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1125 Shelburne Rd, South Burlington
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It's McDonald's how bad can it be??? Manager was talking in front of customers to cashier stating they don't do breakfast (turns out certain things are only available before 10:30am). Totally confused, I asked if y'all serve breakfast all day as I looked at the breakfast menu. I don't care about policies like this until I am in line to order my breakfast. Should have pulled the her behind one of the walls blocking all kitchen activity. I always liked full review
Six cars in front of me.3:05 pm. 20 minutes. Wow!! It was always my understanding if the order is going to take a long time they ask the customer to park and they bring the order to them when done. Not at this McDonalds. I realize there has been a big push not to have food waiting under the heat lamps for hours but 20 minutes for an iced coffee? This service takes the fast food out of the equation. Most people stop at McDonalds because they don't have the time to wait. They full review

Restaurant has a bit of a unique look Must be some ordinances they have in Shelburne or something where all structures must have a "Historical" look. It's a good thing. :) As to this location... The modern style interior, the fast and friendly service, the fresh fries, 4+ stars. :) Very good McD's location they have here in Shelburne :)

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About McDonald's

Big Mac, Filet o'Fish, Quarter Pounder, French Fries. Chicken McNuggets. Get the classics from the fast food place that started it all. Get on the Value Menu for cheap eats any time. And now that breakfast is on the menu all day, what's to stop you from having those hotcakes or an Egg McMuffin for lunch? Nothing, that's what! Don't forget a smooth milkshake or famous McDonald's apple pie to really do it up right.