Eco Bean Cafe

688 Pine St, Burlington
(802) 497-2075

Recent Reviews

Brandon Sauer

Love this place!

Sophia S.

Yummy smoothies but don't bother with a mobile order bc they don't start making it till you get there anyways- even when they aren't busy.

Frankie C.

Best spot in town for a smoothie + avocado toast + and the Dahl is next level. Açaí bowls... yes yes yes

Ann C.

I love going to eco bean on Dorset Street. I didn't realize that the eco bean on Pine Street would be a den of sadness. My rice bowl was sitting in a puddle of water, there were few, if any vegetables, and the chicken was super dry and flavorless. My friend got a Panini that was so greasy it looked like it had been dropped in a deep fryer.

alanboyce barber

A lovely little place to get a fresh healthy homemade smoothie,and the young lady who made it was a vision to behold.


Great little place with good food.

Peter DiFonzo

I would give this place four out of five or even five out of five stars however they donâ??t take phone orders so they expect me to look at my phone while Iâ??m driving in the car on my way to work to place an order. I think the owner is grossly unaware of how inconvenient this stupid policy is. I visit the shop for or five times a month spending on average $10 thatâ??s $50 a month so I spend roughly $500 a year at the shop maybe I should take my $500 a year somewhere else. I should probably just give Tom girl juice co all of my business , The owner over there is much nicer

Mehdi Jouhri

This place is amazing for those who eat healthy and strictly organic. My wife, kids and I had a blast today eating great stuff. The mangolian beef, smoothie bowl, avocado toasts, smoothies and a gourgous soup are all a great example of what you can eat in this place. Customer service is fantastic. The barista gave my kids stickers making their experience a memorable one. lovely place !

Al Marsella

Nutritious and tasty smoothies.

Samantha K.

Cute little cafe with a great atmosphere. Stopped with my boyfriend to grab smoothies and a bite to eat. Chilled cheese panini was ok, probably wouldn't order it again though. Smoothies were also just ok. Not very well blended. I would give this place another shot in the future. Maybe just an off day.

Bridget B.

Açaí bowl was great! Easy to order online. I had a little trouble finding the place at first.. It's shared space inside a fitness center. There is a door on the side to your right if you are facing the building.

Lindsay Rogers

Very nice place. Lots of really good food and coffee. My favorite is the golden milk latte. The staff is great too there was just one time when I ordered it and the barista didnâ??t seem like he knew how to make it. The drink subsequently didnâ??t come out as it usually did. It was a shame because the drink is expensive. Overall a great place to have breakfast or grab a panini. Just go in when the usual women are working there who know what theyâ??re doing.

Mark Davis

Delicious panini, bowls and smoothies. Six of us (parents, grandkids with very picky appetites and grandkids' parents) came here for a late lunch after swimming at a nearby beach park. Everything, including coffee, was fantastic and the service was friendly and efficient. One small drawback: seating is limited, so if you have a larger group or are coming at prime time, may be better to order takeout and enjoy the food at one of the lovely nearby parks/beaches.

Tina Lemay

Good selection. A bit tricky the first time finding the right driveway to get into the parking lot. Friendly staff and my smoothie was delicious!

Thomas Corrado

Really tasty vegan salad option.

Eeka T.

Wanted to try something different and I was pleasantly surprised! I have a lot of food allergies and this place is perfect if you do. I got their Barbados special and an almond smoothie that was delicious! I love this place.

Danielle Hurley

Love this place! Healthy and delicious every time.

Megan Jurnak

Oddly absentee employees, flavors that are disappointingly mundane and a price tag that leaves you with a wallet as empty as your stomach.

Sarah H.

The coffee smoothie bar of my dreams!! So many great options. My fave is the brain coffee but with espresso instead of french press, add chaga and collagen protein. The tumeric detox smoothie and the pb nibb smoothie are both great ways to start the day!

Patrick O'Neil

I love stopping by the echo Bean when I am in town. Traveled out from Colorado this time in search of a chaga chai High smoothie... It was not on the menu but I was very thankful that one of the employees had been there long enough that he remembered how to make it. Very thankful for employees like him. But that shazz back on the menu

Tracy Simmons

Just ordered 4 warm bowls: Lime Taco, Mediterranean, Pad Thai, and Kimchi. My husband and I taste tested them all for dinner, and all we both could say is WOW! The flavor was incredible in all the dishes AND the price was so low we couldn't believe how much food we got. This is now my new "go to" place. We did take-out, but they have a cute eat-in area as well. Staff was super friendly and helpful. Great, great place to get great food!

