Reviews

Andrey Kosarev

Great, very clean restaurant, friendly staff. Plenty of space and food tasted good and freshFood: 5/5

Anita Maillet

Good service, good burger and fries.

Spencer De Geus

thank you Tarka for being so nice to me and My son and being so helpful. we dined inside at 8 tonight and I'm grateful for his service.

jacqueline jackman

at drive thru, i ordered the Dave’s double combo but got a bun with one hamburger patty and one chicken patty. it had ketchup only and no cheese. disappointed when i got home.

Luis F.

Worse Wendy's I've ever been too, not even the Wendy's in DC and in the ghetto parts of Maryland where they hire section 8 junkies are as bad as this one. Service is slow and the restaurant is dirty. I had lunch at this place and ended up sick afterwards. If it was possible I'd give it a quarter of a star rating without exaggeration that's how bad this place is.

Brandon Hook

This place needs help. Water coming through the ceilings and long lines. How do you only have 4 employees working a lunch rush?

Sarah C.

They could be more like chic fil a. Just better customer service would make the restaurant a lot better. Also, I ordered food on the app to the wrong restaurant and the only way I could get refunded was picking it up from the wrong restaurant like why can't it just get refunded back to my card like all other fast food places. Get it together Wendy's just kidding, kind of.

Dave Schubert

Consistently a good meal at a reasonable price. The long line was a good indication that this location is popular with local people. I would return if passing by there around meal time.

Hareeb Alls

The burger was good but the bun was so smooth that I busted at the sight of it.

Loran Stephenson

This Location in particular looks like it belongs in the ghetto in Richmond, I don't even go there anymore, there burgers taste like old grease and nothing tastes the same as other Locations. You would figure in Vienna they would be more upscale..

Len Shafer

I ordered the hot honey chicken sandwich meal and the chicken was quite dry and thin. This was my second time ordering from this store and the quality of the food has been sub par both times.

Bobby E.

Just went to this Wendy's and the dude working is out here grabbing my fries with his palm on top of the fries absolutely disgusting I can't imagine what's going behind the scenes if he has the nerve to do that in my face terrible terrible now a days you can't even trust fast food.

Josie 411

Thanks for stone cold burger and fries you just served me. Your new fries are not good and can't even compete with McDonald's, and were cold at the window. Nothing even halfway decent has come out of this store in 2 years. Oh, thanks also, for burning up my data on your not functioning web site. Could not order online!


The spicy chicken sandwich deserves 2.5 Stars. Wendy's app deserves 1 star. McDonald's has a far superior sandwich and app. The fries were average NOT Superior to McDonald's fries as Wendy's advertised.

Scott Grooms

Fries were cold and stuck together, requested no pickles and got extra instead. Ordered coffee they had NO cream or sugar and still wanted me to take it

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