Only at Renee's ~ A Taste of Pampanga, Philippines

2181 Upton Dr #410, Virginia Beach
(757) 427-1222

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Killeen Ventura

Super sarap!♥️ Love the Inihaw na Pusit ? and the ambiance really reminds me of home ??

Jean Paula Cruz

We have been going to Renee's for over a year. Thr whole family always loves it!

Marilyn Ortega

First time coming here. I love the decor. The place is not as big as it looks online and the service was kinda of slow, but other than that the food was really good. So much to choose from on the menu that we couldn't decide what to get. So instead we ordered two different platters and another side dish. Overall, my party of three was really happy and full. I'll definitely be coming back the next time I'm in the area.

Sarah Jackson

Really delicious and great ambiance! The owner was really friendly and helpful and helped us choose what to order. Be sure to get either the coconut drink or the homemade ginger ale with your order!! Next time we're in the area, we'll be back!

nicholas fusco

So, it's been awhile since I had Filipino cooking. I did a bunch of scouting before I chose.... Only at Renee's. Everything was prepared very very good I was very impressed with everything that I've eaten. I ordered a lot of food I wanted to try a little bit of everything. I was extremely happy with the server she was very pleasant and the food that I ate. I've ordered the pompano on the banana leaf and it came with the baby eggplant. Very delicious. Naturally I had to try their lumpia which was extremely good and crispy. Next I had they're Congee soup. Plenty of chicken a nice poached egg inside very delicious. And lastly I ordered their pork stomach which was the lechon kawali . Very similar crispy on the outside tender on the inside. Very very happy with my whole meal. You definitely have to try this ???? ❤️

Rosa Sanchez

My family and I decided to give this highly recommended place a try.We weren’t greeted when we talked in. Took them about 5 mins to be greeted and asked for us to sit down.We got menus and couldn’t decide what to order. We then decided to go with “Ox tail Kare Kare, chicken BBQ and a Pig Pata.”Once we got our food- I started to eat the BBQ and noticed the taste wasn’t chicken. I continued to eat it- and stopped half way because my stomach was getting upset. I can NOT eat port due to a health condition. Once we got our check the waitress wrote down PORK!Next time I would just confirm they are giving me what I asked.Besides that incident the food was amazing.My husband and sister ordered some desert and they very much enjoyed it.

Jennifer Hart

We brought our moms here for dinner one night. The wait was super long but worth it. We ordered lots of food. Everything was delish. Unfortunately, one of the dishes we ordered (sisig) never came out but again they were super busy. Didn't take a pic of the diniguan because it came out a bit later but it was yummy!

Brian Sadler

The food tasted great. The only complaint was the sisig was too dry. Too expensive though. $9 for for 12 lumipa, which sounds like a lot but they are small pieces so you are actually only getting 6 pieces. The sisig is $17 which is ridiculous. The atmosphere was nice, better decorated than any other Filipino restaurant I’ve been to, but still not upscale by any means. The owner was nice sometimes but rude at other times, very strange. There was also another lady that was rude. The American servers were fine. It’s the only Filipino restaurant in that part of town though so...

Briana Fuentes

Delicious! Everything we ordered was so flavorful! Pancit, chicken adobo, fried pigs good! We will be back.

Santiago Javier

Went there for breakfast. Tried the Adobe breakfast with a citrus pineapple drink. Blown away. Best Adobe I have eaten. It's upper scale phillipino restaurant and it show in the food. I highly recommend it. Best I have eaten.


Waited for our food for almost an hour, Staff does not know what they are doing. Served out food with no napkins. Very pricey and the food was terrible Might as well go to Fellyns Restaurant or Kainan which food is a whole lot better. We were served Adobo and the chicken looked like turkey wings, and they had a foul smell to it. The sotanghon noodles were worst as they were had noodles. Never coming back to this place. Their advertisement is false and the drinks were so watered down. Save yourself the trouble. Do not go to this restaurant. You will be disappointed.

Joseph Datuin

The ambiance is and presentation of the place is very nice. But seemed to miss the philippine culture aspect of it. Felt forced but otherwise, very neatly presented. The food was okay at best. I get that it is a restaurant and does everything to get the food out as quick as possible but that compromises the authenticity of the flavors. We ordered, pinakbet, ensaladang talong, crispy pata, and the chicken bbq. The vegetables in the pakbet were blanched as it tasted like it and sauce was just poured over, rather than sauted in shrimp paste. Ensaladang talong was a miss for me. Using a vinegar base sauce and adding cilantro rathen than keeping it simple with shrimp paste. The chicken bbq, the chicken was boiled then grilled. Although the sauce they used on the chicken was okay, it tasted more american like rather than filipino like (sugar soy acid and ketchup based). The crispy pata was the best part. Cant really mess that up, the skin was crispy and the meat was tender. The only thing was, they used a tiny chopping board, wooden board to hold the pata. It was so small that you had no room to cut up the leg without having it fall of the board and into the table. We owed $80+ for the entire meal. Quite pricey for what it is. If you want to go for looks and presentation then this is the place for you. Dont get me wrong the food was okay but if you are looking for authentic flavor, I personally feel it would be best you eat at a restaurant where the food is placed in a tray in front of you. Where you go to pick it out and they put it straight on your plate.

Deleena McLennan

First time having authentic Philippine cuisine. aside from a home cooked meal. This place is great, everyone is friendly, very attentive, and not to mention the food was amazing!

M Atienzasis

Excellent authentic Philippine cuisinefor Dasilog, Chicken Adobo, Halo haloBuko juice, family atmosphere with variety of live air cleaning plants

Albert Bae

The food is amazing. Everything was cooked to perfection, especially the fish.The ambience is really nice and well decorated. The ube shake is absolutely delicious. But one glaring flaw is that the service is very slow. But that's about it. So my recommendation is to go early when you're not too hungry, by the time you are you will be hungry. Asides from that, the food is really good. Will come back again

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Only at Renee's ~ A Taste of Pampanga, Philippines

2181 Upton Dr #410, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
(757) 427-1222