Charbroil Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

14239 Potomac Mills Rd, Woodbridge
(703) 499-8000

Recent Reviews

Jason Guy

Lunch service was quick, friendly, and clearly enjoyed their work. Steaks came to our table right away and cooked how I liked them. Will definitely come again!

Alicia G.

This was our first experience here and the host and servers were incredibly nice and helpful. The buffet itself was plentiful with delicious options with fresh salad and delightful seafood. The main attraction, the meats, were brought out quickly and were so juicy and delicious. There was a wide variety of meats ranging from sirloin to bacon wrapped turkey. I finished my meal off with a hearty and pleasant seafood chowder and some grilled pineapple. A wonderful experience that was well worth the price.

eric r.

My wife and I use to go there all the time before they raise their prices. I don't think it's worth the price. I rather go somewhere else and just eat one steak one good steak.

rachel hanke

This place is a perfect medium between casual and formal. The atmosphere is very nice and relaxing, but you could easily have a great time with friends over beer. The food is unbelievably delicious. They have wonderful timing to ensure a well-placed meal. You wont leave here hungry, for sure!

Craig Hodge

This was a great experience. Our server was great and attentive. The staff was excellent. The food was fresh and delicious.

yhtui fgfh

One of my main spots to grab some food. excellent location, well organised, and excellent customer service. 5 stars!


The meat is very good and love the variety,love the salad bar. The service was great and the waiter was very attentive to our table.

Shahram F.

It's an average dinner experience. Average tasting food with minimal food and side bar option. They ran out of desert the night before and had nothing to offer. The price gouging made the experience hard to enjoy ($300 w/tip for 4 adults and 1 child). It was our first and last visit.


Hello! Thank you for your wonderful feedback!

brian robertson

Excellent service! Great atmosphere! Great variety of flavorful foods! And for an excellent price!

Michael Perez

The meats taste great (main reason why folks go there)! However, their prices are too high. My 12-year old ate one omelette (albeit it was a phenomenal omelette) but for that we had to pay $25 bucks. Yes, a 12-year old pays the same as an adult; I believe that to be unfair. My wife and I will return, but without the children. Only reason I gave it 3 vs. 4 stars is because of the price. Food is REALLLY scrumptious!!

Jerry Grimes

Outstanding food cooked perfectly. Friendly service. My wife and I will be returning here

Ingrid C.

Experienced a Brazilian steak house for the first time and did so at Charbroil. It was a good experience, I don't have others to compare it to but it delivered everything I would have expected, the service was great and the rotation was awesome! The salad bar had some great options, I definitely will plan a return

Paul Carty

Great for a budget Brazilian Steakhouse. Lots of great grilled meat and hot bar. We usually go for brunch and enjoy the breakfast fare as well. Great prices and pretty good food.

Dug E Phresh

Amazing food and service. High Quality meats and vegetables at amazing prices. the staff is very friendly and helpful and if you need anything just ask and they will do anything they can to make it happen. Great ownership and management very happy can't wait to go back

Chanae Morris

Super delicious! It's more expensive than your average restaurant, but it's worth it. All the delicious meat you can eat. Oh my goodness and the grilled pineapple. Yum! I just about devoured the equivalent of one whole pineapple myself. I love it. There salad bar is typical, but that's not why you eat here anyways.

Jason Millsaps

I have had nothing but great experiences here! The meat is great and the Pineapple is one of my favorite desserts of all time! There is always something great at the salad bar such as roasted potatoes or chili. The people are very friendly and helpful! This is one of my favorite places to go!


I go for the chowder and grilled pineapples. The other good is AMAZING too!!! It’s worth it to treat yourself and then peel yourself out of your chair and be rolled to your car because you overate on accident.