Alma H.

I came here 2 days in a row and got to try smoothie, matcha latte, dirty chai and marzipan. The smoothies are awesome, among the best I've ever had. I love that they make their own in-house almond milk and don't add sweeteners to their lattes. The matcha late was awesome, but the dirty chai not so much, otherwise I'd give them 5 stars.

Renee Brino

All I wanted was a general coffee hot or cold, nothing special. No options besides cold brew were available because they decided to clean the espresso/ juicer/ hot pot machines a half hour before they closed, which was disappointing. Both individuals were not being professional nor friendly at all and kept persisting that they were closing soon.. if that's the case then put a sign out?

Arica B.

I've been going here consistently for years and keep coming back for the healthy food and high quality of ingredients. I always feel nourished and energized after eating here. Highly recommended.

Shelley S.

Really impressed by their menu and offerings. I got a chickpea mash sandwich and it was delicious. I took away a star because I came here to grab some food and do work (they have free wifi) but there were few tables and no outlets. I will definitely stop here again later to try a salad and smoothie.

Nicholas Mendizabal

I'm rarely 'satisfied' by a salad, and would generally not consider a salad a full and proper meal... but the salads here are not mortal.... well packed with fresh goodness, plenty of 'heft' within. I ordered the tahini waldorf salad, which was dense with protein, leafy greens, and flavor. Great place, owners obviously know what they're doing.

Melissa S.

They are doing everything right! 100% organic, non-gmo, recycling, local, sustainable..they want you to have the best! Stop here on your next trip to Vermont!! Support guys like this always and forever!!!!

Maureen Halnon Wheeler

Ecobean serves the highest quality foods in VT! Everything is as organic and locally sourced as possible, all of the packaging is compostable and it is incredibly delicious! Thank you for serving our community the very best.

Mark Stein

The slick, polished look of this place made me think it was a chain. Turns out it's this nice local couple who make insanely good smoothies and food with extremely high quality, responsibly sourced ingredients. Not cheap, but very worth the price. The vegan macaroons are like a compact little meal. Good stuff!

Margaret Morgan

This place is AMAZING fresh and delicious! Went to their new one near the Blue Mall and Oh my god had quinoa balls and their smoothies are delicious. Yes the price is slightly more than other places but WORTH it for clean, fresh, pure food. Will go there at least once a month!

Lindsay Marie

Went with my grandmother and we both enjoyed our salad/tea and panini/smoothie received, very tasty and I will most likely come back again for the food/drinks.

Nina W.

They had a great amount of offerings, but the staff was unable to explain 2 of the things I was interested in ordering. I think the owner or someone in management came around and explained the tea I was interested in and the juice. I totally understand that organic and local items are more expensive, but I got an 16 oz iced tea (filled with ice) that was over $4 and the basic green juice I ordered had so much lemon and ginger, it was undrinkable. And I love ginger! If I wasn't driving back to home to NJ, I would have went back and asked for something different.

Minden B.

Great smoothies- almond butter cup is my favorite. Salads are great too. Every time I go to Burlington EcoBean is on my agenda. I highly recommend.

Leah L.

Great smoothies and juices. Employees are slow so if you're in a rush you should go somewhere else. I do wish they had some breakfast foods. Something a bit more substantial. Maybe parfaits or something?

Brooke A.

Great plant based smoothies with plant based protein for those vegans who are trying to build muscle or increase their protein intake live the salads. The juice, smoothie, coffee, and tea options are endless. They have great specials and vegan & GF options. So delicious. Also non vegan options for those who want a healthy snack or drink. DELICIOUS. must try if you haven't already. Only suggestion.. Put acai bowls or smoothie bowls on the menu! No where in Burlington (Vermont juice co smoothie bowls are awful) that has good smoothie bowls and I feel like Eco would be able to make a good one!

Misha U.

