The Halal Kingz

14067 Noblewood Plaza, Woodbridge
(202) 669-7067

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Mohammad Qadiri

Chicken and lamb over rice with white sauce and salad. Amazing seasoning. Amazing lamb and chicken combo and the rice is cooked to perfection. Don’t hesitate or even look around just head to the halal kingz at the epiq food hall and get yourself a gyro or a platter. They even have falafel as well. Fries came out perfect and seasoned. Nowhere else to look just head there if you are in the area and get yourself some authentic afghan food from a true afghan owner. Owner was awesome and generous and gave us everything we needed in excess. All we had to do was ask! I will be back asap!

Yasin Tasin

Always support new halal spots in the dmv area. Being from nyc I miss chicken over rice spots all the time. Glad to have one in the area. Def recommend to go and try

Clarence “C.R.” Smith

First and most respectfully... Alhamdulillah!\\nThe Halal Kingz Grand opening! I gotta give it to them... It's very good. Not great. But get good for a quick grab of culture and good taste. The staff is really cool. Young people who \\\"look like me\\\" ?❤️ and an awesome Persian fella who's name I cannot pronounce. Meals was ready in about 10 minutes.\\nI had the mix bowl, which was full of meats and fresh greens, rice, spices... Sorry if I forget anything, but Portions are great! The price is right on! YES! My only \\\"suggestion\\\"... The fries aren't the greatest. Just being honest. THE HALAL KINGZ !!???

mahnoor t

The food was ok! I am a person who likes spicy food and it’s not as spicy or flavorful like other competitors who serve similar platters and sandwiches. The biggest plus point is the food gets ready super quickly. I have a suggestion to ask the customer for sauce/extra sauce because it’s very dry. I like white sauce and red sauce more. Overall, I love the vibe of food hall and the seating is amazing.

Nick Lewis

Hello world, this is your review from a Florida man near you and I have to say this is probably some of the best Halal I’ve had ever. It’s a grilled crispiness that just satisfies. I even took my picky eating sister her and she ended up loving it.

Mike J

I must say I am a food lover and do not mind paying for it. But unfortunately the amount I paid for the mix bowl platter(Mix Gyro) $16.95 was not worth at all. The meat had odd smell to it and the portion served is not worth the cost they are charging. The way a food business prepares \\u0026 serves the food, it actually speaks for it self but in my case burnt, greasy \\u0026 food odor. People work hard to earn money you cant just make people fool, I expect a full refund.\\nA humble suggestion to owner please do consider working especially on the quality of food.\\n#StopFoolingPeople

Nel O.

The owner is amazing and so dedicated! He started in a food truck for 3 years and he finally has his own place! The food is delicious and made to order. He is helpful with ordering and has great prices, too!

Kenny S.

The service was great. The food was excellent I didn't need anymore more food from anywhere else. It was satisfying filled me up. Definitely worth the drive.

Kenneth Jenkins

It was my first time trying Halal Kings and I was pleasantly surprised as to how good everything was. I had ordered the combo chicken and lamb bowl. The portion size was good. The proteins were flavorful and well balanced. The French fries were beautifully seasoned. I would have loved to have seen some type of dipping sauce to partner with the fries. The customer service was great and the owner was very welcoming. Overall it was a very good first experience and I will be coming back.

Nick S.

Ate there for the first time today, and their food was awesome. The team there were friendly and so helpful, they recommended the #5 and it was the freshest and most delicious dish I’ve had in a long time. Definitely recommended to friends and will be coming back.

Doshemeka Amadi

I got the chicken bowl - To go! Food was SO delicious. The chicken was well seasoned, rice cooked perfectly and those chickpeas were so delicious, they brought the bowl all together. Friendly customer service. I will most definitely be returning!!!

Jeanna Cadiche

Great customer service from Jabi!!! The food is delicious! Barely a wait! The chicken is flavorful, the chickpeas seasoned well, and the white sauce! The white sauce hit! Will definitely be back! I recommend everyone to eat here!


I tried the lamb bowl and it was really good. The lamb tasted great and it was cooked just right. The white sauce was great and according to owner the red sauce is on the way so definitely will be coming back to try that. Some recommendations would be to chop down the tomatoes a bit smaller. Use different shaped bowls because its hard to mix everything without spilling everything. Overall great experience.

ayaz rasool

Finally, an excellent addition to woodbridge halal food. We tried everything on the menu and everything was excellent, fresh ingredients and flavor was delicious. Fries were ok. Service was amazing and this will be our favorite gyro place in woodbridge as long as they serve the same quality and fresh ingredients.

Christian B.

BUSTIN!!!!! Very Fresh And Tender!! Rice is not too heavy on the stomach! Loved everything about the Chicken and Lamb Mix!! Will DEFINITELY be back for more!!!

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