Taco Bell

6544 Indian River Rd, Virginia Beach
(757) 420-9516

Recent Reviews

MarvelouslyMixedMartian Lloyd

I was starving. Good taste good prices too

Lesley May

They have a vegetarian menu and it's good.


They don't know how to fix sweet tea ð??? other than that it was good

Jon S

It's fast food. It's cheap, and its sustenance. Outside of that, the location, is awful, dirty, water was pouring in through the ceiling during a rain storm on my head as I used the soda fountain machine.

Autumn Thompson

Worst experience ever Iâ??m playing dd and a few people wanted food pulled into the drive through since inside was closed and told her I had three orders and just kept saying you canâ??t do that in drive thru, I was the only car in the line I decided to drive the extra 5 mins to a Taco Bell I know and love for their customer service and willing to work with customers! I will never visit this place again

Anonymous EXPECT US

Clean environment, Well timed service, Friendly cashier and manager.

Virginia R.

Every time going to this location be prepared to wait in the drive thru 30 minutes to an hour. Not exaggerating at all. Last night took a full hour to receive my one order and it was wrong. I had been in line at 9:45 and couldn't order off the kfc menu because I wasn't able to get to the box to order until 10:20 (they stop serving kfc at 10) and there were only 5 cars ahead of me. The lady refused to give me a receipt, saying the printer was broken. I had to correct my order 3 separate times at the window before I receive all of it cold. Unfortunately it's the only location close to my house. I try to go as little as possible and every time they always disappoint. They need a new system or crew. If I could give no stars I would.

skylar buchanan

Some of the most rudest people I've encountered!!! Do not go here!!!

Sravan Surapaneni

I generally love taco bell

Corey Miller

You go here if, like, you need a harsh reminder about the futility of hope, or you want to try a random menu item you would never think to order on purpose, or your home life is a nightmare and you need a place to delay you for about 45 minutes. You do not come here for an average KFC and/or Taco Bell experience where you get everything you paid for and leave in a timely manner, they don't have that. 2 stars, because it's still technically a KFC.

T Parker

Food is never good. Save yourself some trouble and go to a different location!!!!

Aaron Mason

Today they earned a 5 star for fast friendly service from speaker to Window even with 6 car's ahead of me 5 minutes tops very awesome

Tyler Shifflett

It's taco bell. You really can't go wrong for fast mexican food.

Diana Williams

I just left there ordering 6 spicy loaded tacos. I recieved regular. My husband just ate his because he was hungry. I saw mine and i called and said it wasnt right. Instead of offering customer service she said bring the food back and she will fix it then she laughed and hung up. I went to the taco bell in the pouring rain and she thought it was funny there instead of being empathetic and concerned about fixing my order. She played with my food and me to the point that i was ready to fight with her. All becuz i wanted my food right. My order is always wrong when i go there. They dont care about food or there customers.

lane .

ThereTare two other Taco Bells, I'd recommend going to them over this one. Poor service. Only received half of our order. Had to go back and the cashier continued with her attitude.

RJ Norman

This Taco Bell truly messed up my order. I ordered a Nacho Bell Grande with no beans and extra meat and cheese. I got an abundance of crunched up chips and extra beans. If it wasn't so late, i would take it back immediately.

Stevo O

The customer service is horrible and your order is hardly ever accurate. Being that this is the closest location, I will never return and make the extra trip to another location where the service is worth my patronage. Retrain or replace this staff.

William Brockman

If you're bold enough to eat here, tuck your socks in and get a drink afterwards. I can't imagine this location has any management if they allow non-employees to lean on the counter, over the PoS system, and yell back and forth at the staff. The entire dining room is in disarray and the staff regularly locks the doors and cuts the dining room lights while the posted hours indicate they're open but simply ignore any drive-thru guests. Amazing this place is still open.


ThereTare two other Taco Bells, I'd recommend going to them over this one. Poor service. Only received half of our order. Had to go back and the cashier continued with her attitude.

