1125 Shelburne Rd, South Burlington
(802) 864-9322

Recent Reviews

Alex Fabara

Good drive through service. Always polite and accurate on the orders.

Trina Hess

Fast service. Order was correct!

Ronald Healey

Quick and easy stop for a long drive.... Always appreciated


Awesome and friendly management staff who made the experience welcoming easy and fast

Leo Rosowsky

Pretty good, the fries were barely warmed up and not crispy or browned at all. I’m sure it’s just because of the long Drive-thru line so it’s acceptable. Friendly staff!

Matt Brady

Just got an iced coffee. It was very good. Service was quick and courteous

Anne LaBombard

Very clean store. No line to enter. Stock levels were low on soaps and lotions.

Sara Emily

I love this McDonald's! I've never gotten a wrong order at this one. They're really good with special orders and the food seems fresher than other McDonald's here. Super polite employees and awesome managersI recommend this one to everyone I know

Drako Lovelace

McDonald's very welcoming and had great customer service

Michael Crane

I'm known for my bitter fast food reviews of Burger King, especially. working a half mile away, I choose to visit both this McDonald's as well as the Burger King down the road from it.....i ALWAYS 100%, WITHOUT FAIL get mad due to messed up orders, insane waits, and rude staff at the BK....then the next day I go to this McDonald's and always..ALWAYS..tell myself I'll never go to BK again. not just due to the freshness and taste here at Mcds, but the staff are the friendliest, from the day manager to the drive through workers...not once have I had a bad experience. thank you all for working so hard and dilligently at what you do. thanks for making my lunch break that much more enjoyable. by far, the nicest McDonald's I visit. keep up the great work!

Kramer Pullino

Rude drive thru guy wearing a blue button down shirt

De'Anta Dix

I love my job && this McDonald’s

haias eriksson

Went to the drive through with three other pals a couple days ago. Two of us were paying for all four of us. I put in a 20 and my other friend put in a 10. The total was around $28.5, I don't know the exact amount because for some reason the drive thru lady didn't put the receipt in the bag, and gave attitude when we asked if she did. It was clear that she didn't want to give us our receipt. There was a line of cars behind us, so we just left. When figuring out how much my pals owed me we noticed that the numbers weren't adding up. We ordered 2 apple slices, a Mcchicken, a quarter ponder with cheese meal, one fries, one shake, one buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich, and one soda. According to our calculations with tax this adds up to around $20.09. Please explain.

LeeLee Evans

This was a bad Mc Donald. I waited for 25 minutes. When I finally got my food I checked my fries and they were cold. So I asked if I could get some fresh fries. She came back out with the same fries cold and walked back in fast. So I started to check out the rest of my order because I paid almost $20. The fish sandwich and the big mac look like it fell on some rocks or something and the two double cheeseburger I ordered was cold like it was in the refrigerator. I went home and put it in the trash and started cooking.

Israel Monroe

I absolutely love this McDonald’s I love the staff I love the great service I love how the full comes out and a speedy time

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