Lake Champlain Chocolates Factory Store

750 Pine St, Burlington
(802) 864-1807

Recent Reviews

James Cardillo

It's's Vermont...what more can you ask for? The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. The chocolates are beyond compare. If you are from Vermont and going somewhere else you, or a vacationer heading home, you need to bring a box, or 2, with you. You can't put into words how fantastic the chocolates have to share them.

Maxine Kravitz

The best chocolate I've had since living in Belgium. The quality is in the delicious taste of everything from the caramels to the hot chocolate. I love walking in to the factory and being able to see the immaculate production floor, although it being so close to my home means i am always tempted. I especially love the limited production (experimental?) products like the paté de fruit and the discounted factory seconds.

Clara Kim

Such a yummy place! The chocolates are amazing and there are so many options to choose from. The ice cream is delicious as well. Try the butter pecan, best I've ever had and I'm picky about my ice cream. Vermont cows and milk really make a difference!

Pooja Desai Patel

The best place for chocolate lovers!! Their chocolate tastings allow you to test out a few flavors before making your final purchases. They have everything from chocolate bars to truffles to seasonal specialities and even a coffee bar in the back. The staff is very knowledgeable and nice. Mostly, I love that they are a B-Corp and really care about making a bigger impact!

Yoann Lussier

Their dark chocolate and ganache are amazing and stopping at one or two will be a tough task. You'll see, even the store layout has something you can't resist, you'll want to buy more and more. Their deals are reasonable in terms of prices and amount of chocolate in a pack.


The very best chocolates! Wish we had time for the factory store but at least we got to the retail store in Burlington to pick up a few pieces.

Bob C.

Really not a tour, rather a lecture with a view.


We stopped by in the morning and were pleasantly surprised. The chocolates are great, we had a terrific cappuccino, and the free tour (you are seated overlooking one of the factories) was quite informative. They also sell "seconds" in the store.

Rebecca Brinkman

Decadent and delicious chocolate here! I picked out some neat things to take back home to family. The cherry cordials were the best!

Jaimie Corvetti

Chocolate tasting on Sundays. Yummy! The factory is closed on Sundays. If you want to see them in action, don't go on Sunday. If you do go on Sunday, they have chocolate tastings. win-win

Jeffrey Westbrook

The chocolates here are delicious, and the presentation is interesting and informative. Be sure to have some homemade ice cream at the snack counter. The chocolate ice cream and the mango sorbet are outstanding.

Jayden Kitai-Sangero

Great chocolate. Yhe fee tour was very informative and fun, better than a lot of the paid factory tours out there. We even got free samples. I'd highly recommend coming here if you're in Burlington.

Ronald Rouzer

Good chocolate and hot chocolate. Great selection. Tour is seated and got two samples at end. Views of the production floor during the tour

Marla Emery

If you're looking for grown up hot chocolate, this is the place. The Guatemalan is rich, dark, and fruity with just the barest hint of sweetness. Can be made with almond milk for those who don't or can't consume dairy.


Thank you for coming!

Scott Gibson

the price for the quality and taste of there products I have just purchased are not up to par with a true chocolate shop.not worth your time or money.blah,blah,pew.

Lee D.

I have loved Lake Champlain chocolates ever since we were a client of a Burlington Company that would send us some so a visit to Burlington had to include a stop here! Tours are available Monday-Friday but if you cannot make it during the week, free tastings are available on the weekends from 11-5. Yummy!! If you buy four bars, you get the fifth free but the challenge is deciding which five to get!! Well worth the stop!


Thank you for visiting and writing such a nice review!

Parker Kelley

Wonderful samples. Beautiful dark chocolate artwork! Immaginitive pairings. A bit pricey but well worth it.

Darlene J

This isn't a "tour" in the classic description, though you can watch the employees working through the glass. But I have to say - we REALLY enjoyed our "tour". It was VERY informative and we learned a lot. The free samples at the end were a bonus. So glad we took the time to do this. Makes us appreciate what goes in to making theses savory sweets!


Among the best chocolate I've eaten! Their store has a wonderful selection not found anywhere else.

Edward Blunt

Lake Champlain Chocolates are hands down the best chocolates in the country that I have experienced. I would always make sure to make a stop at the Factory or the location on Church St. I prefer the Factory over the Church St location because you can often get better deals since it has the "defect" chocolates. I haven't been to Burlington in a while, but I still order chocolates from them. I actually got my wife a chocolate of the month subscription for Christmas. My favorite chocolates are the dark chocolate sea salt caramels and green mountain chocolates, but I have never had anything that was bad. Warning, the prices are expensive, so probably not something you can have all the time, but definitely my go to chocolate place for special occasions or if I am in the area.