Amanda Gordon

Worst taco bell Ever. Very slow, employees talking on their cell phones, I had to send my food back twice. The first time because I had asked for no dairy and they put avacado ranch on it. That's not an ingredient in that burrito. Then sent it back again when all they put on it was beans and rice. WhenI got it the third time, it was still missing ingredients and I finally just asked for it on the side and built the burrito myself!! BTW, I had to ask multiple times for sides because they were enough for 1 burrito. I ordered 4! People were there over 15 minutes and still waiting when I left! The tables were covered with fresh and food, the floors were sticky, the drink station looks like a cesspool.

Nikki Lehmkuhl

Pretty sure I got food poisoning from them. I starting throwing up about 6 hours after eating from here and my girlfriend a little before then.

Taya Lewis

Me and my boyfriend went there last night and it was subpar. We had to go back because we didnt recieve our empanadas then when we got home we realized that they didnt give us the taco holders for our doritos locks tacos so the shells were completely broken, our 12 cinnabon delights were way over cooked and the filling came out of them, and my chicken in my taco was hard, my boyfriend said his beef looked weird, and we ended up throwing it all away. Also we never got a receipt so.... yeah they handed us a piece of paper but it wasnt our receipt. The man at the window was really nice tho, but everything else kind of sucked.

Brandon Ramsey

I normally don't mind someone messing up details on my order. I get it, sometimes it's busy. But if you're going to this Taco Bell, don't even bother ordering something from the menu because they're going to give you what they think you want. For example, I got a T3 (3 supreme tacos) soft she'll and a side of the smoky barbecue chicken tenders. What I actually got - 3 hard shell tacos with just the meat, cheese and lettuce, and 3 plain chicken tenders. I paid $12.26 to basically be told "nah b you actually want this instead". Just go to the McDonalds up the street, at least the only thing busted there is the ice cream machines.

Michaela Gooch

Terrible terrible service.. the lady at the front was so high she couldnâ??t even function and she was all irritated that there were people in the bathroom because then she would have to clean it again. And she had to get talked to by her manager and she then had an attitude towards her and everyone around her cussing up a storm..

Rhys Davis

Ordered at 5:50pm. Received food at 620. Associates were letting whoever got to the counter first walk off with orders. Great way to finish up a work day, saving some time instead of cooking.

Monique J.

Went there today around 4pm The drive threw was long? Went in side it took 5minutes to know I was there waiting. Then the cashier was talking my order what she read back was Wrong! Then the people that order before me Had to come back because there order was wrong. Then the cashier asked them did I charge you? Then they didn't even have enough what he ordered? Then the other person behind the counter grabbed like 25 packs off sauce he didn't have that much. Me just walked off. I wouldn't go there again. How hard is this J.O.B???

Jessica M.

Had THE WORST fast food experience of my life here, last night! I didn't even pick it up, but my husband did on his way home and had to wait 25 minutes in line when there were only two cars ahead of him... my husband thought that maybe they ordered a lot but when they got their orders, they were of normal size. Then, when he finally got up to the window, he received NO apology for the wait, was given this poor excuse of a meal (yes, the fries were really that small in quantity AND quality), and NO RECEIPT! Granted, my husband could have noticed this, but I'm sure, at that point, he just wanted to leave. So my 6 month pregnant self did not receive my Taco Bell fix that I've been waiting for for weeks, and my husband had to pay for basically garbage. The fries, that we did get, looked like they were scraped off the bottom of the fryer, and everything else tasted Pre made and stale, and looked like they were literally thrown together. This Taco Bell is within a mile of our house, which would make us regulars if we had good service and good food, but we will never be coming back here. I'm the first person to make up an excuse for someone because I understand being busy and I understand that mistakes happen, but I don't understand pure laziness, and disregard to customer service.

Imaloserdude M.