There are so many wonderful things on Eco Bean's menu. If you're looking for something nutrient-packed, organic, high-quality, raw, gluten-free, or vegan, they will have something that appeals. The reason I do not give it five stars is the price; if it were slightly more affordable, I could imagine myself going multiple times a week. As it is, I reserve Eco Bean for the occasional special treat.

Katherine L.

5 stars for the organic menu. 5 stars for choices. 5 stars for raw options. 5 stars for vegan and gluten-free friendliness. 5 stars for parking. 3 stars for location. 3 stars for ambiance. 3 stars for prices.... to be fair though, the prices make sense because they are all organic, so I guess it's worth it for killer awesome ingredients... but, for most folks, I feel that the price tag (as denoted in several reviews) is off-putting. Me - I don't care, the food and drink here is stellar. If there were longer hours, I'd have been here more often! The juice and smoothie menu is the coolest menu in the Burlington area that I have witnessed. It also rivals the juice and smoothie menu of many other places I have been. I would place their menu as metropolitan chic, hip and diverse, but with less attitude. The freshly made raw nut milks are selling points in and of themselves. Most places that are juice bars do not make their own nut milks, so that's cool! The food choices are great for salads to add some fibrous substance to your juice consumption - or, just go for a smoothie. The flavors are delectable and satisfying. The food is not too salty and just screams fresh, organic, healthful, good for you. The food does mostly have a cooked component and/or dairy, but,pretty good all the same. The prices seem high, but the portions are quite generous, justifying the prices - and it's organic? My favorite part of this place though is that they have coffee/ latte/ espresso drinks, too. I can pretty much get everything I would need to consume in a half-day (or all day) right here in this little gem of a store. Coffee is the blood of life for many (yours truly included), but not nutrient friendly compared to raw juices and smoothies. So... here, I can get one of each. Oh my goodness - brilliance! Your food is made for you, drinks, too, as you order - so, super fresh. Loved it. The ambiance is odd though - I feel that it is because it's farther from some of the hullabaloo of downtown.... also, it's a huge space, and there aren't as many tables as they might try to have... telling me that maybe it's not as popular as I would like it to be for it's amazing menu. That's too bad, but, it does provide a less cramped and anxious feeling compared to some other p.aces. Loving the organic menu options that are ridiculously plentiful. Loved this place!!

Heidi C.

I like the mission of Eco Bean and Juice. Serve organic, natural and as local as possible. If this is extremely important to you, this is the place to go for lunch and/or a fresh juice/smoothie. Expect to pay a lot and to wait a while. Servers are nice but service is slow. They have a wide variety of fresh juice selections with healthy "shot" additions, but most of the citrus-type fruits we get in Vermont are very acidy and sour, not sweet or fresh tasting, so that can throw off the taste, depending on what you order. The salads are ok. Soups are ok. Side dishes like sweets and other extras are intriguing. Raw, cold pressed chocolate. Expensive, but delicious. Some macaroon-type sweet treats that friends love. If I want a juice/smoothie, I go here and pay the extra for the organic/local bit. If i want a salad or sandwich, I go elsewhere. For a healthy snack, I would also stop by here. I don't drink coffee/tea so can't comment. I just know the service is very very slow and the prices are high.

Ana M.

The Almond Butter Cup is like a healthy milk shake! I don't know any other place that makes their own fresh organic almond milk and has almost everything organic! I've always had great service and they are super flexible. The kale salad greens could be cut up more. Really hard to eat! I like that they offer GF bread at no extra cost! But the sandwiches could be a little more simple instead of trying to be overly creative!

Howard J.

I visited today for the first time. I had the Mexicano panini and a 16 oz iced coffee. I thought the panini was good. The iced coffee was a bit off for my tastes. It's not worth $2.50 for a 16 oz coffee. The panini was $8.50 and for the price and ingredients it was worth it. I thought the price was questionable at first, but it flavor was great and I was full in the end; that's what mattered to me. If you're in to fast service or in a rush, this might be a place to skip. Also, if you're used to more normal places that don't push new-age nutrition, which is somewhat of a farce, you may not enjoy the lack of sugar. My coworker paid too much for a cold, chai tea. The guy is frugal and for how much he paid, I'm surprised he left it there almost full. It was too bland for his tastes. I think I might go back here, but only if New World Tortilla next door has a long line and I'm in a rush, which is why I ended up here today.