Virginia ABC

2181 Upton Dr, Virginia Beach
(757) 427-9650

Recent Reviews

John Groman

Good selection and pricing

Jamie Parker

Quick in & out. Free Parking in back that always has open spaces. This location always presents well. Very orderly, very clean, well stocked and appropriately staffed with helpful, knowledgeable employees with a kind and friendly disposition. This is not the standard or typical experience when visiting most ABC stores.

Rick Esposito

My other go to abc, great people here as well always friendly and welcoming here as well I live in between both locations so depending on my shopping I go between here and Edinburgh.. the two best location for that nieghborhood feel

Deanna Watson

Nice selection, friendly staff. This is the only liquor store I go to when I visit VA BEACH!

Bev Helsel

Nice store, had what we wanted.Building not well marked. We were looking for ABC Liquor Store. The marking was confusing. Went past it. GPS was also very confusing. Wasted 10 minutes looking for it.

Aidan R. (Rook)

The staff was friendly and the place was clean and modest, especially for a liquor store. Nice place to be.

Lisa O.

Good selection. Seems like they keep up seasonal products too. Steady busy store since it is close to Sandbridge beach and all the rental beach houses. It's a small footprint store but it definitely has a good selection and usually has what I need and they can look up in the computer and tell you what store has what you need. That is always helpful Clean store and plenty of parking

Matt Alt

I love bourbon. Great spot little hidden gem for bourbon hunting.


Need no words needed, Drink responsibility....

David Ludder

Customer service was great, woman who worked there helped recommend some quality items.

Pattye Longobardi

Always helpful, kind and knowledgeable!!!

Griff A

Employees always super helpful with recommendations

Joey Hodges

Great friendly staff. Clean and organized.

James Sandloop

Good booze and you have to do all the work

Helen Zanfini

Clean with limited people in the store. All wearing masks.

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