I like nachos. I like cheese. But I am not a big fan of the Tri-ple Melt Nachos for a dollar at Taco Bell. This was my first time trying this entrée, and it left me unimpressed and unsatisfied. Maybe it wasn't the fault of the nachos. Maybe they had the potential of being delicious. Maybe on any other day they might have been tasty. Maybe, maybe, maybe. The container that held mine had more unmelted cheese sprinkled on top than melted cheese attached to the nachos. I won't order this again. It was a waste of my dollar. The Cravings Box cost me five dollars and came with five items: a crunchy taco, a beefy 5-layer burrito, a chalupa su-preme, a medium fountain drink, and some cinnamon twists. My favorite part of this meal is the chalupa supreme. It is often the first thing I eat. I really like the simplicity of the crunchy ta-co, though I often find that it falls apart near the end. I solve this problem by getting a fork from the counter to eat the shell parts that break apart and the lettuce that falls to the table. I usually save the burrito to eat later at home, but today I was quite hungry and ate it at the colorful table I sat at (tables with a padded seat cushion). I'm not a big fan of the cinnamon twists, as they often arrive too crunchy and make an unpleas-ant sound in my head as I bite into them. They're sweet, but I threw away most of them when I left the restaurant. The sodas were mixed perfectly, and I drank two cups of Mountain Dew, just the perfect mixture of syrup, water, and carbon dioxide gas (CO2, the bubbly stuff in soft drinks). The tables were clean. The floor had no litter. And the temperature wasn't too cold. The staff was courteous and on task, and quiet. I don't mean that they didn't talk, it is just that they didn't force me and all the other patrons to listen to their loud personal gripes as so often happens in fast food restau-rants (yes, I'm talking about the Norfolk Taco Bell on Monticello Avenue). Overall, it was a pleasant eating environment as I sat with two friends and tried to wait out the rain. I left when there appeared to be a calm, but found myself in a deluge ten minutes later on the 64 Freeway, reduced to 30 m.p.h. with windshield wipers savagely trying to clear my view. Very scary, but I made it safely home. Probably the best thing about this restaurant is that it offers both Taco Bell menu and a KFC menu. Definitely a good restaurant with thoughtful employees.

Carrie Brown

Asked a question and the answer was too quick to understand.

Nathan Tillett

Ask for no lettuce youâ??ll get no meat and no cheese! I know they usually donâ??t fill the tacos up full but this is ridiculous.

Frank K.

I just enjoy taco bell. I've had almost every item on the menu. I guess the Tex-Mex food works for me. The service is usually fast and friendly. Good food at a good price.

Jeremy Knighton

This location sucks, like bad. Food is always thrown together and your order is always missing an item or two.

Jaclyn Abraham

This place never gets my order correct. They are extremely sloppy and rude. I would definitely say go somewhere else. Itâ??s not worth the disappointment of getting home and your order is completely wrong.

Kris D.

A KFC / Taco Bell combination store. Modern, clean, and great kind service during my visit. I don't eat fast food often, but occasionally I have to have that historically great original recipe!

Nick Stave

GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, ANYWHERE ELSE! This is the worst establishment to get food that I have EVER been to. The employees are lazy, super slow (even when it's not busy), and 9 times out of 10 will get your order wrong. My food is often cold, old or just plain missing. I'll NEVER go through the drive-thru again because I know that I'll have to go inside anyways because they will have messed up my order. I have an issue every single time I go here that makes me not want to go back. The only reason I ever go here is because my boyfriend likes Taco Bell and it's close to the house, but please heed my warning and drive the extra 2, 5, 10 miles or whatever it takes to go somewhere else!!!!!!

Tina S

No matter how few people are in line or how few cars are at the drive thru; you WILL wait at least 20 minutes to get your food - even if you only order 2 items. You ALWAYS have to check your food to ensure it's correct. They are famous for giving wrong food or missing items. Prep area and floor is always disgusting and the staff have no concern for prompt, accurate service. It's been this way for years. You'd think they'd improve but don't.


No matter how few people are in line or how few cars are at the drive thru; you WILL wait at least 20 minutes to get your food - even if you only order 2 items. You ALWAYS have to check your food to ensure it's correct. They are famous for giving wrong food or missing items. Prep area and floor is always disgusting and the staff have no concern for prompt, accurate service. It's been this way for years. You'd think they'd improve but don't.