The food was at best Ok. Out of all the meats brought to us I only liked the Picanha, which I considered average. The food bar of compliments to the dinner had a poor selection and what was there was maybe average. The only thing I enjoyed about this meal was the company of the two people we were with. I am allergic to fish, I wish they would separate the plates. They have a table plate and place all the meat there and those at the table obtain the meats from that one plate. I had to ask them to put the shrimp and other seafood on the individual's plates. This type of service is the first I have seen. Usually, they place the slices/pieces of meat on the individual's own plate; not communal plate. Ownership should think about changing this.


We were looking for a change from the other restaurants in the Woodbridge area. I saw the great reviews for this place and, although the price seemed pretty steep at $40 each, I figured it must be fantastic so we went there. The staff was friendly and service was great - no problem there. The salad bar was small but adequate - I tried to avoid overdoing at the salad bar and because I follow a low carb diet I figured this place was for me! Wrong. When the meat came the first thing was the sausage, some sort of pork cube and turkey wrapped in bacon. All ok but not impressive - I figured that came first so they could fill you up before the expensive stuff. The lamb was very good - I will admit lamb is my favorite. The salmon was good but not outstanding. The beef was hit or miss. There were 3 of us, I like my meat medium rare so it's not too rare but not dry and overcooked either, hubby loves his rare and son likes his medium well. It was hard to get some that each would like. Even so, they did bring all 3 at different times. I found the meat rather one-dimentional. Not really seasoned, what was referred to as prime rib was mostly fat- I hate a lot of visible fat so most of that got discarded. Everyone raves about the pineapple and it was good - but it's easy to grill pineapple on your grill at home at a lot less than $40 a pop! The other steaks ran from tough to chewy. I kind of wished I had gotten more from the salad bar/buffet. \n\nI've been to a Brazilian Steak House before and this one does not compare. I doubt we will return.

Brittni T.

It's a great Brazilian steak house. I visit occasionally. There is a parking lot. Sometimes you have to flag down the waiters even if you're showing you want the different selections of meat. Customer service is good.

Judy D.

The food is delicious!! However, the price one year ago was $32 per person. Tonight it was $40 per person. At this extreme cost, it should be completely allowable to bring home our leftovers. The server took our platter and we watched him go in the back and throw the extras away. We will not return since the cost is far greater than the value of the food. Ridiculous.

Michelle G.

The service was superb and the meats excellent. I was not impressed with the salad buffet; a bit lacking in choices and some of the dishes were quite bland. Overall I'll definitely go back due to the attentive and professional service and delicious meats, but underwhelming buffet is what kept me from leaving a 5 star review.

Adam B.

I've worked at a Brazilian steakhouse for the last year so since I was passing through the area, I decided to stop here to celebrate my paying off my final student loan. I was seated in a booth towards the back of the restaurant. The Brazilian caipirinha was a marvelous cocktail, well balanced and I could really taste the fresh mint and lime juice. The salad bar was okay, I really liked the garlic mashed potatoes. A nice amount of butter, but not too heavy and a nice dose of garlic. I also liked the mango shrimp salad and cucumber and orzo salad as well. The other pleasant surprise was that mussels were available on the bar too. I really would have liked some fried bananas, like most of the Brazilian places have, but they don't serve those. The beef ribs and bourbon chicken were totally skippable. The server asked me how I wanted my meat and I told him medium rare to medium. that's how everything came out. I got one full rotation of meat, although I later found out, I never got any chicken. The sausage was quite spicy, a little more than some of the other linguica I've had. The top sirloin, garlic steak, and flank were probably my favorite cuts. And I was very pleased to get grilled shrimp as part of the rotation, though I had to remove the entire shell. Of course, make sure to save room for the roasted pineapple. After the first rotation, I was feeling pretty full, but I had a little room left. The server almost seem surprised when I said I had more room, because he asked immediately if I wanted the check. I just didn't understand why he didn't even mention desserts. I doubt I'll go back, just because it's 3 hours from my house, but it's worth a visit for a special occasion.

i is a gay

THIS IS HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE GRILL RESTAURANT! They personally serve you fresh meat right off the grill. They bring the meat on a metal stick and slice a piece of meat for you. They have different levels of done-ness if you have a preference and a salad bar with some soups and chicken. They have a bar (which I don't know much about because I don't drink) and the bathrooms are always cleans and nice smelling (which I always appreciate). The staff is amazing and will usually try and follow a request you make (ex: if you ask for the grilled pineapple to be extra crispy they'll follow through). This is an amazing grill and one of the best in this area.

