Charbroil Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

14239 Potomac Mills Rd, Woodbridge
(703) 499-8000

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Norlan Trana

Some time the food is good. Some time not. And the waitress is all that good never around. And she put in the tip for $18. And I wait for 15 minutes to get water to me

Les F

Charbroil never disappoints. The endless servings of meat--steak, sausage, chicken, turkey, etc served hot on skewers are delicious,. In fact, you have to let them know when you have had enough. The salad bar is great with many options i cludi g chili, bourbon chicken, seafood salad, seafood chowder and all sorts of salad. Go to this restaurant hu ngry. The food is plentiful and delicious. A best seller in my book.

Sammy Lilaf

Very bad experience and I would not recommend it at all. So disappointed the meat was not fresh, it feels like it was the leftover plus they did not offer any pineapple, Rebey or filet mignon. I would never go back there.


Party of 3 on Mother's Day. Restaurant was very busy.

Jennifer McFadden

Delicious steaks , chicken, ribs, salmon, etc. Served to you however you like. Love the fried Pineapple and cheese balls (bread) Service has always been great and restaurant stays clean. Gets pretty busy during weekends. Go there on an empty stomach. They have alot of options to try

William Mickens Sr.

Good eats got my money's worth and 4 OTHER people's as well. Real nice friendly staff. Never had to wait for food.

Danielle M

Great service! Food was just ok. The meats were tough and not very tasty. The salad bar was good and the grilled pineapple was hands down, the best thing I had there.

D Hastings

I love this place. It gets a little pricy, but it’s worth it. Can’t beat all you can eat steak and it’s the good stuff.

Casie Sabean

Amazing experience. Staff was very attentive and the food was delicious.

Tim K

Everytime i am in town, i have to eat here. their bacon wrapped filet and bacon wrapped chicken are delicious... you must try the garlic shrimp. the HUGE shrimp and cocktail sauce on the sides bar is amazing... but the highlight of the trip is the grilled pineapple! must try..thanks for an awesome dinner as always and will see you next time i am in town.

Bono Larbi

This place is awesome. A buddy of mine took me there to celebrate my new position and I loved every piece of it from the appetizers so the salad to the main course. The price was also very good and the quality of the meat and products there was fantastic. They had this cheese sauce that was just good on anything if I ever get the chance to go back there again I will make sure to as soon as I can.

Burton Goldstein

Definitely a cut above the other "serve at your table" style steak houses that we go to. They all try to do great tasting, mostly end cut, meats, incredible salad bars (so much that my wife stops there), but this one has a little thing that we REALLY like ... Free refills on your generic drinks! Might not sound like a lot, but it makes a difference to us, and got us back the next time.

jillian casey

Great meats! Very tasty. The price is hefty but you won’t leave hungry with the never ending meats they bring around to your table and slice right in front if you off the bone!

Tami Myb

So what makes this place is the staff... we come here because of the staff! There are other Brazilian restaurants in the area but no one will take care of you like Nat or Katie. Ask for them! Food is ALWAYS delicious. Top notch!

Marrs A.

I always heard people raving about this place, finally went and was not all impressed. Meat did not have much flavor side bar was ok, I much prefer Texas de Brazil. I would come back if I receive a coupon for $25 again.


Great customer service. The salad bar was small but adequate. Really enjoyed the clam chowder from the bar as it was full of seafood. The steaks that were served were not the best cuts (plenty of fat) but were flavorful. I ended up with a plate full of fat leftover. The pineapple dessert was unexpectantly delicious. The atmosphere was really relaxing with a bar and soft, soothing music playing. The price is what one would expect for a Brazilian steakhouse.

Jose R.

I love this place. It's my Go-To whenever I'm in the mood for grilled meat. Their salad bar is great and you really get your money's worth compared to other "all you can eats" that are within half a mile.

Mohamed Wasel

A great restaurant for all you can eat meat! If you're vegetarian, you're better off elsewhere. This place is for meat lovers! We had a group dinner here and the guys loved it. Most of the guys were interested more in eating meat, so we didn't care much about the buffet options. Trying their pineapple is a must! Plan on walking few miles after having dinner here because it's easy to get stuffed without realizing it.

N81 N.

My wife and I had a quoted (and stuffed) date here last week. So close to home! The servers were courteous and cheerful, and the meat was top notch! We will be back. Points to improve on: The server with the lamb stopped by our table only once.

Richard C.

I hit a great one here by chance. We were invited to a birthday here and what a great place this turned out to be. I had seen this restaurant before but never tried it. I don't spend a lot of time in Woodbridge so that's another reason I hadn't made it here. This restaurant in located in a shopping center across from Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge Virginia. So in we go and our friends were already there and we were seated right away. The place looks nice a great, comfortable and inviting atmosphere. They have a bar and the way it's set up looks nice too. Our server was great he explained how everything worked. You are given a little chip, red on one side and green on the other. Red means you don't want meat, green means you do. They bring the meat out to you. By the way I LOVE MEAT, yes I do and I'm happy I do. It's delicious, it's yummy, it's happiness in a chunk of meat. Being on the top of the food chain is a wonderful thing. I'm so glad I don't have to worry a lot about getting eaten, I would hate that. Anyway this is a meat lovers paradise. So first I'm off to the salad bar, the very well stocked salad bar. They even have some meats, shrimp and chili and other nice stuff on the bar. In fact you could make that a meal by itself. Once everyone sits down here comes the meats, sirloin, pork, chicken, salmon and more meats lovely tasty meats. They bring it straight from the kitchen so it's hot and fresh. They slice it right at your table. About every ten or so minutes a new cut and type of meat comes to the table and it's ALL YOU CAN EAT, I almost ate myself to death. What a way to go though. All the meats were flavor nicely and cooked to perfection. The server was great too, took away empty plates and kept my lemonade glass full. They are super attentive here, just the right amount. We were there nearly three hours, and never once did we feel any kind of rush to get out. We really had a super great dining experience here and are looking forward to coming back.

Charbroil Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

14239 Potomac Mills Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192