Taco Bell

6544 Indian River Rd, Virginia Beach
(757) 420-9516

Recent Reviews

Orchestra Mom

Rude cashier. No napkins. No receipt given.

Misty Hetrick

They force you to order from the kiosk then can’t even make your food properly. I got steak and they put both chicken and steak in my food, they also had the sour cream and all of the toppings on the outside and falling out the wrapper. They seal the bag so you can’t see what a terrible job they did. Ruined my lunch break and wasted my money. There was also a worker with a small child running around yelling after they destroyed the bathroom.

James Januchowski

Horrible experience multiple times. I am getting severely annoyed at this point. Pay for extra sauces on quesidillas, or nacho cheese on burritos and they simply steal your money and don't do what they say they are going to. If it happens one single more time im going above the managers head to corporate. It is literally beyond insane i pay .45 cent extra per quesidilla and get almost none.

Kristal A.

The food was just okay. Our tacos looked like they were thrown together and the cinnamon twists were stale at 11 am. I think they were left over from the night before.

Bill Fruit

They have this ridiculous thing going on right now where they pass your food in a tray after they've already touched the bag. It's good for a laugh, and the food's not bad either.


I just like any tacos but clean store and nice staff.

Mary Beth Hickok

Visited at 7:38 and was treated very kindly...recommend highly. Thank you.

Michael Dodd

It's clean and easy to order at!

Rami Samaan

To know why all of your order comes out in a bad shape I’ll reveal the answer to you guys. This Taco Bell has the worst manager ever. It’s not the employee it’s the manager who’s educating the employees to put small amounts of food into your tacos.

Dawn Dewey

Service was good but the "assembly" of the tacos was not. I know they have a specific way to put that stuff together and yesterday - they failed.

random shit

Great workers! Don't have any issues with the food!

Chris Schuman

The worst taco bell & KFC I ever been to. I was in the drive thru with my kids for 22minutes before even given my order to the speaker.

AfterPrision Life

Great workers! Don't have any issues with the food!

Lisa Satterthwaite

Good fast service & hot delicious cheesy gordita crunch!

Courtney Pinkstaff

If they had an option for negative stars I would give it. This is THE WORST Taco Bell I have ever encountered. You’re always waiting forever, your food is never right, and the employees are RUDE. How has this place not been shut down???

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