Abdul K.

It was nice we had some chickenpox experience will go back again one more time... Service was friendly

Jay D.

WOW! Everything in this place is delicious. Service is great, servers are awesome and friendly. The salad bar food is always fresh, and if you choose it, they keep the meat offerings coming regularly. Try the grilled pineapple, it's delicious! And this is from someone who usually HATES cooked pineapple! It's a LITTLE pricey, but worth every penny.

Norlan Trana

Some time the food is good. Some time not. And the waitress is all that good never around. And she put in the tip for $18. And I wait for 15 minutes to get water to me

Les F

Charbroil never disappoints. The endless servings of meat--steak, sausage, chicken, turkey, etc served hot on skewers are delicious,. In fact, you have to let them know when you have had enough. The salad bar is great with many options i cludi g chili, bourbon chicken, seafood salad, seafood chowder and all sorts of salad. Go to this restaurant hu ngry. The food is plentiful and delicious. A best seller in my book.

Sammy Lilaf

Very bad experience and I would not recommend it at all. So disappointed the meat was not fresh, it feels like it was the leftover plus they did not offer any pineapple, Rebey or filet mignon. I would never go back there.

Jossy O.

Compared to other steakhouses in the area, this one is subpar. Service isn't the most attentive. Some cuts of meat were pretty tough to eat. If you're looking for something more like a fogo de chao or chima this isn't the place. I gave it three stars because it wasn't terrible can compare it to a Golden Corral or another large chain restaurant like that.

Ressurrection G.

I go here every chance we get. The service is great and food is consistently good. This Mother's Day the Clam/Seafood Chowder which is what I actually love going for (well that and the grilled pineapple), was runny and that was super disappointing. I chalked this one time up to the day. It was just too busy perhaps and they misstepped thinking no one would notice. Love love love this place. It's located in the same shopping center as the Staples, across the street (kinda) from Potomac Mills. Also, parking spaces are small. Leave the big pick up truck at home if you can.


Party of 3 on Mother's Day. Restaurant was very busy.

Jennifer McFadden

Delicious steaks , chicken, ribs, salmon, etc. Served to you however you like. Love the fried Pineapple and cheese balls (bread) Service has always been great and restaurant stays clean. Gets pretty busy during weekends. Go there on an empty stomach. They have alot of options to try

William Mickens Sr.

Good eats got my money's worth and 4 OTHER people's as well. Real nice friendly staff. Never had to wait for food.

Gwen W.

I hadn't been to this restaurant in about 3-years. The salad bar was one of the best in the area. When we went for Mother's Day, the salad bar was similar to chain restaurants. I would strongly recommend adding items and making your wait staff move.

Danielle M

Great service! Food was just ok. The meats were tough and not very tasty. The salad bar was good and the grilled pineapple was hands down, the best thing I had there.

D Hastings

I love this place. It gets a little pricy, but it’s worth it. Can’t beat all you can eat steak and it’s the good stuff.

Brendon R.

Warning If dinning here be prepared for meat overload, but that not a bad thing as long as you bring your appetite. I did like the atmosphere. It was very family oriented. They also have a Brunch menu available for a reasonable price. Overall a great experience.

Nathaniel R.

Real nice place, atmosphere was real nice and calm food at the salad bar was quit good and once the meet started coming around(which took awhile)was real good,the beef had that charcoal taste which I like and once they got the leg of lamb(which was the main reason I came)to my table and I finally got to it was out standing.i believe I will return to this place hoping the meat gets to the table a little quicker. Especially the leg of lamb.

Charbroil Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

14239 Potomac Mills Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192
(703) 499-8000