Nicolas Gandriau

Amazing chocolate and ice cream. Service was super friendly. Nice place to share something nice with your loved ones


Thank you for visiting and writing a nice review!

Gloria Roddy

The tasting opportunity was a fun experience and shopping at the Pine St. Factory offered great prices, too.

Vanessa K

So delicious. The tour was a video and watching the bakers through the glass, but still interesting and the host was really good about keeping my dairy allergen in mind. Go to the drink bar and get some drinking chocolate. One of the best cups I've ever had. There's a discounted section of "reject" chocolate with some good deals.

William Smith

Friendly, accommodating staff & a great selection of delicious chocolates. Samples, discount options, and factory tours all available. “Tour” is educational and done from a windowed balcony overlooking the production area; they recommend >7 yrs old, but there’s a shop and ice cream bar, too.

judy berger

Besides offering the best chocolates and ice cream in VT, we love buying the factory seconds to bring back goodies for our friends. I was also impressed that they sell insulated bags and cold freezer packs, so that your purchases won't melt as you go on your way.

Todd Spain

This is another place in Vermont to go see. The tour was great the chocolate is awsome. To learn how the chocolate came about and how he sold his business and started the chocolate factory from scratch is amazing. Follow your heart and your dreams because you can be successful...

Lydia H.

It is great to try samples in this store. They also sell seconds so check them out! However, I went in for one ice cream cone. There were two people behind the tiny little counter and they seemed to be involved in an order for a family of 4. Meanwhile, there was a line forming. The guy who was working behind the counter was so slow and didn't seem to realize that customer service means moving swiftly and efficiently and delivering the product in a timely way! The ice cream is very good but overpriced. I paid $4.00 for one scoop of chocolate ice cream and the service was poor. The whole ice cream bar/ hot chocolate counter scene needs to be redesigned and re-worked to be more amenable to crowds, which is, I guess, a good problem to have. Right now, it's poorly designed. Take out the movie seats and use that space!!

John B.

Chocolate bliss, with free factory tour and mini-lecture on the hour at 10 am, 11 am, noon, 1 pm, and 2 pm. No reservations for the tour, but get there ten minutes early in case it's full. The dark chocolate cherry cordials were the best I've ever had, and I always look for that type. Prices rather ridiculous, though, even for quality chocolate. The cordials are FIFTY-nine dollars per pound. Tiny bags of chocolate coins can Be $13-plus. Luckily they don't weigh a lot, LOL. Four and a half stars instead of five only because of the price. Suggestion: a few comfortable chairs in the sitting/lecture area.

Theo Valentine

Great, helpful, pleasant, staff. Most of all, the chocolate is excellent . 80%. Heck yeah. Anyone that says it's pricey, should stick to buying their chocolate at the Dollar Store. It's well worth the cost to me.


An informative tour about this chocolatier. The impressive highlight on this all the chocolates are still handmade. So many amazing choices and they all tasted delicious. A must stop when you’re in the area.

Christina S.

I have been here several times and absolutely love the fact that the windows in the factory store allow you to "watch" the chocolate making process. There are many individual chocolate options to build your own box of chocolates. My favorites are: The Peppermint Crunch Coins The Brown Rice Easter Bunny Rabbits (Seasonal-Easter/Spring) The Valentines Day Box Assortments MY FAVORITE FAVORITE- Is the Chocolates of Vermonts (4-for the four seasons) which include locally sourced honey and other unique combinations highlighting Vermont Mountains and Maple Syrup and Honey Artisans. Each season new boxes with unique and classy designs highlighting the beauty of the State of Vermont are released! Sometimes Whole Foods also features and carries Lake Champlain Chocolates.

Bloom B.

Delicious chocolates! Had a tough time finding the shop, but once I did--well--it was great! My aunt loved her mixed truffles!

Sarah Douglas

Always fun to look into the fascinating factory, know that we're enjoying ethically sourced chocolate and to sample some! Your staff is attentive and well informed without pressuring customers or being aloof. I love your products and vibe!


Nice presentation although not really a "factory" tour as described. Mostly a video and one speaker. Retail operation very nice and offering diverse selection of products to buy. Happy to see OU kosher certification on hot chocolate varieties!

Timothy Parsons

Had a lot of fun on the factory tour learning about their stewardship with the chocolate growers. Plenty of samples. Chocolate tastes very good.

Teri Valentine

Good information sharing. Good samples. Nice decore

Kristina Kara

The tour guide was very enthusiastic and informative. Free window tours every hour with samples (10-2). A little pricey for the quality of chocolates but I have little experience of American luxury chocolates so am comparing to European brands.

Lake Champlain Chocolates Factory Store

750 Pine St, Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 864-1807